Oct 13
Learning from the Land

September was filled with learning lots of new protocols, rules, and expectations while navigating school and a world-wide pandemic.  But once we settled into our new routines, we began to learn together again.  It felt good to get back to something that comes so naturally for children.

We finished September with Orange Shirt Day, which lead our work into October.  This day, marked by wearing orange, has become a powerful tool to teach empathy.  Mrs. Schmitt and I read stories to the entire school (through the intercom) for three days- Lila and the Crow by Gabrielle Grimmard, Stolen Words by Melanie Florence, and Phyllis's Orange Shirt by Phyllis Webstad.  These stories were followed up with powerful discussions in classrooms about reconciliation.  Students expressed their empathy for the characters in the stories by engaging in journaling tasks in their Visual Journals. Students empathized with Lila who longed for a sense of belonging, for the Grandfather who lost his Cree language, and for Phyllis who missed her family while away at a residential school.  These stories are powerful threads for teaching and reinforcing empathy to our learners.

As a whole school, we are exploring the inquiry question “What can we learn from the land?". Students have had so many incredible outdoor learning opportunities to start the year.  Being outside provides students with fresh air, mask breaks, and the opportunity to take advantage of the gorgeous fall weather the last 6 weeks have provided.  Many classes have gone on community walks. A popular community landmark, the Shawnessy Barn, has given students the chance to learn in a different place from their school field and classroom. Did you know that learning from the land is a form of literacy for the Blackfoot?  Many classrooms have taken on our inquiry question with rigor and richness!  Below are just a few examples:

·      Our Grade 4 French Immersion students are researching Indigenous plants and words (the plants and words of the month are provided to staff through a CBE Indigenous Education Newsletter).  Their work each month will be on display for all classes to access (in both French and English).  For October, the plant of the month is sweetgrass and the words of the month are the Pronunciations of the Treaty 7 Nations: Siksika (Seeg-see-gah), Piikani (Bee-gah-nee), Kainai (Guy-nah), Tsuut'ina (Soot-tenna), and Nakoda (Na-ko-da).

·      Grade 2 classes went to the Shawnessy Barn on October 6 and participated in an outdoor sharing circle.  Students noticed the seasonal changes in the area and were guided through a discussion of how the land has changed over time (Sam Shaw (the rancher), the Barn and its history, and the land before Sam Shaw owned the land).  The sharing circle provided students with the opportunity to share their understanding of math and nature, and how the two are connected.  Students learned that everyone's contributions are equally important, they learned to listen and respect the views of others which reinforces our school wide focus on empathy.

Teachers will continue to design experiences for students to learn from our community's natural surroundings- especially as the weather and seasons change.  On October 21, we will participate in Take Me Outside Day.  We will launch a challenge for classrooms to go outside for learning at least once a week until the end of June. We look forward to discovering and unearthing the rich learning opportunities that nature holds for our students.

I encourage you to talk with your child about learning from the land as we explore this question more deeply throughout the year.  To further assist us in our outdoor learning, please make sure your child comes to school each day dressed for the weather!  We will be going outside each day for recess, lunch recess, gym, and learning (until it's colder than -20). We appreciate your support as we take our learning to a whole new level this year!



Sep 23
Fire Drills, Devices, and Masks, Oh My!

​​Please take some time to read the following information carefully.  There is important information that applies to all students.  This message was sent to all families by School Messenger on September 23, 2020.

Fire Drills/ Evacuation Practices:

As part of CBE's safety protocols, we are required to have six fire drills each year, one of them being held in September.  Today, we had our first practice fire drill of the year and it went really well!  Staff have been discussing and practicing with students leading up to today.  We had our drill at 9:00am and the drill was completed within 5 minutes.  

We are required to have two more drills by the end of December.  The next one will be scheduled so that our afternoon Kindergarten students can participate.  

We will continue to review and rehearse our procedures at regular intervals during the school year so that students are prepared in a variety of circumstances.  If you have any questions, please call the office or email your child's teacher.

Smart Watches/ Devices:

We are noticing that latest trend with students is to wear Smart Watches (of various varieties) to school.  Although these watches are engaging, entertaining, and can provide useful information (such as step count, physical activity etc.), we are asking that they be kept at home.  As per the CBE Acceptable Use of Technology agreement for students, (sent home with Back To School forms package), these devices are not allowed or necessary at school.  The primary concerns are as follows:

  • These devices can be used to record and take pictures without permission
  • CBE is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged devices
  • These devices can be a distraction for students wearing them, and for their peers, which in turn, takes away from the important learning at school

Starting tomorrow, Thursday, September 24, we would ask that all Smart Watches stay at home.  If students continue to wear them to school, they will be asked to remove them and put them in their back packs.

Face Masks:

This is a reminder to please ensure that students have an extra face mask in their back packs. More and more students are showing up to school without a mask and our extra mask supply is quickly dwindling. All students were provided two cloth masks on the first day of school. 

In keeping with mask guidelines, we are reminding everyone that cloth masks need to be washed after wearing them.  Please wash your child's mask after they wear it to school and send them in a clean cloth mask each day.

Thank you for your attention to these matters.  We appreciate your ongoing support each and every day! ​

Sep 13
September Update

School start up is an exciting time for students and staff.  We cannot stress enough how happy we are that our school is alive with learning again.

 Start-up is also a complex time as we secure our student population and finalize our enrolment. In addition to enrolling some new students and accounting for students that have moved out of our school, this year has the added complexity accommodating for the Hub online learning. Overall, our enrolment is down significantly in both the French Immersion program and the English program.  Therefore, it is necessary to make a few organizational changes in both tracks. Thank you in advance for your understanding as we continue to work within a complex school year. 

 At this time, we will be reorganizing the English Grade 3 classes.  Currently there are three classes and we will have to divide them into two classes.  Ms. Aisenstat's Grade 3 class will be shared among Ms. Galvin's and Ms. Hutchison's Grade 3 classes. Ms. Aisenstat will be re-deployed within the school.  We believe that the sooner we undertake this transition, the better we will be able to support students settling in.  Grade 3 students that are being moved will receive a call from their new teacher on Friday afternoon.  This transition will be effective Monday, September 14.

 We also want to announce that Mrs. Wideman has been assigned to teach a Hub Learning class for CBE.  Ms. Boston has been covering for Mrs. Wideman in grade 2 during Hub Online Learning preparation.  We would like to express our gratitude to Ms. Boston for her hard work these past two weeks. Ms. Boston's last day at Janet Johnstone School will be Friday, September 11. Ms. Aisenstat will be moving to Grade 2, room 13, to take over for Mrs. Wideman.  This transition will be effective Monday, September 14.

 We have also had to make the difficult decision to surplus a French Immersion teacher and collapse one of our French Immersion grade 1 classes.  This will result in three multi-aged classes of grades 1/2 instead of two classes of grade 1 and two classes of grade 2.  Our enrollment in grades 1 and 2 in French Immersion has decreased, resulting in this re-organization.  Mme. Julia will be moving to French Immersion Kindergarten.  All French Immersion grade 1 and 2 students will be re-organized.  Families can expect a call from their new teacher on Friday afternoon. This transition will be effective Monday, September 14.

 We are very sad that we have to say good-bye to Mme. Tamara Fawcett, currently teaching French Immersion Kindergarten. She will remain at the school to help support the transition to Mme. Julia and until she is re-deployed within CBE.  We believe that the sooner we undertake this transition, the better we will be able to support students settling in. This transition will be effective Monday, September 14. Both Mme. Tamara and Mme. Julia will be ready to great the French Immersion Kindergarten students on Monday. Together, they will explain to their students the teacher transition to both AM and PM classes.

Please know that all of these transitions are very complex for our school.  Therefore, we are not accommodating any teacher requests. Teachers will share the re-organization information with their students on Friday morning.  We hope that this will provide some closure for students and teachers.

We want to assure you that by reorganizing in this way, we will be keeping our class sizes the smallest that we are able to during this challenging time. The safety, wellness, and learning of our students remains our top priority. 





Aug 27
End of August Updates

Update for Janet Johnstone Families!

Please read the following updates carefully.  There is lots of information that we need to share with you at this time.

1.  Teachers returned to work today!  It is so wonderful having our building come alive once more.  Teachers are working on getting their classrooms set up and ready for next week.  They will be calling families on their class lists to introduce themselves, talk about staggered entry next week, and to review some start up information.  You can expect a call anytime between today, Friday, and Monday.  Please do not call the school to ask about your child's class placement.  We kindly ask that you wait for the teacher to call you.  Thank you in advance for your patience.

***Please note:  Kindergarten teachers will not be calling families.  If you are in French Immersion Kindergarten, your teacher is Mme. Tamara. If your child is in English, your teachers are Mrs. Knight and Mrs. Ferguson (they will be working in a double room).  The Kindergarten teachers look forward to seeing their Kinders for Kindergarten staggered entry next week. 

2.  Staggered entry information was sent to families on Tuesday, August 25.  It is also posted on our website.  The school is unable to make any staggered entry adjustments or switches for families.  Thank you in advance for your understanding. 

Teachers will meet their students each day of staggered entry at the designated door.  Teachers will be outside starting at 7:45 and will be available for you to leave your child with them.  We would ask that you remain physically distanced during the staggered entry drop off.  No parents will be permitted entry to the school.

Room Number/ GradeEntry & Exit Door
Room 1 & 2- English Grade 4Front door
Room 3, 4, 5- English Grade 3South-east Back Compound door (faces the field, around the corner from the parking lot)
Room 6 & 7- FI Grade 2East Portable doors (portables at the back of the staff parking lot)
Room 8 & 9- FI Grade 1East Portable doors (portables at the back of the staff parking lot)
Room 14, 15, 19- FI Grade 3/4South-west Back Compound door (faces the field, closest to 159 ave)
Room 10 & 11- English Grade 1West Portable door (portables by the Creative Playground)
Room 12 & 13- English Grade 2West Portable door (portables by the Creative Playground)
Room 16 & 17- English AM KindergartenNorth-west door (faces the corner of Shawnessy Drive and 159 avenue SW)
Room 18- FI Kindergarten (AM & PM)North-west door (faces the corner of Shawnessy Drive and 159 avenue SW)

3.  Class organization is a complex process and one that requires a lot of time, effort, and consideration.  This is work that we take very seriously each spring.  In addition to enrolling new students and accounting for students that have moved out of our school, this year has the added complexity accommodating for the Hub online learning.  We would like to remind parents that all class list requests were due by the end of May. Therefore, we are not accommodating any new requests.  It is important to maintain the integrity of the classes that teachers carefully built and balanced in June. Adjustments to our organization for staffing is ongoing.

 4.  School council would like to remind you that you can order Mabels Labels to help get your child's belongings organized for school. The best part is that the school receives a dollar amount for every purchase made.  Just click on “Support a School" and select Janet Johnstone.  Thank you for supporting our fundraising efforts.

 5.  We are working hard on finalizing the extremely complex re-entry plan for our school.  All of this information will be available starting tomorrow, Friday, August 28.  It will be posted on our website by the end of the day.

We look forward to seeing all of you over the next week. Don't forget your mask!


Jun 24
End of the Year!

What can I say in my last principal message of the 2019/2020 school year?  This year has been a year to remember for multiple reasons.  A year ago when I took the principal assignment at Janet Johnstone, nothing could have prepared me for the year to come. Our school has dealt with everything from a flood in the summer to a pandemic to finish the year.  I could make a list of everything in between but what matters most is this one word:  RESILIENCE. 

This year is memorable not just because of the events, but because of the incredible resilience that has been evident along the way from students, staff, and parents. Teachers have rolled with the punches, students have risen to the challenges, and parents have been our biggest supporters and cheerleaders along the way.   We’ve all gone without, we’ve all “worked” from home, and many of us have had to learn to be teachers, gym specialists, science profs, mathematicians, and geographers, all while demonstrating resilience

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from difficulties (toughness); the ability to spring back into shape (elasticity).  I love both of these definitions because that’s what this year has shown me. I believe that all of our stakeholders have demonstrated toughness and elasticity all year long- enduring and bouncing back within the situations we’ve had to deal with.

Now, it’s the end of June, and we continue to rely on our resilience as we navigate more unchartered waters…the unknown of re-entry.  CBE is working with Alberta Education and Alberta Health Services on re-entry plans and scenarios.  There will be an announcement on August 1 about which scenario the province and our Chief Medical Officer recommends that we go with.  Once we know what this looks like for our school context, we will share information with families by SchoolMessenger (email) and on the website.  Please keep yourselves informed on the most up to date information by checking your emails and the school website in August.

Here are a few important pieces of end of year information:

Last day of School:

The last day of classes is June 26.  Report cards will be accessed ONLINE ONLY through MyCBE/PowerSchool.  Information will come by email (SchoolMessenger) on FRIDAY MORNING with specific instructions on how to access.  Reports can be accessed starting Friday, June 26.  Please watch your email for that important information.

Appeals Day:

Appeals day is Monday, June 29 from 8:00am-12:00pm.  This is your opportunity to contact your child’s teacher by email to ask them any questions you have about the report card.

Paul’s Pizza Fundraiser:

On Monday, June 29, for every pizza ordered at Paul’s Pizza (Shawnessy location), $2 will be donated to our school.  We will be using the money to purchase a one year license for RazKids, an online reading tool for students of all reading abilities (French and English) to use at home and at school.  Please see the email(s) that have been sent with the ordering information.

Ongoing Registration:

We continue to accept registrations for Kindergarten and grade 1 French Immersion students!  If you know anyone looking for a French Immersion program in our catchment areas of Shawnessy, Shawnee, Millrise, Evergreen, Bridlewood, Somerset, Silverado, Beaumont, and Yorkville, send them our way! 

Returning of Borrowed Technology:

If you borrowed a Chromebook from the school, please return them by Friday, June 26.  Devices not returned will be charged through PowerSchool.  Please contact the school if you have any questions. 

Transition to Grade 5:

All students transitioning to grade 5 at our feeder schools of Sam Shaw or Woodman, are automatically registered.  There will be information sent to these families over the summer about what re-entry looks like at these schools.


Pre-registration for Yellow School bus transportation has been extended to June 30.  Register now (no cost required at this time) so that transportation can start planning for bus stops.  Please see previous information shared with you by email.

Office Hours:

Our office hours for June 29 and 30 will be 8:00am to 2:30pm.  The office and school is closed from July 1 to August 23.  There will be office staff and administrators at school starting on August 24.

I want to thank the entire community of Janet Johnstone for welcoming me and being so supportive during my first year at the school.  I have been so lucky to get to know the students- they all make me smile and I miss them very much.  Working with the staff has been invigorating and engaging- we have all learned so much from each other this year.  The parent community at JJ is outstanding- each of you have been supportive of the teaching and learning that happens here.  Thank you for making this year so memorable in so many ways. 

I look forward to the fall, even with the unknown elements, because it’s a fresh start during a complex time.  I know our resilience will carry us through to the next phase of working and learning together! 

Have a safe, healthy and happy summer!

Bobbi Kivi




Jun 01
The Home Stretch!

​June has arrived!  We are in the home stretch of the school year and there is summer in the air!  We hope everyone is able to get outside as often as possible and enjoy the warm weather.  With working and learning from home, getting outside can lift spirits and help maintain a positive mindset.

As you know, we are in the planning stages for next school year.  If you are not returning to JJ next year, for any reason, please notify the school as soon as possible.  We are monitoring enrollment very carefully- the number of students that we have confirmed helps to determine the number of staff we will have in place for September.  Please contact the school if you have any changes to inform us about.

Re-entry is certainly a very important topic of discussion and contemplation right now.  As a parent of two girls, I too am curious what re-entry will look like in the fall.  Our goal is to ensure safety of students and staff, whenever we are allowed to return.  What re-entry will look like, is still yet to be determined.  CBE has developed a task force to work on this, along with AHS and Alberta Education.  Re-entry will not be a school based decision- all re-entry plans will be provided to us.  At this time, there are no re-entry plans in place that can be shared with you (when, format, times etc.).  As soon as these plans are clear, we will make every effort to share them with you in a timely fashion- through email, School Messenger, and on the website.  

For the month of June, our teachers have worked hard to re-create the JJ Jamoboree, at home edition for students and families!  The first week was sent out on June 1.  Each Monday there will be a new weekly installment for the JJ Jamboree.  We hope you have as much fun at home with the stations as the teachers had creating and making the videos!  We are very happy that we have found a way to continue the JJ Jamboree tradition, even if it's an At Home Edition!

If you're looking for something to do, join our virtual School Council​ meeting on June 9!  We would love to see you at the meeting.  I will be talking about next year's school budget and the implications it has on our staff organization.  ​

Thank you for your dedication to helping your children with their learning from home.  As a parent, I know how hard it is to juggle your own job while working from home and helping your kids with their learning tasks.  Here is what I have learned over the last ten weeks:

1.  I am far more resilient than I thought! (and so are my girls)

2.  My multitasking skills have hit a whole new level- I can answer emails, help with grade 7 science, and make lunch at the same time!

3.  Patience is my go to- I have had to learn to be far more patient than I was before (mostly in the area of waiting for information and adjustments to home, school, work expectations).

4.  I love routine and structure- I have had to find a way to create this in my day and to model it for my girls.  We all agree that our new routine is working pretty well!

5.  Getting outside each day has become a must do!  Walking the dogs, riding with my girls, or sitting on the deck with the family breaks up our time inside and separates my family time from my work (when I'm working from home, my office is the kitchen table!).

I hope that everyone is truly enjoying their time with family in these very different circumstances.  The most important thing I have learned is that it's okay to slow down and just spend time together.  

Please keep watching our school website for up to date information about end of year notices and start up details.  Please call the school if you have any questions.

Bobbi Kivi

May 05
Spring has sprung!

Welcome to May, everyone!  There is something very refreshing about spring- it's a time for renewal, promise and hope.  As we all continue to adjust to being at home for work and school, I think we can all agree that looking outside and seeing the grass starting to turn green and buds appearing on trees has helped us all to feel much more energized.  There is nothing like being able to get outside of the four walls of our homes to be in nature.  I hope everyone is taking time to go outside and enjoy the fresh spring air.   


Teachers have been busy adjusting to their steep learning curve.  Our staff have fully embraced the digital world of ongoing learning from home.  As you can imagine, we try to help each other with technology trouble shooting through calls, texts, emails, and virtual meetings.  We also understand that students have encountered some technological glitches as they navigate through Google Classroom tasks and Google Meets.  Trouble shooting is the hardest part about working with technology.  Please know that we will always do our best to help you and your child navigate through any tech glitches that may arise.  It’s important for everyone to remember that there is rarely a “one size fits all” approach with meeting the needs of a wide variety of tech devices that students are using at home.  Please know, if for some reason, something is not working for you, the best approach is to inform the teacher and then leave the task.  With any luck, the teacher will know to how to help but sometimes, the troubleshooting may not fix the issue.  It’s okay to leave the task and move onto a different assignment for your child to complete. 

Class Lists for 20/21 

In May and June, teachers and administration will be meeting multiple times (through SKYPE) to assign students to classes for next year.  This is not a task taken lightly at Janet Johnstone School.  Professionals who have worked with these children will engage in discussions to determine the best possible placements.  We will revisit our class lists multiple times. We kindly request our families trust and respect the professional judgment of our staff.  Placement considerations will include multiple factors. Each class will consist of a heterogeneous mix of students.  The achievement and ability level, as well as the independent work habits of each student will be reviewed. 

  • Classrooms will be balanced in terms of numbers of children with special learning needs, social/emotional concernsEnglish Language Learners, and gender 
  • Children’s needs will be considered in terms of their working relationships with peers as well as their individual strengths 
  • Children’s learning style 
  • Chemistry of the classroom dynamics  

Please understand that these are important decisions that need to be made by the educators in our school. Through your ongoing conversations with your current child’s teacher, Janet Johnstone staff are aware of unique circumstances.  Through personalization of learning and our focus on building relationships with our students, staff have a thorough understanding of the students that they work with.  Class placements will reflect our sincere effort to create balanced classrooms where each child is valued, challenged and successful.  Tentative class lists will be created in early June, with the final adjustments being completed in August.  Staffing is often not finalized until August- the final staff list plays a key role in completing our class lists.   

Due to the nature of our enrollment numbers, we are unable to confirm if there will be combined grades for the next school year.  When planning, administration will make every effort to avoid having single classes of combined grades, however, it is not guaranteed.  Once we know more about our enrollment and projections for next year, we will share our initial plans at our School Council meetings. 

If a parent has a specific or extenuating request about student placement for the upcoming school year, a specific process must be followed.   

  1. Parent requests must be sent in the form of a letter to the principal, Mrs. Kivi, by email (blkivi@cbe.ab.ca).  Please do not send your requests to teachers.  Verbal requests will not be considered.  The administrative team plays a key role in the creation of each class list, so please know that your letter to the principal will be considered in a professional and thoughtful manner. 
  2. Please indicate in your letter a specific learning need/ learning style for your child.   
  3. We will place students together that have good working relationships.  Friendship requests will not be considered.   
  4. Your letter should only talk about your own child’s needs. 
  5. Please note: requests are only requests.  They will be considered (within the reasoning listed above) but are not guaranteed. 
  6. Requests will need to be made by May 31, 2020.  Requests made after the deadline will not be considered. 

We are very much looking forward to the next school year- it’s hard to believe that we are already starting to think about it!  Thank you in advance for your understanding of the complex processes that we need to adhere to and honor in order to ensure that our students are set up for success for September. 

Refunds for Transportation and Noon-Supervision 

CBE finance will begin processing online payment refunds for noon supervision and transportation fees.  Refunds will first be provided to online payments, crediting the payment card that was used for the original payment.  Once online refunds are processed, if we are unable to credit the original payment card, we will begin contacting families about providing a refund through an electronic transfer of funds through online banking (an e-transfer).  Families will require a MyCBE account for us to process an e-transfer.  If you have not already created an account, you are encouraged to do so to help prevent any delays.  Visit MyCBE/PowerSchool to create your account.  We anticipate that electronic refunds for noon supervision and transportation fees should be completed by the end of June.  Please note: this work is being completed through the Finance department of CBE, not at the school level. 

Gradual Removal of Pandemic Restrictions 

The government has outlined a plan for gradual removal of pandemic restrictions.  They have also made the decision to not have students return to in-school classes for the remainder of the school year.  It is important that students maintain a connection with their class and teacher through Google Classroom and Google Meets.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the teacher if you require assistance with the tasks assigned.  All tasks are designed to cover the remaining essential outcomes that student will need to start the next grade.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the cancellation of classes, our Education Minister has stated that all students will move on to the next grade for the 2020/21 school year.  https://www.alberta.ca/student-learning-during-covid-19.aspx 


We also understand that each family has unique circumstances within their home which can make completing the work difficult.  We are here for you- please reach out to the teacher or the school administration.  We will work hard to help you with resources and support. 

Staffing Update 

We are very excited to announce that we have hired Mrs. Donna Larsen as our new Administrative Secretary.  She will be starting with us on Monday, May 11.  Mrs. Larsen is coming to us from McKenzie Towne School where she has worked for the past 4 years.  We are looking forward to seeing her smiling face each day in the office- and she can hardly wait to meet all of you!   

As a staff, we are looking forward to seeing everyone along our JJ Staff Parade route on Friday, May 8!   

Stay safe and healthy, everyone! 

Bobbi Kivi 

Apr 06
Welcome, April!

Welcome to April!  It certainly looks very different from our Aprils in the past.  It’s safe to say that nobody expected the spring to turn out the way that it has.  Most of us are trying to work from home while learning from home with our children or providing our own childcare.  This requires patience, balance, time, new technology, and perhaps, extra coffee. 


Thank you for your patience as we work together to figure out this new normal of teaching and learning from home.  As teachers, our learning curve has been very vertical in terms of learning online platforms and designing online learning tools to help execute learning from home in a very short period of time.  For some, this comes very easily, and for others, this requires a lot more work and time.  We have relied on each other for support in different areas- from making videos and posting them to sharing online resources with each other to posting images and links.  It has taken all of our teachers working together to be ready for our students in Google Classroom.


As of today, April 6, all of our classes are now up and running in Google Classroom.  Every Monday morning teachers will be posting the week’s work.  This allows families to decide what is best for their home environment of sharing technology and balancing work schedules.  The choice is yours to decide if you would like to tackle all of the 5 hours of work at one time or to take it day by day (one hour a day).  All learning resources and tasks are available for access in Google Classroom. 


We understand that some may find seeing the entire week’s worth of work overwhelming.  We also recognize that posting work each day does not work for scheduling technology use with multiple children in your home.  There is no perfect way to execute online learning, however, we are doing our best to ensure that everyone is supported in the choices you are making for your child at home- either doing all the work at once or doing some of it each day.  If you have questions about where to begin or what to start with, please contact your child’s teacher.  They are available by email to answer all of your questions. 


Each teacher has a “Parent” space within their Google Classroom- it may be located on the left side or it may be embedded within Classwork.  Within that tab, each week, will be a document that lists the names of the activities and the coordinating I CAN statements that directly correlate to the Program of Studies.  This will help clarify the purpose of each task and how it relates to their graded curriculum.


Students will also be participating in Google Meet.  This is an online platform that will allow teachers to meet with their students in a one to one conversation or in a group meeting.  Each teacher has set aside Google Meet times within the day that will work for their own home schedules.  Please remember that many of our teachers are also balancing the act of child care and working with their own children.   Teachers will be meeting with each student at least once a week.  They will contact students and post within their Google Classroom when their meeting times will be.  Please watch for this information from your child’s teacher.

We know many of you are anxious for your child to connect with their peers through some sort of virtual meeting outside of school.  We have had many of you ask if the school or teacher can provide student email addresses or phone numbers for class peers.  Due to confidentiality, we are unable to provide any personal information about students.  Thank you for your understanding.


Teachers have been very excited about using Google Classroom- it is a great online tool that has sparked a lot of professional engagement.  Teachers have been delighted to connect with their students!  Our work is about relationships and it has been more than difficult to be separated from our students.  Everyone is trying to make the most of our current situation.  Our work is fluid and flexible- there will be adjustments along the way that we will all work through together. 


This is a reminder that Friday, April 10 is Good Friday and is a holiday for staff.  Monday, April 13 is a PD day, therefore, teachers will not be available for online learning.  Teachers will be participating in a variety of online and virtual professional development.  The work for the week of April 13-17 will be posted on Tuesday, April 14.  There are no classes on Friday, April 10 or Monday, April 13.  We hope you enjoy the next two weeks of a 4-day learning from home schedule.


If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher or administration through email. We are happy to provide support for you and your family during this complex time.  Please don't hesitat to reach out to us.  


Mar 30
A New Normal

A new normal is certainly upon us.  A pandemic is likely not something that any of us thought that we would experience.  However, here we are, doing what we can to keep everyone healthy. Our staff were devastated when we had to pack up student belongings before the break.  Our relationships with our stakeholders mean everything to us.  We are close with our students as they are the essence of our work.  Without having them by our sides each day in the classroom, our work takes on an entirely different meaning.  

Learning from home and teaching from a distance is something new for all of us.  As parents, you were not expecting to be thrust into the role of teacher.  As teachers, we were not expecting to become overnight technology experts on a variety of new platforms.  ​We are working hard to support each other as colleagues and friends in learning Google Classroom, blogging and Google HangOut.  We are helping each other in finding grade appropriate resources that are effective in teaching curriculum outcomes and are managable for parents to deliver.  

Please know that we are doing our best to make this work for everyone.  Many teachers are working from home with their own children at home.  Balancing work and their own families during this unprecidented time is equivalent to a juggling act.  We are committed to posting our blogs by 9am each day, sharing engaging resources and tasks that wil help continue student growth, and being available through a variety of ways for students and parents to access for support.  Teaching and learning in this way is our brand new normal- we are just getting our toes wet with this what is being asked of us and we are so grateful for your patience and understanding.  As we get our feet really wet in this experience, we will be more efficient and confident in our new online delivery skills.

We hope that everyone at home is happy and healthy.  These are very trying times on so many levels.  We recognize that many of you have lost jobs, are dealing with sick loved ones, and are worried about the future.  Please know that we are here to support you in any way that we can.  Please reach out to us and let us know how you are doing.  We miss all of you.

Mar 10
March Information

​March can certainly bring excitment for spring- even with a mixture of snow!  Please make sure to thoroughly read the Week at a Glance sent each Friday so that you can manage all the important information and dates that are happening in our school.

Conferences are coming up- they are a great time to connect with the classroom teacher to gain a deeper understanding of your child's achievement.  Reporting is ongoing and an important part of the conferencing process.  Don't miss out!  Please us your My CBE/PowerSchool link to sign up for conferences- the link will be live on March 9 at 4:00pm.  There is no school for students on March 19 and 20 due to conferences.

We have started collecting information and data to begin the complex process of planning for the 2020/21 school year.  Please make sure you have returned your form indicating if you will be attending JJ next year.  Kindergarten registration is ongoing, so if you have a kinder kiddo that will be coming to us in the fall, please come into the office to complete the registration process.  For students leaving our school for grade 5, registration to Sam W. Shaw and Woodman is automatic.  If you have questions about the transition process, please contact your child's grade 4 teacher.

Our Spring concerts are a demonstration of music mastery!  Mrs. Paul loves concert season- she gets to show off the musical skills of all her students.  Did you know that a students who participate in music develop creativity, math, and collaboration skills?  We are so lucky to have this incredible learning opportunity for all students at JJ.  Thank you to our school council, JJSC/FJJSA for your ongoing support of music!

Want to know more about what's going on at your child's school?  Please come to our montly council meetings.  We would love to hear your voice!  We meet on the second Tuesday of each month.  All parents welcome!

Coming soon- information about how teachers and administrators work together to create class lists for the new school year.  Please watch your email for specific and detailed information about this complex work.

If you have any questions about what's going on in March, contact your child's teacher or call the office.  Don't forget that Spring break is from March 23-27 and classes resume on Monday, March 30. 

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The Alberta School Councils' Association is conducting a survey to measure the “pandemic pulse” in the province. Families with children in K-12 are invited to participate. The survey will take about 15 minutes and closes on Friday, Nov. 6 https://t.co/GQggL7IRT0 https://t.co/ezYmUarRMj

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