Physical Education

Physical Education is an activity based course that promotes the physical, social and emotional well-being of the individual. Our goal is to promote a lifetime of activity and health by offering a wide variety of activities and the knowledge required to be successful.


General Outcome A: Activity 

Students will acquire skills through a variety of developmentally appropriate movement activities; dance, games, types of gymnastics, individual activities and activities in an alternative environment; e.g., aquatics and outdoor pursuits. 

  • Apply and refine locomotor, nonlocomotor and manipulative skills and concepts
  • Adapt and improve activity-specific skills in a variety of games 
  • Learn/develop swimming skills 

General Outcome B: Benefits Health 

Students will understand, experience and appreciate the health benefits that result from physical activity. 

  • Demonstrate, monitor, analyze and reflect upon ways to achieve a personal functional level of fitness 
  • Understand the consequences and risks associated with an inactive lifestyle

General Outcome C: Cooperation Students will interact positively with others. 

  • Fair Play – demonstrate etiquette and fair play 
  • Communicate thoughts and feelings in an appropriate, respectful manner as they relate to participation in physical activity 
  • Develop and apply practices that contribute to teamwork

General Outcome D: Do it Daily…..for Life! 

Students will assume responsibility to lead an active way of life. 

  • Demonstrate a commitment to an active lifestyle through participation in and out of class 
  • Apply rules, routines, and procedures of safety in a variety of activities 
  • Demonstrate decision-making skills that reflect choices for daily activity within the school and community 

Assessment of Student Performance

Course work is cumulative. Teachers will outline how each student will be evaluated at the beginning of each module. The standard module evaluation will include the following:

  • Participation and Attitude/Effort – Attendance, punctuality, appropriate dress, enthusiasm, appropriate behaviour, working with others and the demonstration of tolerance and understanding. (40%) 
  • Knowledge and Understanding – Knowledge of rules, strategies and terminology through observation and/or written tests. (20%) 
  • Skill Development – Application of strategies and skills during drills and game play. (20%) 
  • Self Assessment – An honest assessment following the criteria as established in the rubric provided. (20%)


  • Students are expected to attend all classes. To receive 5 credits in Physical Education, students must participate for 125 hours. The course is participatory in nature and attendance is essential. 
  • When participating in physical education classes, students must be changed into proper gym strip.
  • Personal items such as wrist watches, jewellery, etc., should not be worn in physical education classes. They are dangerous, not only to yourself, but also to fellow classmates. 
  • Students are responsible for the care of their own valuables. Do not leave valuables unlocked in the P.E. change rooms. Use your P.E. assigned locker OR request a token to use the P.E. lockboxes. 
  • Cell phones are NOT to be brought to class. Non-compliance to the cell phone rule will result in removal from the activity and therefore loss of marks for that day. 
  • If you have any medical problems, make sure your P.E. teacher is aware of it. e.g. asthma, diabetes, epilepsy. 
  • Students are expected to be changed and ready for class at the beginning of each class period. Lates and absences will affect their overall mark. 
  • Students with excused absences are responsible for arranging a time with the appropriate teacher to make up any missed tests. 

Mark Appeals Policy

It is the policy of every teacher at James Fowler to award marks for student work in an objective, fair and consistent manner. If a students wishes to appeal a mark, he or she must first discuss the situation with the module teacher (230-4743 ext. 2111). If a resolution is not possible, the matter can then be brought to the Learning Leader (Ms. J. Young). If necessary, an appeal can be made to the Principal, who is the final authority for all mark appeals. 

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact us at the school at 230-4743 ext. 2111. Individual teachers can also be contacted by voicemail.

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