Preparing for High School

The transition for our students to high school starts months in advance.  Our school works with our designated high schools to arrange student orientation visits, program options, and coordinates registration.  Parents can get involved by visiting the school's open houses, and working with their student to choose the best courses for their learning path.  

As dates become available, they will be posted here.

With a few exceptions, John Ware students are designated to Henry Wise Wood High School. If students were accepted to John Ware as an out-of-area student, they would return to their designated high school upon completing Grade 9. 

See the 2022-23 High School Designations page to confirm your high school designation. 

We are interested in helping students in Grade 8 and 9 see their future in successfully transitioning to high school.  At John Ware, we will be intentional about helping students create goals and opportunities to strengthen their abilities and confidence levels. 

Please email the following transition team members with questions you may have about high school transition: 

Mrs. Esterhuizen, Teacher - Humanities, Learning Leader - alesterhuizen@cbe.ab.ca

o   Advanced Placement (AP)

o   International Baccalaureate (IB):  See here for an introductory letter from Henry Wise Wood  about their IB program and the IB Registration Booklet for your interest.

  • ·         Other resources, including Career Planning tools.

Next Steps:

1.      Review the information available to you now and record your questions.

2.      High schools are preparing open house presentations that will be available for parents starting as early as November. 

3.      High schools are planning live Question & Answer sessions to which you will be invited in January shortly after the presentations are made available.

4.      Recommendations for high school enrollment will be made in January by teachers based on Term 1 Report Cards and the guiding question:  Which courses offer the best pathway for success?

5.      Registrations will be coordinated at the school between our teachers and high school counsellors.  This is planned for early February. If you will be registered at high schools other than HWW, we will forward you information on how to register for courses at that time.

6.      Transfer request process, once updated, will have a hard deadline of mid-March.  Details to follow from CBE communications.

Wise Wood Presentation (Video playlist): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpNxlLDgReg&list=PLlf2BNshPzoKR2spcdOkZZymu34bflm2j

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