Jun 28
Summer has Arrived!

​This school year has been like no other; wearing masks, staying in cohorts, constant hand hygiene, learning from home and other measures that we undertook as we opened in September provided challenges that were very new to us.  Our students, parents and staff have been outstanding in meeting these challenges! 

I am grateful to our students for how they have risen to the occasion of learning during a pandemic.  Either learning from home or in person, students have shown great resiliency.  Their positive attitude and attention to following Covid-19 protocols helped make this year a success!  The student’s energy and excitement in the classroom and outside definitely helped everyone throughout the year.  Our students deserve a big thank you! 

I am grateful to our parents.  This year required flexibility and patience as we transitioned at different times from in person learning to at home learning.  Parents have always been an important partner in their child’s education, but this year, you were asked to go above and beyond! We thank you for your efforts! 

I am grateful to our staff.  Their professionalism and can do attitude greatly contributed to our success this year.  It has been inspiring to be part of the Kenneth D Taylor team as we navigated​ the challenges of teaching children during a global pandemic.  Our staff’s commitment to providing the best education possible, regardless of the learning conditions deserves a big thank you as well.   

We do not know what restrictions will be in place next year, but hopefully we will return in September with eased restrictions.  Regardless, we will be ready and look forward to seeing our students next year.  For students leaving Kenneth D Taylor, we wish you all the best in your new school.  I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful summer! 

Take care, 

Todd Faunt 



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