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Our students, staff and school community share the responsibility of building a safe, positive, inclusive, equitable and welcoming learning environment. Along with its own school culture, each school reflects a unified CBE culture of inclusion. This includes our CBE-wide approach to preventing bullying and to protecting our LGBTQ students. Learn more about our system-wide commitment to having an inclusive environment on the CBE website. 

If you have any questions about how we work together within our school to build positive learning environments for student success, please contact us directly.​

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Acknowledging Student Birthdays

For the past two years, due to COVID, we had to halt any kind of food or special treat sharing for birthday celebrations.  Now that the restrictions have lifted, we have had some inquiries about bringing in treats for birthdays. 

 As a staff, we have discussed how classrooms have acknowledged birthdays in the absence of treats.  What we have learned, is that we can have students feel special without celebrating with food.  

We also acknowledge the number of different cultures in our school, as well as numerous kinds of food allergies that are present in our students.  In an effort to be a learning environment that is fair, equitable, and safe for all learners, we have made the decision as a staff to no longer have treats to celebrate and acknowledge birthdays. 

Instead, teachers have many wonderful ideas about how to celebrate birthdays.  We acknowledge that birthdays are wonderful and exciting events for many children.  In lieu of food, teachers will do something special for birthday students, such as:

·      bring in their favorite story to share with the class

·      Bring in pictures or a poster that tells about who they are

·      The class could write special notes for the birthday student

·      And many other fun and educational opportunities to celebrate our students on their special day


As a staff, we would ask for your continued support with celebrating birthdays.  Although we won’t be eating cupcakes or donuts, we will be enjoying birthdays in a different way.  We also acknowledge that there some families that do not celebrate birthdays.  Please know that we are also deeply respectful of each family’s decision.


Please reach out to your child’s teacher, or the school’s administration, if you have any questions. 

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