Business Administration, Finance and Information Technology (BIT)

Computing Science

Computer programming is all about developing and modifying computer programs that many of us rely upon for both work and leisure time activity. Computing Science is a sequence of courses designed to help students develop programming skills.

Do you want to know how the Internet and computer apps worked? Whether it’s a beautiful website, an immersive video game or application that solves a particular problem, in these courses you will learn how to design and build it!

Through a combination of in-class lessons and challenges, online learning environments, and integration with your core curricular areas, you will learn:

  • Secrets of how the Internet and World Wide Web work 
  • Professional HTML5 and CSS3 techniques for beautiful and interactive web design 
  • Interactive game or story design by developing coding and problem solving skills 
  • How to use the web intelligently and safely to find information 
  • How to document and manage a programming project from conception to delivery 
  • These courses are extremely beneficial for students interested in the fields of computer science, engineering, math or science.

Computing Science Intro

Students are introduced to basic programming concepts using Alice interactive 3D graphics. They will create simple algorithms, programs that input, process, and output data, create and use basic data types, control program flow and use basic looping structures. Student will also be introduced to basic web design using HTML and CSS.

Enterprise & Innovation

Enterprise and Innovation Intro

This course prevents students, wanting to start their own business, from making the most common serious mistake and that is not picking the right business from the beginning. Students will be provided with the tools necessary to evaluate the challenges and identify the opportunities available to start a business of their own. Students will learn the principles of analyzing a venture, explore tools used in accounting, and develop a better understanding of the management of, and marketing the new venture.

Financial Management

Financial Management Intro

Students will learn to keep records for a small service business including the preparation of financial statements. Learn the “secret” of debit and credit. Throughout the course students will learn to keep their own personal records, become aware of current financial conditions and the actual cost of things that we all take for granted in order to make good financial decisions.

They are introduced to accounting and terminology unique to financial accounting. They become familiar with financial statements, generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and how to prepare for the process of starting up a business. Students are introduced to and complete the accounting cycle for a service business. They will analyze and record business transactions up to trial balance for the fiscal period of a business using terminology unique to financial accounting. They learn to prepare financial statements and closing accounts.

Information Processing

Information Processing Intro

Basic computer skills are required in most areas of study and in virtually every career field in a constantly changing workplace. In computer applications, students will learn basic web design, word processing, spread sheets, and database using a variety of computer applications.

Management & Marketing

Marketing and Management Intro

Students will explore careers in the world of business. At this level, the focus is on basic accounting and marketing. In the classroom, students learn the basic theory of accounting and market research, advertising promotion, visual merchandising, and retail management, with an emphasis on real-world case studies of local, national and international businesses.

Topics include basic management and marketing concepts, e-commerce as a marketing strategy, and different types of visual merchandising. 

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