School Access

As a security measure, all doors are locked at all times. Parents and visitors are required to press the intercom button to request entry to the office. Since the intercom is connected to the office, it will only be answered during the hours between 8:00 AM and 3:30 PM, Monday to Thursday and between 8:00 AM and 1:30 PM on Friday when staff is in the office.  

During relaxed entry from 7:45 - 8:00 AM, students can enter the school through the back compound doors where they will be greeted by staff.  Staff will be holding the doors open for students each morning.

Before 7:45 AM and after 2:29 PM Monday-Thursday and before 7:45 AM and after 12:15 PM on Friday, parents who drop off or pick up their children from Creations Childcare are required to ring the white doorbell. Information is posted by the door to indicate which system needs to be used depending on the time of day.

Parents/guardians and visitors are required to sign in at the office and obtain a name tag before proceeding to classrooms to meet with a teacher or for any other purpose that would require them to have access to classrooms.

Parents/guardians, who come to volunteer and have obtained their police clearance, can pick up their name tag and sign their name and entry time on the volunteer board at the back of the main office. They should also record their exit time and return their name tag when they leave the school.

At dismissal times, parents/guardians are asked to wait for their children at their meeting spots outside.

For safety and security reasons, the doors in the main foyer leading into classroom areas and the Learning Commons area will be locked at all times while students are in the school.

Visitors & Volunteers

All visitors to the school are required to check in / sign in at the office upon their arrival at school. This includes all volunteers and parents who have appointments with their child's teacher. If you don't have an appointment, we ask that you not plan on dropping in on teachers during class time.

All volunteers need to have a security check done before working in the classroom and we would ask that you sign in and wear your name tag while in the building. Name tags are in the office at the volunteer table. Volunteers are at the invitation of teachers if they are wishing to work in the classroom.

Student Pick-Up & Sign-Out

Parents are asked to come to the office when picking up their children during school hours and wait in the office. Their child will then be called down to meet them in the office. Please ensure you have signed out your child in the book at the office. It is important to account for all children at all times. In case of an evacuation, or if a child normally attends our lunchroom program and leaves the school before lunch, we need to know that this child is no longer at school. Please notify your child’s teacher by writing the early pick up time in the agenda. If a parent is dropping off an item for his/her child, the student will be called to the office to retrieve the item.

In the event that parents or guardians are late to pick up students after school, please call the office.  During extenuating circumstances, students can wait in the office for parents to arrive after the bell.  Please be advised that there is no supervision for students after school.  It is only during family emergencies and very extenuating circumstances that students can wait in the office for a very short period of time.

Community Safety

We are very interested in being full partners in your children’s safety while they are on their own in the community, traveling to and from school. To this end we cooperate with parents/guardians and police. We appreciate being notified by parents or police of any incident which has alarmed a child so that we can better deal with that child. We do not make whole-school, intercom announcements because children vary in how they respond to an alarm, and we cannot be sensitive to individual needs using group announcements. However, we will notify parents when a situation requires it and upon advice from the Area Director. 


For safety reasons children need to remain on school property during the school. Learn more about our playground and our Creative Playground on the School Property page

Fire Drills

All CBE schools are required to practice a minimum of 6 fire drills, 2 lockdown practices and one evacuation procedure every year. A fire drill is the procedure students would follow to evacuate the building in case of an emergency. during fire drills, we teach students to remain silent at all times, move to the correct exit, then go to their assigned areas outdoors. 

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All CBE schools are required to practice lockdowns in the same way that we practice fire drills. The procedures for lockdowns are developed with the Calgary Police Service and are part of each school’s Emergency Response Plan. If you have questions about lockdown drills or lockdown procedures, please contact your principal.

Evacuation Procedures

In the event that the school needs to be evacuated for any reason, all staff have been trained according to CBE standards. All schools have a primary and a secondary evacuation site. In the event of an evacuation, you will receive an email, phone or SMS notification from the school.


January 27 is Family Literacy Day - raising awareness about the importance of reading/engaging in other literacy-related activities as a family. To celebrate, share a amazing book you have read with a photo or a comment about why you liked it. #CBELiteracy #WeAreCBE

RT @JackJamesHS: Today we celebrated our 24th year of partnering with @HomesByAviYYC to give our students hands-on experience in building a house. Our students toured the finished house, cut the ribbon, & met our @HomesByAviYYC partners that make these amazing learning opportunities possible.

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