Ways to Get Connected

We know that students are most successful when we communicate and work together. We encourage you to email the person who is most directly responsible for the answer to your question. Because our work during the day is concentrated around our students, our goal is to get back to you within 48 hours on school days.

Please see the staff list on this website for emails and links to staffs' learning management systems.

First Contact | "Raven Time" Teacher

Your child’s staff advocate, "Raven Time" Teacher, is your first point of contact regarding any questions. Students will be assigned this "go-to" teacher by the end of September.

Second Contact

  • Subject Teacher - This teacher can answer specific questions about course outcomes, competencies, assignments and assessments.
  • Community Learning Leader - This leader can answer questions about community activities, philosophies, planning and assessments.
  • Success Centre - These professionals can advise on learning assistance/enrichment, support for English language learners, career/community resources (including post-secondary and scholarships). While our focus is on supporting academic success and well-being, our Success Centre staff can also help link to resources for personal, social, emotional or family issues.
  • Learning Commons - Staff in the learning commons can assist with access to technology and/or resources. 
  • Coach/Athletic Director - For questions about a specific team contact the teacher/coach directly. The Physical Education Learning Leader/Athletic Director can also be of assistance.
  • School Resource Officer - These members of the Calgary City Police work with our school/community and assist with matters of safety/security and conduct. Our SRO has yet to be determined, but  once we know who this, s/he can be reached by contacting the main office at 403-817-3600.
  • Business Office - See contact us page for contact information.

Third Contact | Administration

See administration on our staff page.  Note that administration will ask staff/students involved (again the people closest to the work) to provide information or attend meetings regarding your questions.

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