Jun 28
Farewell Message

This school year has once again presented challenges due to Covid-19, but like last year, we were up to the task.  We started the continued challenge of Covid-19 restrictions, but we persevered.  Our students, parents and staff have been outstanding once again in meeting these challenges!

I am grateful to our students for how they have once again risen to the challenges of learning during a pandemic.  Their positive attitude and attention to following Covid-19 protocols when needed helped make this year a success!  The student's energy and excitement in the classroom and outside definitely helped everyone throughout the year.  Our students deserve a big thank you!

I am grateful to our parents.  This year required flexibility and patience as we navigated the different stages of the health restrictions.  Keeping students home when needed and demonstrating patience as we progressed through the year was greatly appreciated.  Parents have always been an important partner in their child's education and we thank you for your efforts and continued support!

I am grateful to our staff.  Their professionalism and tireless energy greatly contributed to our success this year.  It has been inspiring to be part of the Kenneth D Taylor team as we navigated the challenges of teaching children during a global pandemic, especially during times of staff shortages due to pandemic related protocols.  Our staff's commitment to providing the best education possible, regardless of the learning conditions deserves a big thank you as well.

Our school community was excited for the easing of health restrictions as we entered the second half of the school year.  Students were able to participate in activities such as working with buddies, listening to in person guest speakers, a Stampede Breakfast, a school wide sports day, and hosting a volunteer tea.  These events definitely made the year feel more normal.  Our school staff is excited about next year and all the possibilities that a new school year brings!

This year, we have four teachers leaving Ken Taylor School.  Mrs. Tara Moore, currently teaching grade two, will be going to James Short Memorial School to teach at the Early Development Centre.  Mrs. Kaur, a grade two teacher will be finishing a temporary teaching contract on June 30. Ms. Tomiwa Adejuwon, who taught music to our students, will also be leaving us this year as her temporary contract ends on June 30. We will miss Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Kaur and Ms. Adejuwon and wish them all the best for next year.  Another teacher that we will miss next year is Mrs. Krahn.  Mrs. Dawn Krahn is retiring from teaching.  She has taught with the CBE for 34 years and we wish her all the best in future as she begins a new chapter in her life.  

For those students not returning to Ken Taylor School next year, we wish you all the best in your new schools.  For those who are returning, we are looking forward to great year with endless possibilities.      

​Take care and have a safe and enjoyable summer,

Todd Faunt


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