TEAM Leadership

The TEAM Leadership is committed to providing enjoyable and exciting activities in the school year in an effort to encourage all students to be involved within their school. Students are encouraged to develop their own leadership skills and take risks by organizing and implementing programs and special events during the school year. Made up of representatives from grades 10 to 12, meetings will be scheduled outside of the regular timetable at lunch during the week.  It is our goal to motivate the student body with activities that both entertain and raise awareness for school and community spirit.

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School Clubs

Students have the opportunity to participate in many clubs at James Fowler. All students are encouraged to join at least one club. This year’s list includes:

ClubTeacher Contact / RoomTime


Ms. Loewen
217 Cosmo

Wednesday at Lunch

Music Theatre Scenography

Mr. Duff
Art Room 316

Mondays at Lunch

ACL Society

Ms. Rickards

Wednesdays at Lunch

Dance Team

Ms. Brennan & Ms. Kennedy
Dance Studio

Tuesdays After School 
Thursdays Lunch 
Fridays After School


Ms. Whiteley 

Mondays at Lunch


Ms. McAdam & Mr. Baird 

Wednesdays at Lunch


Ms. Groat 

Monday at Lunch


Ms. Schewczyk 

Tuesday at Lunch

Math Club

Ms. Serban 

Thursday at Lunch

Leadership (Social Justice & Volunteer)

Ms. Groat 

Mondays at Lunch 
Wednesdays at 8 AM 
Fridays at 2-3 PM


Ms. Whiteley 

Fridays after school Level 2 
Oct – Nov Level 1 and  
3 Apr – May

YMCA Bunched Stars Program (formerly Y7G), Brave Dogs Clan (HON)

Ms. Whiteley

334 At Diefenbaker

Mondays after school [Oct – May Thursday after school

Bridge Mentorship Program

Ms. Belanger 

Tuesday 3:45 to 6:00

CIWA Girls Culture Club

Ms. Belanger 


Wednesday & Lunch

YMAP Program

Ms. Belanger 

Wednesday & Thursday 4:00 to 6:00

SIRIUSStaff Cafe3:45

Girls in Trade Club

Ms. Blevins 
Career Centre


Badminton Club

Mr. Wing



Ms. Groat & Mr. Mosher


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