Apr 06
April Message

​I have been reflecting back on the month of April 2020 and I simply cannot believe that we are in April 2021, still worried about COVID-19, meeting virtually, using copious amounts of hand sanitizer, and trying to begin planning for a new school year in a pandemic.  The good news though, green grass is sprouting, there are more sunny days than snowy ones, and we are rested from a relaxing spring break. 


COVID-19 Update and Reminders

The office has received many calls about families and/or students who are isolation due to being a close contact of a positive case.  If your child is in isolation for being a close contact OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL, teachers are not responsible for providing “learning from home" resources or materials.  Students can access what is posted in their Google Classroom.  However, Google Classroom is not the full extent of what students are learning or working on in school for Face to Face learning.  The Alberta Government continues to mandate that we are in Scenario 1 (Face to Face learning) and anything provided in Google Classroom is a snapshot of the work being done in school. 


If an entire classroom is in isolation because of a positive case at school, then the class is transitioned to Scenario 3 (Learning from Home).  At that point, Google Classroom is used for all teaching and learning.


We understand that many of you have many questions and concerns about the increasing number of cases due to the variant in Alberta.  We continue to be in Scenario 1 (Face to Face learning) as mandated by Alberta Health Services and Alberta Education, therefore, students are expected to attend school.


At this time, we feel that it is necessary to remind everyone of the protocols that are in place to keep students and staff safe and healthy in their learning environments. Every parent is required to review the COVID-19 symptom checklist each day before sending students to school.  We would ask you to review it daily.  This is best way to keep us all healthy at school each day.


Attention all Grade Four Parents!

Each year Alberta Education sends an important survey to all parents and legal guardians of students in Grades 4, 7 and 10. In schools with fewer than 120 students, surveys are sent to parents/legal guardians of all students. The 2020-21 school year is the first year of the Alberta Education Assurance (AEA) survey, which replaces the former Accountability Pillar (AP) survey. This year's survey will be available for parents/legal guardians March 25 to April 23, 2021.


Families have received survey packages mailed from Alberta Education. The survey package includes:

  • a copy of the Education Minister's letter to parents;
  • a letter containing a Random Access Code (RAC) for accessing the survey online; and
  • instructions for accessing the survey in other languages.

Completing the survey online is the quickest way for Alberta Education to receive a completed response. For more information, please click here.

Last year we only had 18 parents respond to the survey.  We want your feedback!  We encourage all grade four parents to respond to the survey.  Thank you in advance!


Planning for the New School Year!

We have started gathering data and information for planning for the 2021/22 school year!  The next three months will be focused on enrollment, staffing, and preparing for September.  If you have not yet informed the school that your child(ren) will NOT be returning to JJ for next year, please inform the school ASAP.  Grade Four students are automatically enrolled in their designated school for grade five (Sam W. Shaw for English students and Woodman for French Immersion students).  If your grade four child is NOT attending one of these designated schools or is switching to English for grade five, please inform the school ASAP.  The receiving schools need accurate numbers in order to staff accordingly.


Please contact the school the following ways:

·      School email JanetJohnstone@cbe.ab.ca

·      Office phone 403-777-8670 (our office hours are M-Th 7:45am-3:00pm and Fridays 7:45am-12:30pm).


Class Lists for 21/22 

In May and June, teachers and administration will be meeting multiple times to assign students to classes for next year.  This is not a task taken lightly at Janet Johnstone School.  Professionals who have worked with these children will engage in discussions to determine the best possible placements.  We will revisit our class lists multiple times. We kindly request our families trust and respect the professional judgment of our staff.  Placement considerations will include multiple factors. Each class will consist of a heterogeneous mix of students.  The achievement and ability level, as well as the independent work habits of each student will be reviewed. 

  • Classrooms will be balanced in terms of numbers of children with special learning needs, social/emotional concerns, English Language Learners, and gender 
  • Children's needs will be considered in terms of their working relationships with peers as well as their individual strengths 
  • Children's learning style 
  • Chemistry of the classroom dynamics  

Please understand that these are important decisions that need to be made by the educators in our school. Through your ongoing conversations with your current child's teacher, Janet Johnstone staff are aware of unique circumstances.  Through personalization of learning and our focus on building relationships with our students, staff have a thorough understanding of the students that they work with.  Class placements will reflect our sincere effort to create balanced classrooms where each child is valued, challenged and successful.  Tentative class lists will be created in early June, with the final adjustments being completed in August.  Staffing is often not finalized until August- the final staff list plays a key role in completing our class lists.   

Due to the nature of our enrollment numbers, we are unable to confirm if there will be combined grades for the next school year.  When planning, administration will make every effort to avoid having single classes of combined grades, however, it is not guaranteed.  Once we know more about our enrollment and projections for next year, we will share our initial plans at our School Council meetings. 


If a parent has a specific or extenuating request about student placement for the upcoming school year, a specific process must be followed.   

1.     Parent requests must be sent in the form of a letter to the principal, Mrs. Kivi, by email (blkivi@cbe.ab.ca).  Please do not send your requests to teachers.  Verbal requests will not be considered.  The administrative team plays a key role in the creation of each class list, so please know that your letter to the principal will be considered in a professional and thoughtful manner. 

2.     Please indicate in your letter a specific learning need/ learning style for your child.   

3.     We will place students together that have good working relationships.  Friendship requests will not be considered.   Students are given many opportunities to engage with their peers from their cohorts at recess, lunch recess, and gym/music.

4.     Your letter should only talk about your own child's needs. 

5.     Please note: requests are only requests.  They will be considered (within the reasoning listed above) but are not guaranteed. 

6.     Requests will need to be made by May 31, 2021.  Requests made after the deadline will not be considered. 

We are very much looking forward to the next school year- it's hard to believe that we are already starting to think about it!  Thank you in advance for your understanding of the complex processes that we need to adhere to and honor in order to ensure that our students are set up for success for September. 


Spring Weather

As you know, students are outside multiple times a day.  It's very important that they are dressed for the weather.  In Calgary, that means that all four seasons can happen in one day!  Please always send your child with a jacket, hat, mitts, proper outdoor footwear (not sandals or flip flops) and dry socks. 


Garden Project

Administration has been working with our School Council on a large garden project.  The good news is that it's moving along much faster than we anticipated!  The garden area will be on the grassy area between the Kindergarten doors and the creative playground.  Our goal is to have large planter areas for each grade to take ownership of each year, based on their inquiry question and the graded curriculum.  We hope to involve members of the community to also help support the project, especially during the summer months.  You will see progress over the next few weeks on the west side of the school.  Thank you to Jacqueline Strom and our amazing School Council for the funding for this project!  Please stay tuned on the progress!


If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the information shared with you or any other matters, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly by email blkivi@cbe.ab.ca.​

Mar 03
March Message

They say if March comes in like a lamb it will go out like a lion….we are thoroughly enjoying the spring-like weather that the beginning of March is already offering!  With students being outside multiple times a day for gym, recess and lunch, the weather has given students so much more enjoyment! We really don't want the wintry cold blasts of winter to return!


Inside the school, rigorous learning continues!  Students are engaged in their oral story telling work.  Teachers worked with professional story teller Jeff Stockton at the end of January and learned about how to engage students in oral story telling.  This work is part of our School Development Goal for oral proficiency in both French Immersion and English tracks.  Students will be showcasing their oral stories during March Virtual conferences on March 25 and 26.  Please watch your email and the school website for more information about booking your conference time.


Teachers have been learning a lot about feedback in our Professional Learning Communities on Friday afternoons.  Providing students with feedback is important in order for student to know how and what they need to do next, what they need to change or continue trying.  By making our learning intentions clear and by providing differentiated tasks that allow students to demonstrate their own abilities and understanding, teachers can provide authentic feedback about the student's achievement.  The goal is to have students respond to their teacher's feedback and use it to enhance their work- specifically, apply it to their oral storytelling to improve their oral proficiency.


As administrators, we also review feedback from surveys and data and respond accordingly.  We will be examining report card data from January report cards as well as information gathered from the OurSchool Survey that some students have completed.  This information helps us to plan and engage in professional development related to our School Development Plan. 


Now that March is here, we are starting to gather important information as we begin planning for the 2021-22 school year.  Mrs. Schmitt will be sending out an online survey to all families about next year.  Please watch your email for this important questionnaire.  We would ask that you complete it to help us know who may or may not be returning next year.  Every student counts as we begin planning our budget and preliminary staffing for the Fall.  Our projections for next year show a possible increase in enrollment.  We are looking forward to having more students in our school!  Please remember that Kindergarten registration is open and ongoing for both English and French Immersion.


We have had many exciting things happening in our school over the last few weeks.  Carnaval was a huge success and helped to make us feel a bit of normalcy!  Bonhomme made a one day appearance, the ice castle was constructed, snow-shoeing, curling and hockey were played, and we heard all of our favorite Carnaval songs in music.  Mrs. Paul's creative juices were flowing again as she had every student make their own set of spoons in music class.  Spoons are a traditional Canadian folk music sound that fit with our week of Carnaval!  We raised enough money in our Hot Chocolate Raffle to purchase two indoor curling sets- thank you for your support!  Students were very excited to purchase their raffle tickets.  Four students were the lucky winners of hot chocolate in the ice palace with Mrs. Schmitt and myself.  We had a great discussion about Carnaval and enjoyed our warm beverages in the beautiful sunshine!


If you would like to particiate in JJSC or FJJSA, please virtually attend our next meeting on Tuesday, March 9 at 6:30pm.  Information about accessing the meeting will be sent on the day of the meeting and will be posted on our website.  We look forward to “seeing" you at the next meeting!



Feb 01
February Message

January came and went in a flurry of activity!  The month was spent preparing for some Hub students returning, accepting and process ongoing Kindergarten registrations for next year, working with colleagues and students on assessment and reporting in preparation for report cards, and settling into some cold weather.  We had our first blue days last week and they went really well with students working on fun activities in their classrooms with their lunch supervisor.  Thank you for sending students dressed for the weather each day- teachers tried to take students out for shorter recess times and for gym when the weather warmed up at bit. Students are outside multiple times a day so having them dressed for the weather is very important!


On Friday, January 29, teachers spent the morning in a virtual professional development session with Jeff Stockton.  Jeff Stockton is a master story teller who weaves his stories into music with the help of his harp.  As part of our School Development Plan, our focus this year is on oral proficiency.  Teachers will use the tools and skills learned from Jeff Stockton to begin weaving the development of oral story telling into the classroom with students.  We will continue this work for the next few months and teachers will have at least one more opportunity to work with Jeff Stockton virtually on one of our Friday afternoons in March.


Report cards will be released online in PowerSchool for our school on Wednesday, February 3 after 9:00am.  Information on how to view your child's report card was sent in the Week at a Glance on Friday, January 29.  There will be no printed report cards at this time. 


February has lots of important dates so please watch the Week at a Glance to ensure that you're in the know.  We are very excited about Carnaval this month (Feb 16-19).  There will be lots of information coming out about it, including the return of the Ice Castle!  We are planning all of our school wide activities with Covid restrictions and regulations at the forefront in order to keep everyone safe and healthy.  There will be some differences this year compared to previous Carnaval traditions but we guarantee that students will have an educational and very fun Carnaval experience.  Carnaval is an important tradition at JJ as it brings the French Immersion track together with the English track to learn about French-Canadian culture.  Our French Immersion grade ¾ classes will be taking on the leadership role for Carnaval this year. 


We would like to thank our school council, once again, for the purchase of three class sets of snowshoes.  Our students have been so excited to get outside and use them.  Follow us on Twitter ( @JohonstoneSchool) to see an exciting video of one of the kindergarten classes snowshoeing across our field!  Would you like to know more about how school council supports students at JJ?  Come to our next virtual council meeting on February 9 at 6:30pm!


Thank you to our students, staff, and parents for being so vigilant about all of the Covid protocols and processes.  We have had no positive cases to date within our school.  Please keep reviewing the self-assessment checklist each day and keep your child home if they are unwell.  Our goal is to simply keep everyone safe, healthy, and happy each day at school.

Jan 04
January 4, 2021 Message to Parents

Dear Janet Johnstone Families,

Welcome to 2021! I trust that you had a relaxing break with your family. It certainly was a unique break for us all! As you already know, our first week back has been mandated as Learning At Home, Scenario 3. Please see below for important reminders about how this week will look.

I would like to extend a very large THANK YOU to Mrs. Schmitt and Ms. Galvin for taking on their acting designations during my absence in November and December. They both worked extremely hard to keep the school running smoothly. I was very impressed by their dedication to the Acting Principal and Acting Assistant Principal roles- they both took on the work with positivity, professionalism and an eagerness to learn about the roles. Thank you to Mrs. Paul for continuing to support the administrative team through her Learning Leader designation. Mrs. Paul takes her music and learning leader position to new heights each day.

I would also like to thank all of the JJ teachers and support staff for their incredibly hard work leading up to Winter Break and in preparation for Learning At Home this week. Their hard work has not gone unnoticed!

To all of the parents and students in the JJ community- THANK YOU for the many well wishes and positive thoughts that I received during my medical leave. I have felt very cared for, even during my absence. The power of a simple note can speak volumes, and I cherished every single one! I am so happy to be back at work and starting the new year feeling very healthy. Walking into my office this morning filled me with so much happiness- I received some very lovely notes from many, many students. The welcome back decorations put a huge grin on my face! I very much look forward to seeing all of the students when they return on January 11.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at blkivi@cbe.ab.ca  

Please note, for this week only, the school office hours will be 7:30am – 1:15pm. Mrs. Stahl will be answering the phones during the school office hours.

Please read the information below very carefully:

Important Information About Learning at Home January 4 to 8, 2021 for Kindergarten to Grade 4:

o Google Classroom:

  • All learning activities will be accessed through your child’s Google Classroom, using their CBE email address. Please email your child’s teacher if you need help logging in.

o Schedules:

  • Teachers have been working on their schedules for the week, keeping in mind that families may have to share technology. Attendance will be taken twice a day, at the beginning of a literacy or math lesson. These meetings are mandatory and are marked on the schedule (posted in the Google Classroom).
  • You will also find other learning activities in the Google Classroom for other subjects and a suggested schedule you can follow with your child.

  • Please visit Mrs. Paul’s Google Classroom during your child’s grade’s assigned time for live music lessons and for phys ed activities.

  • You will also find links to online resources for your child to explore.

o Educational Assistants:

  •  Ed Assistants will also be working online this week and will meet with some students on Google Meet. If your child is in one of these groups, you will receive an email from Mrs. Schmitt later today.​

Dec 17
Farewell to 2020!

Thank you, Janet Johnstone community for a successful first 4 months of our school year.  Since September 1, students and staff have approached each day with a positive attitude and ​have continued to show that we are better together at JJ.   Even with the new challenges and protocols, we have found silver linings, including:

  • ​the benefit of daily phys ed outside
  • music and movement in the gym with Mrs. Paul
  • continued school-wide focus on empathy and respect
  • ​an emphasis on enhancing all students' oral proficiency
  • a whole-school inquiry question that looks at indigenous perspectives and makes connections to our lives: What can we learn from the land?
  • a school-wide food drive

Our staff would like to thank our School Council members and all parents who have supported fundraising initiatives so far this year.  A big thank you for the gift cards and thoughtful cards that were given to all staff.

Looking forward, all students will be spending the first week of January learning online at home.

Google Classroom:  
  • All learning activities will be accessed through your child's Google Classroom, using their CBE email address.  Please email your child's teacher if you need help logging in.
  • Teachers have been working on their schedules for the week, keeping in mind that families may have to share technology.  Attendance will be taken twice a day, at the beginning of a literacy and math lesson.  These meetings are mandatory and are marked on the schedule (posted in the Google Classroom).
  • You will also find other learning activities in the Google Classroom for other subjects and a suggested schedule you can follow with your child.
  • Please visit Mrs. Paul's Google Classroom during your child's grade's assigned time for live music lessons and for phys ed activities.

We wish all of our Janet Johnstone families a very happy holidays and we look forward to seeing you online on January 4 and back at school on January 11, ​​​2021!

Dec 03
December is Here!

Our staff would like to thank all families who participated in our online conferences.  We hope that you were able to see a glimpse of what your children have been learning over the past 3 months. 


Another way to see what is happening in classrooms is through your child's teacher's Google Classroom.  Here you will find a weekly update as well as class activities in the Classwork section.  These activities are available for children who need to stay home due to illness or isolation and are a great starting point for a conversation with your child when you ask “What did you do at school today?" and the answer is “I forget". 


Google Classroom will be the way that you and your child will access learning at home the week of January 4 to 8, 2021.  Before the winter break, we will send specific information so you will know what to expect that week.  Please make sure that you know how to log in to the Google Classroom with your child's CBE Gmail address.  Teachers will spend the next 2 weeks making sure that students know how to access their Google Classroom.  Please email your child's teacher if you need help.


Through the month of November, teachers have been working together during Professional Learning Community (PLC) time on Friday afternoons on shaping our School Development Plan.  In this plan, we set goals for our students to meet outcomes from Alberta Education and the Calgary Board of Education.  Please visit this link to see our plan for the next 3 years with a literacy goal of developing oral proficiency (verbally communicating comprehension) and a wellness goal on respect and a report on our results from the 2019-2020 school year: SDP and Results


December is always an exciting month at school.  Although circumstances are different this year, we are finding ways to have shared experiences that highlight our motto: Better Together/Meilleur Ensemble.  We are proud to be collecting food for the Mayor's food drive and all students are welcome to participate in the following school-wide events: 

  • Festive Sweater day on December 14
  • Christmas Story day on December 16  
  • Pajama Day on December 18


We want to let our school community know that Mrs. Kivi is doing well and will be returning from her medical leave on January 4, 2021.  Mrs. Larson will also be back at school on January 4.  We thank Mrs. Kathy McIntyre for stepping in and keeping our office running smoothly.​


Oct 29
Staffing Update

There are several staffing updates that we need to share with you as October comes to a close.

First, we would like to congratulate Mrs. Karen Decoux on the announcement of her retirement! Mrs. Decoux has worked for the Calgary Board of Education for over thirty years. She has worked tirelessly for her students, year after year. Mrs. Decoux is a Janet Johnstone legend as she’s worked at our school for the majority of her career. The school is not the same without her- she has been on leave since the start of this school year and will lead into her retirement on November 4! We are so excited that she will be enjoying her retirement with her family. We wish her the best of luck in her retirement adventures!

An additional staffing piece that I regret to inform you is that I will be taking a necessary medical leave, effective November 3 and I will be absent for several weeks. Please know that my leave is not COVID related. Trust me when I say that I would much rather be at school each day instead of having to take a medical leave and I will miss the Janet Johnstone community during my time away. Thank you in advance for respecting my privacy during this time.

I have been working closely with our Area 6 Education Director on how best to support our learning environment in my absence. Mrs. Krista Schmitt will be taking over for me as Acting Principal. Ms. Kelly Galvin will be stepping into the Acting Assistant Principal role to support Mrs. Schmitt. The school will be in excellent hands with Mrs. Schmitt and Ms. Galvin in these roles. Mrs. Paul will continue to support the administrative team as a Learning Leader.

Ms. Tracy Boston will be the temporary teacher that will cover Ms. Galvin’s class while she is Acting Assistant Principal. Ms. Boston is a very familiar face to the students and staff at Janet Johnstone. We anticipate the classroom teacher transition to go smoothly as both teachers will be in the classroom on Monday, November 2. Ms. Galvin has already started working with Ms. Boston so that she is prepared to take over the classroom teacher roll next week. Ms. Galvin will be available to continue supporting the students in room 4 while she is Acting Assistant Principal.

If you need to contact Mrs. Schmitt, Ms. Galvin, or Ms. Boston over the next few weeks, they can all be reached through email. Mrs. Krista Schmitt: kaschmitt@cbe.ab.ca Ms. Kelly Galvin: kmgalvin@cbe.ab.ca Ms. Tracy Boston: tlboston@cbe.ab.ca

Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions that you may have about any of this staffing information. Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding. I look forward to my return!​

Oct 13
Learning from the Land

September was filled with learning lots of new protocols, rules, and expectations while navigating school and a world-wide pandemic.  But once we settled into our new routines, we began to learn together again.  It felt good to get back to something that comes so naturally for children.

We finished September with Orange Shirt Day, which lead our work into October.  This day, marked by wearing orange, has become a powerful tool to teach empathy.  Mrs. Schmitt and I read stories to the entire school (through the intercom) for three days- Lila and the Crow by Gabrielle Grimmard, Stolen Words by Melanie Florence, and Phyllis's Orange Shirt by Phyllis Webstad.  These stories were followed up with powerful discussions in classrooms about reconciliation.  Students expressed their empathy for the characters in the stories by engaging in journaling tasks in their Visual Journals. Students empathized with Lila who longed for a sense of belonging, for the Grandfather who lost his Cree language, and for Phyllis who missed her family while away at a residential school.  These stories are powerful threads for teaching and reinforcing empathy to our learners.

As a whole school, we are exploring the inquiry question “What can we learn from the land?". Students have had so many incredible outdoor learning opportunities to start the year.  Being outside provides students with fresh air, mask breaks, and the opportunity to take advantage of the gorgeous fall weather the last 6 weeks have provided.  Many classes have gone on community walks. A popular community landmark, the Shawnessy Barn, has given students the chance to learn in a different place from their school field and classroom. Did you know that learning from the land is a form of literacy for the Blackfoot?  Many classrooms have taken on our inquiry question with rigor and richness!  Below are just a few examples:

·      Our Grade 4 French Immersion students are researching Indigenous plants and words (the plants and words of the month are provided to staff through a CBE Indigenous Education Newsletter).  Their work each month will be on display for all classes to access (in both French and English).  For October, the plant of the month is sweetgrass and the words of the month are the Pronunciations of the Treaty 7 Nations: Siksika (Seeg-see-gah), Piikani (Bee-gah-nee), Kainai (Guy-nah), Tsuut'ina (Soot-tenna), and Nakoda (Na-ko-da).

·      Grade 2 classes went to the Shawnessy Barn on October 6 and participated in an outdoor sharing circle.  Students noticed the seasonal changes in the area and were guided through a discussion of how the land has changed over time (Sam Shaw (the rancher), the Barn and its history, and the land before Sam Shaw owned the land).  The sharing circle provided students with the opportunity to share their understanding of math and nature, and how the two are connected.  Students learned that everyone's contributions are equally important, they learned to listen and respect the views of others which reinforces our school wide focus on empathy.

Teachers will continue to design experiences for students to learn from our community's natural surroundings- especially as the weather and seasons change.  On October 21, we will participate in Take Me Outside Day.  We will launch a challenge for classrooms to go outside for learning at least once a week until the end of June. We look forward to discovering and unearthing the rich learning opportunities that nature holds for our students.

I encourage you to talk with your child about learning from the land as we explore this question more deeply throughout the year.  To further assist us in our outdoor learning, please make sure your child comes to school each day dressed for the weather!  We will be going outside each day for recess, lunch recess, gym, and learning (until it's colder than -20). We appreciate your support as we take our learning to a whole new level this year!



Sep 23
Fire Drills, Devices, and Masks, Oh My!

​​Please take some time to read the following information carefully.  There is important information that applies to all students.  This message was sent to all families by School Messenger on September 23, 2020.

Fire Drills/ Evacuation Practices:

As part of CBE's safety protocols, we are required to have six fire drills each year, one of them being held in September.  Today, we had our first practice fire drill of the year and it went really well!  Staff have been discussing and practicing with students leading up to today.  We had our drill at 9:00am and the drill was completed within 5 minutes.  

We are required to have two more drills by the end of December.  The next one will be scheduled so that our afternoon Kindergarten students can participate.  

We will continue to review and rehearse our procedures at regular intervals during the school year so that students are prepared in a variety of circumstances.  If you have any questions, please call the office or email your child's teacher.

Smart Watches/ Devices:

We are noticing that latest trend with students is to wear Smart Watches (of various varieties) to school.  Although these watches are engaging, entertaining, and can provide useful information (such as step count, physical activity etc.), we are asking that they be kept at home.  As per the CBE Acceptable Use of Technology agreement for students, (sent home with Back To School forms package), these devices are not allowed or necessary at school.  The primary concerns are as follows:

  • These devices can be used to record and take pictures without permission
  • CBE is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged devices
  • These devices can be a distraction for students wearing them, and for their peers, which in turn, takes away from the important learning at school

Starting tomorrow, Thursday, September 24, we would ask that all Smart Watches stay at home.  If students continue to wear them to school, they will be asked to remove them and put them in their back packs.

Face Masks:

This is a reminder to please ensure that students have an extra face mask in their back packs. More and more students are showing up to school without a mask and our extra mask supply is quickly dwindling. All students were provided two cloth masks on the first day of school. 

In keeping with mask guidelines, we are reminding everyone that cloth masks need to be washed after wearing them.  Please wash your child's mask after they wear it to school and send them in a clean cloth mask each day.

Thank you for your attention to these matters.  We appreciate your ongoing support each and every day! ​

Sep 13
September Update

School start up is an exciting time for students and staff.  We cannot stress enough how happy we are that our school is alive with learning again.

 Start-up is also a complex time as we secure our student population and finalize our enrolment. In addition to enrolling some new students and accounting for students that have moved out of our school, this year has the added complexity accommodating for the Hub online learning. Overall, our enrolment is down significantly in both the French Immersion program and the English program.  Therefore, it is necessary to make a few organizational changes in both tracks. Thank you in advance for your understanding as we continue to work within a complex school year. 

 At this time, we will be reorganizing the English Grade 3 classes.  Currently there are three classes and we will have to divide them into two classes.  Ms. Aisenstat's Grade 3 class will be shared among Ms. Galvin's and Ms. Hutchison's Grade 3 classes. Ms. Aisenstat will be re-deployed within the school.  We believe that the sooner we undertake this transition, the better we will be able to support students settling in.  Grade 3 students that are being moved will receive a call from their new teacher on Friday afternoon.  This transition will be effective Monday, September 14.

 We also want to announce that Mrs. Wideman has been assigned to teach a Hub Learning class for CBE.  Ms. Boston has been covering for Mrs. Wideman in grade 2 during Hub Online Learning preparation.  We would like to express our gratitude to Ms. Boston for her hard work these past two weeks. Ms. Boston's last day at Janet Johnstone School will be Friday, September 11. Ms. Aisenstat will be moving to Grade 2, room 13, to take over for Mrs. Wideman.  This transition will be effective Monday, September 14.

 We have also had to make the difficult decision to surplus a French Immersion teacher and collapse one of our French Immersion grade 1 classes.  This will result in three multi-aged classes of grades 1/2 instead of two classes of grade 1 and two classes of grade 2.  Our enrollment in grades 1 and 2 in French Immersion has decreased, resulting in this re-organization.  Mme. Julia will be moving to French Immersion Kindergarten.  All French Immersion grade 1 and 2 students will be re-organized.  Families can expect a call from their new teacher on Friday afternoon. This transition will be effective Monday, September 14.

 We are very sad that we have to say good-bye to Mme. Tamara Fawcett, currently teaching French Immersion Kindergarten. She will remain at the school to help support the transition to Mme. Julia and until she is re-deployed within CBE.  We believe that the sooner we undertake this transition, the better we will be able to support students settling in. This transition will be effective Monday, September 14. Both Mme. Tamara and Mme. Julia will be ready to great the French Immersion Kindergarten students on Monday. Together, they will explain to their students the teacher transition to both AM and PM classes.

Please know that all of these transitions are very complex for our school.  Therefore, we are not accommodating any teacher requests. Teachers will share the re-organization information with their students on Friday morning.  We hope that this will provide some closure for students and teachers.

We want to assure you that by reorganizing in this way, we will be keeping our class sizes the smallest that we are able to during this challenging time. The safety, wellness, and learning of our students remains our top priority. 





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RT @CrescentCowboys: A great community collaboration with our #CowboyNation Outdoor Ed/Sci team & @twowheelview. We worked together to repair donated bikes and were able to purchase them for students as a part of our Neighbourhood Grant! Can’t wait to get riding #CrescentStrong #WeAreCBE https://t.co/gO7L7r27KL

RT @yyCBEdu: Transportation pre-registration is now open for the 2021-22 school year. Log into your My CBE/PowerSchool account to pre-register before June 6. https://t.co/OrC6nz8Hyp #yycbe #WeAreCBE https://t.co/XQO7Rx7jXN

Transportation pre-registration is now open for the 2021-22 school year. Log into your My CBE/PowerSchool account to pre-register before June 6. https://t.co/OrC6nz8Hyp #yycbe #WeAreCBE https://t.co/XQO7Rx7jXN

Both Simon Fraser School and A.E. Cross School have recognized with National Inclusive Education Awards: https://t.co/9X1U7VEbFF Check out this news story about the principal at Simon Fraser School #WeAreCBE https://t.co/uymu2soIce

One of our specialized transportation providers was recognized with the Transportation Opportunities Award from the City of Calgary. Congratulations to DREAMS #WeAreCBE https://t.co/ORvQzNAeSh