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Our Talented Team

Office & Student Success Team MembersEmail Address
Tink, Garry - Principalgctink@cbe.ab.ca

Clark, Gayleena - Assistant Principal (Blue Community)


Brown, Rob - Assistant Principal (Orange & Purple Community)

Rand, Tracy - Assistant Principal (Green & Pink Community)
Floyd, Linda - Student Success Centre (Blue Community)ljfloyd@cbe.ab.ca
Reina, Joe - Student Success Centre (Pink & Green Community)jareina@cbe.ab.ca
Walker, Adriana - Student Success Centre (Orange & Purple Community)akwalker@cbe.ab.ca
Bigler, Cindy - Support Staffctbigler@cbe.ab.ca
Higgins, Trish - SISplhiggins@cbe.ab.ca 
Kowalchuk, Linda - Business Managerllkowalchuk@cbe.ab.ca
Patterson, Pauline - Support Staffplpatterson@cbe.ab.ca
Taylor, Karen - Support Staffkptaylor@cbe.ab.ca
Williams, Delane - Administrative Assistantddwilliams@cbe.ab.ca
Teachers & StaffEmail Address
Alves, Paula - TeacherPCAlves@cbe.ab.ca
Anderson, Megan - Learning Coachmaanderson@cbe.ab.ca
Annand, Debbi - TeacherDLAnnand@cbe.ab.ca
Asselbergs, Marjo - Teachermfasselbergs@cbe.ab.ca
Babkirk, Lana - Teacherlmbabkirk@cbe.ab.ca
Baptist, Cori - Teachercabaptist@cbe.ab.ca
Beauchamp, Tina - Library Assistant                                                                     chbeauchamp@cbe.ab.ca
Black, Jennifer - Teacherjawoodard@cbe.ab.ca
Blundon, Kristen - Teacherkdblundon@cbe.ab.ca
Bomersback, Trevor - Learning Coachtdbomersback@cbe.ab.ca
Bowles, Timothy - Teacherthbowles@cbe.ab.ca
Brugos, Stephanie - Learning Coachsabrugos@cbe.ab.ca
Campacci, Nicole - Teacherjncampacci@cbe.ab.ca
Campbell, Calvin - Teachercecampbell@cbe.ab.ca
Chapman, Jon - Teacherjlchapman@cbe.ab.ca
Davis, Crystal - Learning Coachcrdavis@cbe.ab.ca
Doerksen, Janet - Teacher jrdoerksen@cbe.ab.ca 
Dong, Gary - Support Staffgadong@cbe.ab.ca
Dow, Sheila - TeacherSSDow@cbe.ab.ca
Fowler, Sean - Teacherssfowler@cbe.ab.ca
Funk, Lauren - Teacherlefunk@cbe.ab.ca
Gelfand, Russell - Teacherregelfand@cbe.ab.ca
Gilbertson, Kendra - Teacherkdgilbertson@cbe.ab.ca
Ginakos, Kari - Support Staffkaginakos@cbe.ab.ca
Goldman, Jacqueline - Teacherjfgoldman@cbe.ab.ca
Graham, Samantha - Teachersagraham@cbe.ab.ca
Grant, Jen - Learning Coachjlgrant@cbe.ab.ca
Gray, Cynba - Learning Coachcmgray@cbe.ab.ca
Grossman, Matt - Teachermrgrossman@cbe.ab.ca
Hardy, Heather - Teacherhchardy@cbe.ab.ca
Hargreaves, Graeme - Learning Coachgdhargreaves@cbe.ab.ca
Hedeman, Michelle - Teachermihedeman@cbe.ab.ca
Hendry, Caroline - Teacherclhendry@cbe.ab.ca
Howie, Chad - Teachercghowie@cbe.ab.ca
Iman, Safi - Support Staffsaiman@cbe.ab.ca
Jorgensen, Ken - TeacherKJJorgensen@cbe.ab.ca
Khan, Kashif - Technology Support Specialistkbkhan@cbe.ab.ca
Kolmatiski, Rachel - Teacherrmkolmatiski@cbe.ab.ca
Kramer, Rebecca - Teacherrakramer@cbe.ab.ca
MacKay, Benjamin  - Teacherbemackay@cbe.ab.ca
Madsen, Joseph - Learning Coachjlmadsen@cbe.ab.ca
Maki, Jill - Teacherjrmaki@cbe.ab.ca
Malloy, Jennifer - Teacherjekent@cbe.ab.ca
Matheson, Krista - Teacherkbmatheson@cbe.ab.ca
McKinnon, Amberlee - Teacherahmckinnon@cbe.ab.ca
McLeod, Keith - Teacherkrmcleod@cbe.ab.ca
McMillian, Amy - Teacherajmcmillan@cbe.ab.ca
McNeill, Zach - Teacher
Mihaila, Mara - Teachermamihaila@cbe.ab.ca
Mikaelsen, Hailey - Teacherhamikaelsen@cbe.ab.ca
Miller, Tyler - Teachertlmiller@cbe.ab.ca
Melrose, Erin -Teachereamelrose@cbe.ab.ca
Mouland, Bryan - Teacherbkmouland@cbe.ab.ca
Musial, Ayla - Teacherammusial@cbe.ab.ca
Neisz, Tasha - Teachertrneisz@cbe.ab.ca
O'Brien, Melissa - Teachermobrien@cbe.ab.ca
Paulson, Jennifer - Teacherjepaulson@cbe.ab.ca
Paquette, Rebecca - Teacherrepaquette@cbe.ab.ca
Partington, Matthew - Teachermjpartington@cbe.ab.ca
Pelkey, Tyler - Teachertspelkey@cbe.ab.ca
Poland, Trish - TeacherTAPoland@cbe.ab.ca
Regnier, Mark - Teachermeregnier@cbe.ab.ca
Rosvold, Courtney - Teacherclrosvold@cbe.ab.ca
Rutland, Nicki - Teachernlrutland@cbe.ab.ca
Ryall, Tatiana - ELL/International Coordinatortaryall@cbe.ab.ca
Salter, Michael - Teachermdsalter@cbe.ab.ca
Samuel, Iestyn - Teacherigsamuel@cbe.ab.ca
Sandbeck, Adam - Athletic Directorawsandbeck@cbe.ab.ca
Sarro, Maria - Teachermarsarro@cbe.ab.ca
Scott, Victoria - Teacherviscott@cbe.ab.ca
Shillington, Tara - Teachertdshillingto@cbe.ab.ca
Sotelo, Jennifer - Teacherjlsotelo@cbe.ab.ca
Stieger, Tarilyn - Teachertastieger@cbe.ab.ca
Steiner, Carrie - Learning Coachctsteiner@cbe.ab.ca
Stonebridge, Lesley - Teacherlestonebridge@cbe.ab.ca
Taskey, Erin - Teacherertaskey@cbe.ab.ca
Taylor, Nicole - Teachernataylor@cbe.ab.ca
Vachon, Janelle - Teacherjmvachon@cbe.ab.ca
Varga, Allissa - Teacheradlafortune@cbe.ab.ca
Walli, Natasha - Teachernawalli@cbe.ab.ca
Watt, Laura - Teacherlewatt@cbe.ab.ca
Wee, Patrick - Teacherpdwee@cbe.ab.ca
Wilson, Joe - Teacherjtwilson@cbe.ab.ca
Whitlow, Amanda - Teacheramwoo@cbe.ab.ca
Wood, Heidi - Teacherhcwood@cbe.ab.ca

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