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PositionName & Email
PrincipalJohnson, K (Returns in June 2021)
Emond, R (Acting Principal)
Assistant PrincipalsZarkovic, S (Last names: A - J)
Deneau, P (Last names: K - Z)

Administrative Assistant  

Teaching Staff

Addante, DCareer and Technology (CTS)  Auto Body / CALM
Archibald, RScience
Armitstead, BPE (Learning Leader)
Astra, JEnglish (Learning Leader)
Baird, KCareer and Technology (CTS) Art / Comm Tech / Design Studies 
Belanger, CEnglish Language Learning (ELL) / (Learning Leader)
Bevan, T Career and Technology (CTS) / Work Experience / Financial Management 
Birkholz, T (Frogner)Career and Technology (CTS) / Foods / Fashion (Learning Leader)
Bjolverud, MPE  (Athletics Director) (Learning Leader)
Bockus, PamelaEnglish 
Brash, ASocial Studies (AP)
Brennan, JSocial Studies (ACL)
Cheetham, JTHE CLASS
Cormier, JScience
Dawson, GGuidance 
Dudley, L English Language Learning (ELL) 
Duffy, C  Career and Technology (CTS) Welding / Art
Element, L Science (Learning Leader)
Hammond, KScience 
Hughes, J Social Studies (Learning Leader)
Jarche, S Career and Technology (CTS) Construction
Jankovic, MEnglish Language Learning (ELL) 
Johnstone, GeriCareer and Technology (CTS) Cosmetology 
Kennedy, J  PE / Fine Arts
Khan, T Resource
Latak, H  Guidance (Learning Leader)
Le, JPE / Leadership
LeVesconte,  KPaced Learning Program (PLP) 
Mosher, AMath (Learning Leader)
Newman, K Fine Arts / Band/ Choir/ Musical Theatre
Ng, TCareer and Technology (CTS) Computing Science / Medical Studies / Science
Nishiyama,JCareer and Technology (CTS)  Robotics / Science / Math
Nickerson, C Fine Art Musical Theatre / Drama / Math 
Noichl, SCareer and Technology (CTS) Automotive Service / German
Patel, RCareer and Technology (CTS) Commercial Cooking / Foods / CALM
Rickards, C  (ACL / FA Learning Leader)
Robin, M-HSocial Studies / French
Serban, GScience / Math
Serban, LMath (AP)
Steel, STeacher Liberian / English Language Learning (ELL) 
Watt, S  Paced Learning Program (PLP) 
Whiteley, R  FNMI / Psychology 
Wiseman, AIndigenous Strategist
Wing, DSocial Studies 

Support Staff

Gaskarth, TobySIS Assistant
Page, Sheryl Office Assistant
Vo, GiangBusiness Manger 
Nieboer, LanetteOffice Assistant (Guidance)
Pollock, BillSchool Tech Support
Blevins, NancyCareer Practitioner
Chauhan, AjitpalEd Assistant
Cordoba, MarthaEd Assistant
Ebong, Minette Behaviour Support Worker
Ferguson, Michele
Food Preparation Assistant
Javed, FarzanaLibrary Assistant 
King, VickiEd Assistant
Lee, PhilEd Assistant
Malhi, MonicaScience Tech
Patel, DigantCooking Instructor
Sarwar, SeemaELL Assistant
Scrivens, TammyBaking Instructor
Sobko, Jessaca Ed Assistant
Walia, RajwantELL Assistant
Whey, SandraELL Assistant
Wilson, JoanneBehaviour Support Worker

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