Learning a language empowers you to think, act and speak in diverse cultural settings and to move from one cultural setting to another with confidence. JCS offers classes in French and Spanish. Come join us!

International Languages Course Challenge Information

JCS students are invited to participate in the CBE's International Languages Course Challenge. It allows students who have taken immersion or bilingual programs in K-9 or are fluent in a language to earn school credit by challenging the 30 level language course. If successful, students would receive a final grade for the 30 level and passing credits for the 10 and 20 level. 

Languages Course Challenges offered this year include:

  • Arabic 35
  • Cantonese 35
  • French 30 - 9Y
  • French 30 - 3Y
  • German 30
  • Italian 30 (in collaboration with CCSD - students write at St Mary's High School)
  • Japanese 30 (in collaboration with CCSD - students write at St Mary's High School)
  • Mandarin 30
  • Filipino 35 (in collaboration with CCSD- students write at St Mary's High School)
  • Punjabi 30
  • Spanish 30 
  • Ukrainian 30

Students interested in challenging a language course are asked to review the process and dates outlined in CBE's Course Challenge Guide for Students and Families

Students wanting to participate in the fall Course Challenge must complete and submit the Language Course Challenge Consent Form (page 15) to Malynda Kouperman (Assistant Principal) by Thursday, October 12 at noon. The language challenge process will also take place again in early Spring, should a student choose to participate in the second semester (the consent form will be due February 8 for second semester challenges).

There will be an information meeting for students regarding the course challenge process on Tuesday, September 26 in room 3615 with Ms. Gilbertson and Ms. Alves. 

Please reach out to Ms. Gilbertson or Ms. Alves if you have any questions.

Good luck, Ravens!

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