TASC Class

March 2019

From our head and our shoulders to our knees and our toes, we’ve been learning all about our body this month. We participated in many body themed art, music, literacy, and movement activities. Our favourite activities were ones that
involved exploring our five senses. We used our noses to smell essential oils, our hands to feel different textures, our
eyes to play I Spy, our ears to hear music, and our mouths to taste sweet and salty foods. We also had fun tracing outlines of our bodies and decorating them with help from our grade five buddies. Our body outlines all turned out very
unique and colourful. Next month we will be learning about animal life cycles.

We’re very excited for our class trip to Calgary Treehouse on March 5th where we will use out bodies to climb, crawl, and
slide on the huge indoor playground.

February 2019

What is hot or cold in our environment? How can we make something hot or cold? What happens when we put water in the freezer? What happens to ice when we take it out of the freezer? These are the key questions we explored this month. We saw that a fan blows cold air but a hair dryer blows hot air. We made water hot by putting it in a kettle and then we made it cold by putting it in the freezer. Painting with melting, coloured ice cubes was one of our favourite activities.
We also enjoyed going on a walk around our school and labelling some of the items we found as either hot or cold. To wrap up our hot and cold exploration we made our own apple juice popsicles. They were delicious! This month we welcomed our student teacher, Ms. Conway, into our classroom. We have enjoyed getting to know her and are looking forward to continuing to learn and have fun with her this term. In February we will be learning about our bodies from head to toe.

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