Welcome to the world of band! You will have the opportunity to learn to play one of the woodwind or brass instruments, plus percussion.  We welcome beginners as well as experienced musicians. Music is an integral part of our culture, and we are ready to explore music from all genres – classical, contemporary, rock, jazz, movie themes, and we will even learn to play by ear (without musical notes). In the Jazz Bands, the electric guitar, bass guitar, and piano are added to the wind instruments.

Each grade level will be more challenging than the previous year. We have a method book for each level, and the music performed will progress during the three years in Junior High. You will learn to read music, the basic techniques of your instrument, and to perform for others at our concerts. Music theory and rhythm will be incorporated in your classes regularly, with a hands-on approach.

Each year we will have an excursion. Grade 7 Band will go to camp for an overnight trip, to Camp Caroline. The Grade 8 & 9 Bands will have a two day trip to either Banff, or to Red Deer Festival and Edmonton. The trips alternate for the Senior Band (Grade 8 & 9). 

We regularly invite other professional musicians to come and work with the band students in either small groups, or for our large band rehearsals. At noon, we offer a Jazz Band and Percussion Class for the students that would like to participate.  All band students are welcome!

Course Content

Grade 7

Students are introduced to the woodwind and brass instruments. They learn the technique of playing that instrument, and also the basics of percussion, and reading music. We perform in full band, small ensembles, solos, Honor Band and Jazz Band. Grade 7 Band students attend a 2-day band camp off campus, with guest clinicians. Our performances are as a full band in December and June and in small ensembles for our Dessert night in the spring. Moreover, we perform for the Elementary students from Nellie McClung and Braeside schools. Students develop their abilities both as a team player, and as a leader.

Grade 8

Students will progress on their instrument; both in technique and in the difficulty of music. They will also increase their knowledge about different styles of music and music theory. Our performances include full Band Concerts, feeder school concert, performances for the students, and small ensemble and solo performances at Dessert Night. We travel off campus to a festival or participate in immersion style clinics in an overnight trip in the spring. Students increase their level of jazz band performance and their skills in arranging music for small ensembles, while developing their leadership skills in peer teaching.

Grade 9

Students will increase their level of performance on their instrument. Some students will learn a second instrument. Grade 9 students will take a leadership role in the full Concert Band and Jazz Band. Students can also attend Grade 7 Band Camp as a Student Leader. The Band will travel in Alberta to a band festival and public performance or attend an immersion style band clinic off campus for two days. Students will also increase their level of jazz band performance and their skills in arranging music for small ensembles.

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