Joining an extracurricular club is one of the aspects of high school that really completes the experience. You will often make life long friends, learn new skills, and can even discover a passion in something you didn't know you cared about. All of the teachers who run extracurricular clubs do so because it is a passion of theirs, so those teachers will bring their personal knowledge and skill to your club.  If you are interested in starting a club, please contact the office and see club document to the right.

We have already heard from some of our future students about potential clubs and here is what they had to say (in no particular order)....

  • Mathematics Club - Where it's hip to b2
  • Science Club - Ask Anything, Explore Everything
  • GSA -  Bringing together LGBTQI+ and straight students to support each other, provide a safe place to socialize, and create a platform to fight for racial, gender, LGBTQ, and economic justice.
  • Chess Club - Life is like chess, make the right move!
  • Principal's Advisory - Establishing a strong relationship between students and administration. 
  • Debate Club - If you can't convince them, confuse them!
  • Fitness Club - Hip to be fit!
  • Yearbook/Photography Club - Capturing life's little moments.
  • Robotics Club - Domo Ari Goto Mr. Roboto
  • Drama Club - Don't Keep Calm... Be DRAMATIC!
  • Art Club - Broken crayons still color!
  • Model UN - If you enjoy keeping up with current events around the world, debating issues you feel passionate about, networking with people across the city, learning how to talk about important world issues, work on your diplomatic skills and enjoy debate, Model United Nations at JCS will be for you! 

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