Preparing for High School

The transition for our students to high school starts months in advance.  Our school works with our two designated high schools to arrange student orientation visits, program options, and coordinates registration.  Parents can get involved by visiting the school's open houses, and working with their student to choose the best courses for their learning path.  

As dates become available, they will be posted here.

Most John Ware students are designated to Henry Wise Wood High School.  Families residing in Woodbine have a choice to either attend Henry Wise Wood or to attend Dr. E. P. Scarlett.  

There are also alternative programs of choice available.  Parents will need to investigate these possibilities independently, but our teachers / administrators are happy to provide our thoughts on these when asked.

Hello Ware Grade 9 Families,

In order to facilitate a smooth transition, it is imperative we have your accurate address prior to designating schools.  Please contact Jodie in the office to either change your address

Information sessions for students are being finalized for the end of January based on students' district of residence.  

From Dec. 4:

Like everything this year, communication and processes for transitioning to High School is different.  This is the beginning of the informational phase that includes general information, and some great links to help you get prepared for what high school registration will look like.

All Grade 9 students will be registered at their designated High School - this designation is determined by the student's current home address.  For the great majority of our students, the designated high school is Henry Wise Wood.   Woodbine community members have had the option of Henry Wise Wood or Dr. E.P. Scarlett high schools.

The system will be providing information any new information about the ongoing high school engagement process that could impact high school catchment boundaries, and the Out of Attendance Area transfer request process.

I encourage you to make time to explore the CBE High School Success page that includes

o   Advanced Placement (AP)

o   International Baccalaureate (IB):  See here for an introductory letter from Henry Wise Wood  about their IB program and the IB Registration Booklet for your interest.

  • ·         Other resources, including Career Planning tools.


Next Steps:

1.      Review the information available to you now and record your questions.

2.      High schools are preparing Open House on-line presentations that will be available for parents in January. 

3.      High schools are planning live Question & Answer sessions to which you will be invited in January shortly after the presentations are made available.

4.      Recommendations for high school enrollment will be made in January by teachers based on Term 1 Report Cards and the guiding question:  Which courses offer the best pathway for success?

5.      Registrations will be coordinated at the school between our teachers and high school counsellors.  This is planned for early February. If you will be registered at high schools other than HWW or Dr EPS, we will forward you information on how to register for courses at that time.

6.      Transfer request process, once updated, will have a hard deadline of mid-March.  Details to follow from CBE communications.

We anticipate there will be many questions.  For now, get the answers you can from the links provided above.  Ms. Watson and Mr. Patterson will be coordinating high school registrations for hub and in-person students. 

Stay tuned for additional information as it becomes available, David

Jan 21

Hello friends,

 Apologies for the length of this post, but it is all important information. 

 We are getting closer to the time when high school course recommendations go home, and high school registration takes place.  We have had presentations from both our major high schools, and those have been shared with you.  Next week there is a series of open houses for Dr. EP Scarlett High School for those interested.  Information is here:

 I just want to send out some clarifying information as there was some confusion with the emails sent out last weekend. 

 If you live in the following neighbourhoods your child is designated to Henry Wisewood:


Pump Hill








If you live in Woodbine or Woodlands, your student is dual designated between Dr. EP Scarlett and Henry Wisewood.  This means that you get the choice of which school to attend.  At the end of next week, an email will be going home to Woodbine parents asking for your school selection.  Please fill this out as it will formalize your family's choice. 


If you live in another neighbourhood not listed, your child's teacher should have reached out to you by now to verify the school that you will be attending.  If this has not happened or you need further clarification, please reply to this email. 


Once designations happen, recommendation/registration forms will be sent to you to fill out.  At this point, we will send more information out about the different streams available as well.


Students interested in doing AP courses (Scarlett) or IB courses (Henry Wisewood) should talk to their teacher about the courses they wish to do in those programs.  Both require an application form to be submitted to the respective high school, and information on both of these has been sent home to you previously.  If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out.


A few questions about high school transfers have come up recently.  At this point, we are not quite sure what the transfer process will be.  We just know that it will be done virtually this year.  Students must be registered at their home school before they are able to apply to transfer.  So if you are sure that you would like to transfer, please ensure that registration documents get back quick so that you can initiate that process.  We here at John Ware have nothing to do with that transfer process.  We will just provide the information we have when we get it.

 Find below two links, one for a video presentation for Henry Wisewood and one for Dr. EP Scarlett.  These were made for students in lieu of in person school tours.  


Thanks again for all you do.  Please reach out if you have any further questions.



 Zach Patterson 


Wisewood Presentation (Video playlist):



Scarlett Presentation (One video):



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