James Fowler is a community of students, staff and families. We continue to maintain a strong sense of pride in our school. We ask that all members of the school community:

  • Act in a way that promotes student learning; 
  • Demonstrate courtesy and respect for others; and 
  • Make a positive contribution to the James Fowler community.

Students who do not follow the appropriate code of conduct will be subject to progressive discipline action, which may result in suspension from school and/or a recommendation for expulsion.

Students who do not respect school property and vandalise equipment, desks, tables, and chairs will be subject to our progressive discipline action, which can include community service hours, payment for the cost of repair, suspension and/or a recommendation for expulsion. Please note that sitting on the tops of tables and counter tops could result in one of the above mentioned actions.

The Falcon Family Code

As a FALCON, I will always do WHAT IS RIGHT! I will act ethically, honestly, and fairly, and respect the
rights and dignity of all people, at all times.

  • I will not lie, cheat, or steal. 
  • I will not bully, haze, mistreat, harm or take unfair advantage of anyone. 
  • I will not harass anyone about their race, ethnicity, religion, physical condition or sexual orientation. 
  • I will not take sexual advantage of anyone, by any means or manner (including alcohol, drugs, force or coercion). 
  • I will not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, nor will I get in the vehicle of an impaired driver. 
  • I will not stand by and allow a Falcon to ignore the Falcon Family Code.

I WILL always protect the FALCON Family and . . .

  • DO what is RIGHT. 
  • STOP what is WRONG. 
  • TEACH fellow Falcons to follow the Falcon Family Code and RESPECT the Falcon Family. 
  • Responsibly REPORT any unethical, dishonest, disrespectful or wrongful behavior.


The School Act of Alberta

Section 12 of Part 1 of the School Act of Alberta reads:
“A student shall conduct himself so as to reasonably comply with the following code of conduct:

  • be diligent in pursuing the student’s studies; 
  • attend school regularly and punctually; 
  • co-operate fully with everyone authorized by the board to provide educational programs and other services; 
  • comply with the rules of the school; 
  • account to the student’s teachers for the student’s conduct; and 
  • respect the rights of others.”

Section 27(1) of Part I of the School Act of Alberta reads, in part: “No person shall: 

  • disturb or interrupt the proceedings of a school; 
  • loiter or trespass in a school building or on property owned by the Board.”

Scope of School Rules

Under CBE Administrative Regulation 6001, students may be held responsible and accountable by the school administration for their behaviour and conduct:

  • while they are involved in school-sponsored or related activities; 
  • on school property; 
  • during lunch periods on or away from school property; 
  • while traveling to and from school; and 
  • beyond the hours of school operation if the behaviour or conduct detrimentally affects the welfare of individual students or the governance, climate, or efficiency of the school.

Performance Student Conduct and Behavior Expectations

  • Performances in and outside of the school are a mandatory part of the course mark in the music program. However, if a student has an excessive amount of absences, they may be withdrawn from an upcoming performance, and will have to make up for their mark in an alternate assignment. These performance experiences are similar to final exams, therefore student absences may  only be excused by a parent or guardian in emergency situations, or for pre-planned family trips or important medical appointments. These absences must be notified in advance of the performance day whenever possible. 
  • Students renting instruments from the school must take care and responsibility for their instrument by keeping it clean, well maintained and safe at all times. Students will not be allowed to use school instruments until they have paid both the rental and supplementary fee for the year. 
  • Students are to treat each other, the teacher, and other’s belongings with respect at all times. This includes no verbal or instrumental interruptions while someone is speaking. 
  • Notice of any inappropriate use of cellular or electronic devices will result in confiscation at the main office until the end of the day. 
  • Students may eat and drink in the music room and practice room common area during lunch, but must clean up after themselves and keep the rooms tidy. Students not abiding by this rule will be assigned cleanup duty, and may have lunchtime access privileges revoked. Students found to be storing personal items in the space on a regular basis will have their belongings brought to the general lost and found. 
  • Students are to practice regularly (approx. 30 min per day), outside of class time so that they are prepared for group rehearsals. Class time is NOT to be used to drill parts, but to discover how each part fits in with the ensemble as a whole. Lack of preparation for rehearsal will be noted and will affect the student’s grade.
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