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The International Baccalaureate program is a rigorous pre-university course of studies taught in grades 11 and 12, and provides a well-rounded education meeting the needs of highly motivated students by promoting excellence, self-directed learning, responsible citizenship, and international understanding. 

Students study six academic subjects inside the school and participate in our CAS program (creativity, action, service) outside it.  The CAS program provides a chance for learning beyond books and also to develop as a person. Since the IB program requires students to do more work than other students, interested students should be aware of the significant academic challenge that IB poses. 

Since IB is a program for the last two years of a student’s high school experience, we have created a grade 10 honours program which we use as a foundation year in which students build the skills and attitudes necessary for grades 11 and 12.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have time to pursue extracurricular activities?
We use the IB program to develop well-rounded students, and it would be impossible to do that without extra-curricular activities. In fact, our CAS program (Creativity, Action, Service) ensures each student engages with the community and the world at large in their own way in order to become motivated and educated citizens. 

If I join IB, will my marks drop?
IB students are not penalized for participating in a more challenging academic program. Since all IB students also participate in the Alberta program of study, we use assessments based on these local courses to generate marks. While IB courses are in progress, all assessments count towards course marks, the final marks are generated with Alberta courses in mind. The underlying principle of IB at Diefenbaker is that no student will get lower marks for participating in a more challenging program of study. 

What are some benefits of joining IB?
IB develops a rigorous academic mindset, allowing for the development of strong studying habits and excellent time management skills. Having taken IB is an excellent advantage for students to manage the normally difficult transition between High School and University. Some universities offer first year credit for select IB courses, meaning you can sometimes skip first year courses if your marks are high enough. 

Can my IB marks be used to apply for University?
Students who are in IB have the opportunity to choose between using their IB marks or their Alberta marks in many Universities. There is often a section in the websites of IB accommodating universities (eg. University of Calgary, University of Alberta, McGill, Queens, etc) regarding IB students. IB students often receive special privileges unavailable to other students. For example, University of Alberta offers a priority access to course registration and residence application for IB Diploma students. 


Mr. Glenn Finockio - IB

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