Dress Code

Keeler School adheres to CBE Administrative Regulation 6010: Standards of Dress and Grooming.

We believe that respecting students as individuals is our highest priority. With input from students, parents and school staff, School Administration developed guidelines for dress at Keeler School. The working guidelines are as follows:
  • Dress guidelines apply equally to both male and female students and staff;
  • Students are responsible for their personal clothing choices;
  • Clothing will not contain inappropriate language for example demeaning, swearing, racist words;
  • Clothing must provide adequate coverage. Examples brought forward by students of clothing with inappropriate coverage include: short shorts, shirts with the sides cut out, or shirts with extreme plunging necklines;
  • The classroom teacher will be the primary contact for any discussions about dress;
  • Any conversation about dress should respect and honour the student individual need(s).

Student dress at school should be suitable for a wide range of learning activities. It should allow for comfort, ease of movement and freedom from distraction to yourself and peers in any learning situation. Just as there is a mode of dress that is suited to office work, to sports activities, or to various social or formal functions, there is also a mode of dress suited to classroom learning. Expectations for dress at school are intended to promote a positive learning atmosphere. All members of the school community are asked to support and respect these expectations.

Outdoor/Indoor Footwear

All students are expected to remove their outdoor footwear upon entering the building and to change to appropriate indoor footwear. Winter or rubber boots are advised especially for the younger children. It is mandatory that children have an extra pair of shoes for use inside the school. A pair of running shoes appropriate for gym use would be most suitable. This serves two purposes: one, it will provide safety for your child during gym time or during a fire drill; and two, it keeps our school floors in good condition. 

The weather we have in Calgary has caused some very wet and muddy school grounds. Children are slipping due to these conditions and their clothes are getting extremely wet and muddy. We do have some clothing in the office but would appreciate if parents could send extra socks or pants in children’s back packs so they are able to keep dry. 

Please label as many items of clothing and footwear as possible as this will help to prevent a build-up of unclaimed articles.

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