Our Staff

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Tanis Greenlaw
Assistant Principal
Stephanie Brugos 


Teaching Staff

Andrea Bailey
Teacher - The Class, Learning Leader
Elise Brittain
Teacher – Grade 9 Humanities
Blaine Chapman
Teacher - Grade 8 Humanities
Alix Esterhuizen
Teacher - Humanities, Learning Leader
Jaryn Flower
Teacher - Grade 7 Math/Science
Crystal Hedeman
Teacher - Grade 8 Math/Science, Student Services
Cheyenne Henderson
Teacher - Grade 7 Humanities
Wendy Knight
Teacher - Grade 8 Humanities, Learning Leader

Cory Kremer
Teacher - Grade 9 Math/Science

Dan Lafferty
Teacher - Humanities, Learning Leader

Alana Marklinger
Teacher - Grade 9 Math/Science, Learning Leader
Dionne McLellan
Teacher - Grade 9 Humanities, Phys Ed

Stephen McIntyre
Teacher - Grade 8 Humanities

Maddie Mickler
Teacher - Band, Art, Grade 8 Humanities
Peter Mouland
Teacher - Foods, Phys Ed 
Vanessa Munroe
Teacher - Indigenous Learning Leader
Susan Pytka
Teacher - Humanities
Tim Van Kleeck  
Teacher, Grade 9 Math/Science
Nancy Williams 
Teacher – Grade 7 Math/Science, Student Services, Learning Leader 

Greg Wilpert
Teacher - Construction, Phys Ed

Derek Wolf
Teacher - Phys Ed
Carly Wood-Garvey
Teacher - Grade 8 Math/Science, Learning Leader 


Support Staff

Jamie Iatridis
Educational Assistant 
Maureen Donnelly
Behavior Support Worker
Tracey Karpa

Administrative Secretary

Peggy Leung
School Secretary
Leanne Stearn
Library Assistant



Mr. Frank Xin
Facility Operator

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