Student Showcase

2021 Indigenous Transition Ceremonies

On April 30, 2021, we were proud of our grade 9 students moving on to high school. To honor this transition, students and staff participated in the Grandmother Tea Ceremony and the Pipe Ceremony held online. Students and their families participated in ceremony with Elders, members of the CBE Indigenous Education team and school staff. 

In preparation for the Grandmother Tea Ceremony, our girls made their own ribbon skirts to wear to ceremony. Ms. Doyle was able to share important teachings about the significance of the ceremonial ribbon skirt, and with Mrs. Barr and other staff, students were able to sew their skirts and participate in smudge to prepare them for this important transition ceremony. 

2022 Chad Horn Award 

Each year, at the Remembrance Day assembly, a student is awarded the Chad Horn Memorial Award to a student who exemplifies the characteristics of former student, Chad Horn who lost his life in Afghanistan.

Chad Horn was a student here at John Ware from 1998-2001 who lost his life serving in the Canadian Armed forces in Afghanistan. His family has donated an award presented each year in his memory. The award is awarded to a grade 9 student nominated by a teacher and then selected by the staff, this student needs to reflected similar values to those demonstrated by Chad.

Chad was described as a person of integrity, selflessness, and dedication. He was an active citizen with a positive worldview. Chad was more concerned with how he affected the world rather than how the world affected him.


Winner: Maggie Vernon

2021 Grade 9 Awards 

Please read below to learn about the individual John Ware Awards and our current 2021 winners.

Gift of Art

The walls of our school are adorned with artwork created by former students. These pieces have become a part of a legacy here at John Ware. Each year, grade 9 students are invited to create and submit a piece of their art and the students in grades 7-9 vote for the piece that they feel is best to represent the year.

Winner:  Keymia Nielson

This year's challenge was to speak to the challenge of COVID-19 and the inner struggle we all face with difficult times.

Harry Thomas Citizenship Award

This award is for a student that is involved in society, beyond curricular requirements at the school level and / or at the local, national or global community level (organized extracurricular activities such as leadership, PE leadership, Farewell Committee, office help and the like). 


Throughout her time at John Ware, she could always be depended upon to help out, consistently donating so much of her own time and effort to the betterment of the school and the community. She is a person of honesty and integrity, consistently showing concern and a willingness to stand up for and help those in need. There is no better candidate to receive this award.

Melissa Garcia Fighting Heart Award

We all face challenges and overcome adversity throughout our lives, a difficult life lesson particularly at the junior-high level. The Melissa Garcia Fighting heart award is for a student that has demonstrated strong, personal development and determination in their lives and/or in their learning to reach their highest potential while at John Ware. 


Vicki Johnson Humanitarian Award

This award is for a student that demonstrates concerns with the rights and needs of others, doing what is right, acting morally and with wisdom (acts of charity, volunteering or philanthropy, both inside and outside of the school). This student consistently acts morally, is supportive of their peers, does what is honorable and can balance individual concerns with the rights and needs of others.


Audrey Kertesz Award

This award is for the student, who stands out above all others, who demonstrates an intensity of outstanding qualities in the areas of academics, character, personal development and citizenship in school and/or in the community. 


Laine McLeod Memorial Scholarship

Laine Alexandra McLeod was an outstanding student, who loved school and did her very best in all her endeavors. She was thoughtful of others, and was the first to step forward to help someone in need. The Laine McLeod Memorial Scholarship is a tribute to her and the personal characteristics for which she was known and loved: working hard to achieve scholastic excellence and a genuine sense of caring and sharing in her school community.


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