Final Examination Rules

The Alberta Education Diploma examinations cannot be rescheduled but arrangements may be made to write the exam at the next sitting for the exam, which is in August.  

Please arrive to the school between 8:30-8:45 and make your way to your designated area.  Part A classrooms are organized alphabetically, and names are posted on glass inside Main Doors. Most Part B exams are in the Main Gym. 

Students must attend their diploma exams OR write in April to complete their course.

Exam Rules & Information 

Prohibited Items in any Examination 

According to Alberta Education, CBE and school policy, having the following objects on your person during a final examination is prohibited. Those caught will be expelled from the exam room immediately and have their mark invalidated (score of zero on the exam). 

None of the following electronic devices are allowed

  • Cellphones; Smart Watches; Ipods: Electronic organizers;
  • Digital Audio Player
  • Hand-held electronic dictionaries 
  • Any other portable electronic devices 

Please leave all of these items in your backpack or at home during exam time. 

Things to Bring for your Exam

Use this as a checklist for things to bring: 

  • Picture ID: needed for ALL exams especially diploma exams 
  • HB pencils, ideally mechanical to eliminate sharpening 
  • Pens are required for signing exam booklet 
  • Good quality white eraser 
  • Exams begin promptly at 9:00 a.m.  
  • All exams are secured. No leaving the exam area until one hour after the start of the exam, for any reason. 
  • No latecomers after 9:55 a.m. 
  • Comfortable clothing: Remember that coats are NOT allowed. Wear a sweater if you get cold easily or if you are writing in the gymnasium. 
  • Bottled water  
  • Please no nuts or nut products. 
  • For English/ELA Part A exams: You may be allowed the following print resources as long as they are free of any notes or handwriting. This will be checked:  
  • A print dictionary 
  • A thesaurus 
  • For Social Studies Part A exams: You may be allowed the following print resources as long as they are free of any notes or handwriting. This will be checked. 
  • A print dictionary, so long as it does NOT contain appendices that include social studies content (see below) 
  • A thesaurus 
  • Math and Science exams: rulers, protractors and an approved calculator provided that: 
  • the calculator is cleared back to original factory settings, free of any extraneous programs or built in notes. 
  • DO NOT bring your calculator cover. Leave it in your backpack, locker or at home 
  • ANY ATTEMPT to use a calculator containing inappropriate programs will result in that student's final exam being invalidated (given a mark of zero).  

Reminder to please return any outstanding textbooks or materials borrowed from the library before entering exam space.

Final Examination Regulations 

Exams are an important component to final assessments.  Attendance is Mandatory!

All students must be in attendance for final exams including in-class exams or a Zero Grade will result. Calling in sick during exams is not acceptable or excusable. A completed and signed doctor's certificate must be submitted and/or student in hospital, if a student does not attend, or a Zero Grade will result. 

  1.  All students must be prepared to provide a Student ID Card or a Drivers’ License with picture to write exams.
  2. Only approved, cleared calculators are allowed in Math/Science exams. Electronic devices such as cellular telephones, smart watches, mp3 players and other listening devices, PDAs, electronic dictionaries or translators, are not allowed in exam rooms. If found, you will be escorted out of the exam area by and administrator, and a Zero Grade will result for your exam.
  3. Course materials (e.g. texts) should be turned in before the beginning of an exam.
  4. No leaving of the exam room within the first hour of any exam. Please use the washroom prior to start of exam.
  5. Students must be present 15 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time.
  6. Students who arrive after 60 minutes have elapsed will NOT be allowed to write the exam. Extra time is not given to students who arrive late. Students must stay in their assigned test area for a minimum of 1 hour.
  7. Students must initial the attendance register. Students must sign out when finished the exam and record the time.
  8. All students can take up to twice the official time limit to write the diploma exam, if needed.
  9. Special provisions (accommodations) must have been arranged in advance by the Learning Strategist or ELL team.
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