Lunchroom Attendance Line: 403-777-8350 ext. 2  

Lunch Supervision 

Jennie Elliott School offers a well-supervised lunch program for both bused and walking students. The lunch program can be accessed on a full time or on a drop-in basis. There is no milk program this year, and there is an emergency lunch program should your child forget to bring a lunch. 

Registration information is on our Lunch Supervision page.

Lunchtime Drop-In

If your child is planning on using the Drop-In Service, please ensure that you contact the office before 10 AM. If your child normally attends the lunchroom, but will be absent, we also ask that you contact the Office. For safety reasons, attendance is taken every noon hour. Your contact with the school ensures that this attendance runs smoothly and quickly.

Our Lunchroom

Hot lunches are a great break from sandwiches; however we are asking that parents please make use of thermoses instead, since hot water and microwaves are not available.

Litterless Lunches

As we start back to school, please consider the purchase of food containers for your chil's lunchbox. We have made great gains in reducing the number of lunch time garbage bags and want to continue this very positive trend.

Fun Lunches

School Council organizes special Fun Lunches throughout the year. Information on these lunches will be sent home prior to the event. Participation is optional. Money raised at these lunches pays for Play Day activities at the end of June.


We ask that children do not share snacks or lunches. We also ask that parents be sensitive to the dangers to other children due to severe and life-threating allergies.

Special care is provided for students with food allergies. The school is not a peanut free school however we do provide ‘peanut free lunchroom tables. Lunchroom supervisors are very conscientious in their supervision duties. For more information, see our Illness & Medical page.

Free Time

Lunch hour and recess are a fun time at our school as students in different classes and grades are able to play together. Students play on the creative playground, grab soccer balls, bring wall balls, create chalk designs on the compound and invent many of their own games. Supervisors and teachers continually reinforce ‘good sportsmanship’ and we ask that parents also reinforce this ethic. While many of our students are excellent athletes, noon hour games are meant to be non-competitive so all children can participate.

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