Exciting Dance Info

  • J-fly Dance Team was invited to the system opening event in September of 2015
  • 10 lucky students were invited to “share the experience” with Alberta Ballet, where they went backstage to Ballelujah and experienced the life of a dancer on opening night.
  • Field trips this year include DJD’s performance of Gravity Players and The Nutcracker in December.
  • Fowler Dance has been working with DJD to choreograph an entire Act II piece with English and the ACL program.
  • From Global News: 'She came alive when she danced’: Grieving family gives opportunity to Calgary dancers

Dance Studio Rehearsal Schedule

(Subject to change)

Before School Tutorials

  • Monday -  Thursday

Lunch Dance Team

  • Tuesday and Thursday

After School

  • Monday Extra Rehearsals TBA 3:45 - 5:30 PM
  • Friday Dance Team 1:50 - 4:30 PM alternating weeks (see schedule)

Students must be available to attend all weekly rehearsals for each ensemble in order to complete their course requirements (5 credits per course, per year).

Dance 15, 25, 35

Credits:  5 each

  • successful completion 15 for 25, and 25 for 35 
  • Note | Dance 15 is the prerequisite for Jazz 25

Students will

  • improve creative expression, self-discipline, body awareness, motor coordination, and all aspects of physical fitness such as strength, endurance, balance, agility, flexibility and grace 
  • think creatively and express thoughts and feelings in physical forms may include jazz (including but not limited to swing, classical, funk, hip hop ...), modern / contemporary, creative, ethno cultural (including but not limited to Latin, African, Indo-Asian, Celtic ...), choreography, and dance history 
  • develop confidence and stage presence through performance opportunities during the courses 
  • perform in the winter &/or spring dance show as a valuable component of Dance 15, 25 and 35. 

Jazz Dance 25, 35 (Dance Team – outside of timetable)

Credits: 5 each

  • successful completion of Dance 15 for the Jazz Dance 25, and the 25-level of Jazz Dance for 35
  • Students must audition in September for this team.  It runs all year long including through exam breaks and is a full year commitment. 


There are three rounds of auditions which will be held the 3rd week of September all week long at lunch in the dance studio

Round 1 – Monday and Tuesday
Student are required to prepare a one minute solo, duet or trio and sign up outside of the dance studio to audition.  

Round 2 – Wednesday
Students will learn a set piece of choreography 

Round 3 – Thursday
Students will perform the choreography in front of an audience 

On Friday the J-Fly Dance team will be posted

Students will:

  • improve concentration and coordination through jazz progressions 
  • explore the process of jazz choreography based on steps acquired 
  • research the historical background of jazz and dance styles that affected its development 
  • attend outside of school performances around Calgary and area including dance festivals 
  • display team work, peer teaching and learning to further their leadership skills 
  • commit to a full year of dance outside of the regular time table
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