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Honouring the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (Orange Shirt Day)
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Engage on Draft K-6 Social Studies Curriculum
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  • Honouring the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (Orange Shirt Day)

  • Engage on Draft K-6 Social Studies Curriculum

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Principal's Message

Welcome to a New School Year!

​ We are excited to be welcoming our new and returning families for the 2023 – 2024 school year!  Our staff have been working diligently to prepare for the new school year and are excited to start September with all the possibilities a new year brings.
We have a number of new teachers joining our staff this year.  In Kindergarten, we have Mrs. Kapp and Mrs. Kawohl joining us.  Mrs. Kapp is filling in for Mrs. Steckly while she is on leave and Mrs. Kawohl is our new Learning Leader in Kindergarten. 
Also new to our staff teaching Grade 2 is Danielle Duncan, Timothy Ulph, Paige Pal and Evan Beckers.  Mrs. Duncan is coming to us from Citadel Park School and Mr. Beckers is coming from G.W. Skene School. Mr. Ulph is filling in for Mrs. Raybould-Amsing while she is on leave and Mrs. Pal is our new Learning Leader in Grade 2.
We have a two new staff member joining our Grade 3 and Grade 4 teams this year.  Coming to us from Brentwood School is Michelle Weaver.  Mrs. Weaver is teaching Grade 3.  Joining our Grade 4 team is Ms. Insiyah Baghdadwala.  Ms. Baghdadwala is filling in for Mrs. Bakkan while she is on leave.  Baghdadwala taught last year at our school covering two short term assignments.  Below are the teaching assignments for this school year:
Kylie Connors Onalee Meyers
Jacqueline MacNeill Jeanne Walz Kim St. Cyr Laura Witczak (Learning Leader) Michelle Lai
Grade 1
Courtney McDonald Danielle Duncan Evan Beckers Paige Pal (Learning Leader) Timothy Ulph
Grade 2
Lindsay Chmelyk Michelle Weaver Ryley Shaw Sara Scherschel (Learning Leader) Sylvia Njie
Grade 3
Cherlynn Jackson (Acting Assistant Principal) Insiyah Baghdadwala Joey Waters Temina Sayani
Grade 4
Denise Kapp Jane Stupak Lindsay Kawohl (Learning Leader)
Carissa Willis (Music) Kim Fraser (Learning Intervention) Stacy Schrattner (Physical Education)
 It's that time of year again when we need to be mindful of our driving and parking habits to ensure all of our students arrive safely and depart safely from school each day. We understand that many parents want to ensure their child knows where to go in the first couple of days of school and we expect increased traffic flow around the school this coming week. Please be patient!
To ease traffic congestion, we ask parents to use our “Hug and Go" drop off areas in front of the school and along Evanston View adjacent to the school fields.  The less time that a parent remains in the loading zones, the more vehicles can use the space.  In the mornings, students can enter the school at any door they wish.  Once students are familiar with the door they choose to enter the building, they are able to walk from the “Hug and Go" areas independently.  We encourage all families that choose to drive to school to use our loading zones in this manner.
Parents/Guardians must pick up at the front main door only.  Please keep your distance from the door a minimum of 5 m to allow students to dismiss out the doors.
Once again, welcome to Kenneth D Taylor!
​Sincerely, Todd Faunt Principal

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