Illness & Medical

Attendance Line 403-777-8670  ext. 1.

It is important that you call the school if your child is going to be absent or arriving late.  


If your child is ill, please keep them at home until they are well enough to participate in all school activities. If your child becomes ill during the school day, we will contact you and you will be expected to arrange for your child to be picked up as soon as possible.

If students become ill at school, they can rest in the nurse’s room for a brief time until it is determined that they can return to class. If the illness is of a more serious nature, parents will be notified to pick up their child. Parents will always be contacted if the illness or injury is deemed serious. The school should be made aware of any medical problems so that we are best able to assist a student in the event of an emergency. Please keep us up to date with your emergency phone contact numbers and any new medical conditions that arise after the start of the year.

Accidents & Injuries

In the event of an accident, several courses of action may be taken depending upon the seriousness of the incident.

  • Scrapes and scratches, or any injury that can be treated with ice and cleaning with soap and water and a band-aid will be dealt with at the school.
  • In the case of sprains, severe cuts, or contusions, home will be notified immediately to decide what actions should be taken.
  • In the case of open and or heavily bleeding wounds, broken bones, unconsciousness, etc. the school will call an ambulance and parents immediately. 
  • Accident insurance is provided upon request and forms are sent home in September.


We are committed to providing a safe environment that is inclusive for all children. A number of our students have a potentially life-threatening allergy to peanut and tree nuts

Due to the increasing number of students and staff who suffer from a variety of food allergies including some with severe consequences to various types of nuts, we would like to remind parents that Nutella contains hazelnuts and should not be sent to school for a snack or for lunch. Some of our students are also highly allergic to peanuts, and we ask that parents not send any food made with peanut butter, containing nuts or nut products.

Parents of children with allergies must fill out appropriate forms (also available in the office) and ensure the school has the necessary medication on-hand should a reaction occur. We ask that parents who are sending in classroom treats, please avoid the noted products. Staff is trained annually in the administration of an Epipen. 


Please be aware that school personnel are not authorized to dispense non-prescription medication to students. Any request to administer prescription medication at school, must be accompanied by a medical release form, available from the office, signed by a parent. All student medication must be picked up from the school on the last day that students attend in June.

To ensure that your child with a severe allergy has prompt access to their Epipen, we encourage parents to consider having their child carry it in a pouch around his/her waist. If a parent decides not to have their child carry his/her Epipen in a pouch on his/her person, we ask that you please inform the school by writing a letter stating that you do not wish to have your child carry the Epipen in a pouch and indicating the location of his/ her Epipen while he/she is at school. If your child no longer requires an Epipen please advise the school in writing as well.

Parents or guardians requesting school assistance with their child’s medical needs are required to complete the following forms.

Student Health Emergency Response Protocol Form

  • This form is to be used when there is a student health issue regarding attention. This includes when there is a request to administer medication. 

Student Health Plan

This form is to be:

  • completed if a physical or medical condition may affect the student’s attendance at school
  • completed if medication is to be taken at school
  • reviewed and updated annually or sooner if there is a change in the student’s health concern or school registration.
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