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If a Student is Sick or has COVID-19 Symptoms
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Mask Guidelines for Students and Staff Now Available
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Hub Learning Update for Families
  • If a Student is Sick or has COVID-19 Symptoms

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  • Mask Guidelines for Students and Staff Now Available

  • Hub Learning Update for Families

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Dear Killarney Families,                                                                             October 19, 2020
What did the right eye say to the left eye?  - between us, something smells. Did you know we have a joke of the day during our morning announcements?  Student are encouraged to write their joke down, along with their name and room number and we eventually will share it!  Our morning announcements are one of the ways we connect as a whole school as it is a time when we hear what the highlights of the day will bring, anything upcoming, a joke of the day, a fun fact, birthdays, as well as thanks and gratitude. Again, students are welcome to give thanks and gratitude to anyone at the school they feel is deserving of the recognition.  We are very fortunate to have a roster of capable Upper Elementary students who volunteer to do the announcements for a week at a time.  We encourage you to ask your child about the morning announcements and what they enjoy or learn from them!
As the weather is beginning to shift into a more wintery mode we ask that you support getting your child to school on time. It is important for many reasons including when your child is late to arrive, they miss the important first minutes which allow them to regulate, calm, and prepare for day with their classmates. This small, but important factor supports emotional wellness through routines, preparedness, and socialization with the class community and sets your child up for success for the day! We all prefer to begin our day feeling capable and aware of what's going on so please set aside a few extra minutes to help your child arrive at school on time and ready to thrive.
You're invited to join the  Killarney Parent Council meeting Tuesday,  Oct.20 6:30 p.m, through Microsoft Teams Join on your computer or mobile app Click here to join the meeting
We look forward to “seeing" you!
Our final sharing is in response to the requests from families on how Montessori can be supported at home. We will be speaking to some specific concepts during the KPC meeting's Montessori Moment, but we'd like to share a couple of the big ideas of Montessori that are applicable in any context.
Independence:  we are always working towards our childrens' independence – allowing children to achieve success using their skills and knowledge. This tenet of Montessori education is grounded in understanding it is human nature to want to feel empowered and one of the ways to achieve this is through knowing each of us have the capacity to problem solve and do things for ourselves. One of the most influential statements heard from a renowned child Psychologist was “what is the worst thing you can give your child?"  - everything. Allowing your child to experience setbacks, disappointments, discomfort, frustration, allows him/her/them to develop key skills and traits that support growing independence.
Focus:  another important quality to foster in children is their ability to pay attention to what is going on. With so many distractions in our world, focus is becoming more challenging to nurture. The need to practice focus is why many of our Montessori materials are made with glass and other fragile materials. The natural learning comes when the child lacks focus and breaks a material. We recognize why, clean up, and hopefully, learn from the moment of distraction. It is a true disservice to our children not to build their ability to attend to lessons and tasks without interruption and the reason for our 3 hour uninterrupted work period. One of the foundational lesson in K is to have children walk around the room with a glass ½ filled with water on a tray. We also know activities like this support slowing down and being aware in the moment and this is where we need to be for our brains to be in optimal learning capacity!
The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wing of independence. – Maria Montessori
Peace and Gratitude,
Bonnie and Lucene

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Did you know that October is International Walk to School Month? (yes, even in the snow) Learn more and find school zone traffic safety tips from the @cityofcalgary’s Safe and Active Routes to School page: #yyc #WeAreCBE

RT @ArbourLake_CBE: Check this out!! This is one heck of a way to spend a summer!!! Nathan is one of our grade 7 HUB students.🦕🦖 We are so proud of you Nathan! Can’t wait to see what’s next in this great adventure. #CoyotePride @UsihChristopher @CbeArea1

Reminder | Don't forget your mask! Please make sure your child brings at least one mask to school each day. #WeAreCBE

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