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PositionName & Email
PrincipalMcCutcheon, N
Assistant PrincipalsZarkovic, S (Last names: A - F)
Brash, A (Last names: G - N)
Chippure, L (Last names: O - Z)

Administrative Assistant  

Teaching Staff

Addante, DCareer and Technology (CTS)  Auto Body
Anderson, EEnglish Language Learning  (ELL)
Aquino, GCareer and Technology (CTS) Automotive Service 
Archibald, RScience
Armitstead, BPhysical Education (PE) (Learning Leader)
Baird, KCareer and Technology (CTS) Art / Comm Tech / Design Studies 
Bevan, T Career and Technology (CTS) / Work Experience / Legal Studies 
Birkholz, T Career and Technology (CTS) / Foods / Fashion (Learning Leader)
Bjolverud, MPhysical Education / Leadership
Bliss, RGuidance  ( Learning Leader)
Cheetham, JEnglish
Chugh, PMath / CTS
Cumming, SEnglish Language Learning (ELL) 
Newhouse, EScience
Dudley, L English Language Learning (ELL) 
Dunlop, GResource
Element, L Science
Eskerod, MPhysical Education (PE)  /  Sports Performance 
Falt, MSocial Studies 
Flaman, REnglish / ELL
Gimenez, KPhysical Education (PE)  / Sports Meds / Science
Gym, YMath
Hajar, NGuidance ELL (Learning Leader)
Hemsing, CSocial Studies (AM Only)
Hughes, J Social Studies (Learning Leader)
Jarche, S Career and Technology (CTS) Construction
Jankovic, MEnglish Language 
Johansen, PEnglish Language Learning 
Johnstone, GCareer and Technology (CTS) Cosmetology 
Kennedy, J  Fine Arts /  Dance / Yoga
Khan, T Resource (On a Leave)
Kim, JMath
Kolmatiski, RScience 
Kunz, EEnglish
Le, JPhysical Education / Leadership (Athletics Director)
LeVesconte,  KPaced Learning Program (PLP) 
Lutz, HEnglish (Learning Leader)
MacDonald, KFine Arts / Band/ Choir/ Musical Theatre
MacGrath, TEnglish / Social Studies
MacKay, BCTS
Malhi, M Math / Science
Marino, SPhysical Education
Monast, JSocial Studies / French
Mosher, AMath (Learning Leader)
Mujkic, SEnglish Language Learning 
Ng, TCareer and Technology (CTS) Computing Science / Medical Studies / Science
Nickerson, C Fine Art Musical Theatre / Drama / Math / Homeroom  (Learning Leader)
Nielson, DCareer and Technology (CTS) Welding
Nishiyama, JCareer and Technology (CTS)  Robotics / Science / Math
Noichl, SCareer and Technology (CTS) Automotive Service 
Parsons, DSocial Studies
Patel, RCareer and Technology (CTS) Commercial Cooking / Foods / CALM
Pavlova, SMath
Piette, BScience 
Poelstra, TSocial Studies
Ramlal, LScience 
Rickards, C English (ACL / Fine Arts  Learning Leader)
Rosenblood, JScience / Math
Samcoe, MEnglish Language Learning (ELL) 
Serban, GMath / Computing Science
Serban, LMath (Leaning Leader for AP)
Somwaru, RSpanish / Psychology / English Language Learning / Social Studies
Steel, SEnglish Language Learning (ELL) 
Tam, TCTS Foods
Vara, VEnglish 
Watt, S  Paced Learning Program (PLP) 
Wee, PScience  (Learning Leader)
Whiteley, R  FNMI / Guidance
Wing, DSocial Studies 

Support Staff

Gaskarth, TobySIS Assistant (Registration)
Page, SherylOffice Assistant (Attendance)
Vo, GiangBusiness Manager 
Nieboer, LanetteOffice Assistant (Guidance)
Pollock, BillSchool Tech Support
Adie, DavidBehaviour Support Worker
Blevins, NancyCareer Practitioner
Cordoba, MarthaEd Assistant
Ferguson, Michele
Food Preparation Assistant
King, VickiEd Assistant
Lee, PhilEd Assistant
Bouhamia, AmaniScience Tech
Patel, DigantCooking Instructor
Sarwar, SeemaELL Assistant
Scrivens, TammyBaking Instructor
Sobko, Jessaca Ed Assistant
Walia, RajwantLibrary Assistant
Whey, SandraELL Assistant
Wilson, JoanneBehaviour Support Worker

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