Fine and Performing Arts

The fine and performing arts are for everyone, whether you choose to explore and develop a new interest or specialize in a current interest. Participation in the arts enhances your creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. 

Fine and Performing Arts Includes

  • Visual Arts: Art, Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Leadership in the Arts (LITA)
  • Dance: Dance, Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Jazz Dance, Dance Composition, LITA
  • Drama: Drama, Advance Acting & Touring Theatre, Directing, Technical Theatre, IB Theatre, LITA
  • Band: Concert/Symphonic Bands, Jazz Bands, Instrumental Music, LITA 
  • ChoirConcert/Chamber Choirs, Vocal Jazz, Girls/Guys Ensembles, Choral Music, LITA

LITA - Leadership In The Arts

This course is intended for any student who wishes to extend and demonstrate their understanding and growth as a student in the Fine Arts. The completion of LITA 35 is a requirement for those students who wish to obtain a Calgary Board of Education Fine and Performing Arts Certificate at the conclusion of their grade 12 year. 

Leadership in the Arts 35 allows students to purposefully reflect upon learning experiences in the Fine Arts disciplines as well as explore the possibilities of the process involved in preparing for the marketing and business aspect of being a professional artist. It is designed to address the skills needed in the preparation of a portfolio, as well as the personal and artistic skills required to enroll in post-secondary programs. 

Course Content/Learner Outcomes will include the following: 

  • Demonstrate confidence as an artist by striving for quality product and personal excellence. 
  • Develop the skills of observation and feedback as needed to show and articulate their own personal artistic style. 
  • Develop and improve the ability to offer and accept constructive criticism and apply it as a means of artistic growth. 
  • Increase awareness, through research, of professionals working in their chosen discipline. 
  • Engage and connect with the ideas of peers, professional artists, and critical 
  • friends working in their chosen discipline and others. 
  • Research a variety of resume styles for their chosen discipline. 
  • Culminate evidence of their work in a portfolio that is appropriate to their chosen discipline.
  • Maintain a personal journal outlining thoughts and opinions as well documenting and tracking time spent on various course assignments.
  • Performing artists must do an audition presentation in front of a panel made up of selected peers, artistic professionals and/or critical friends.
  • Visual artists must prepare a gallery showing.
  • Articulate personal development as an emerging artist by referencing the above work in an exit interview.

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