Jun 30

Dear Killarney Families, 

As I write my final principal's message for Killarney School I wish to thank you for allowing me the privilege of being a part of your child’s educational journey. Over the course of the past few weeks, many of you have reached out to wish me good luck and to let me know I will be missed. What I want to share back is how much I will miss you and your children. I have been an educator for many years and I recognize just how special Killarney is but what makes it special are the people who are a part of it. I hope you always remember that together, we are a school community. One that fosters compassion, empathy, care. One that embodies peace and gratitude as per Maria Montessori. One that will nurture the very best in the world and for the world. And one I will always be proud to say I was a part of. 

Killarney families, thank you. I look forward to seeing where your children land in life and hope they will always embody: In a world where you can be anything….BE KIND. 

A reminder the office will reopen Aug 29th and the first day of school is Sept 1.

Have a safe and wonderful summer break!

With peace and gratitude, 


Jan 13
January 2022

"​childhood is not a race to see how quickly a child can read, write and count. Childhood is a small window of time to learn and develop at the pace which is right for each individual child."

As a public Montessori school, we take great pride in our understanding of caring for the whole child in: body, mind, spirit, and emotionally. Using beautiful Montessori materials our students learn and develop deep understandings through concrete experiences among a multi-age cohort. Our hope is they build relationships, independence, responsibility, and knowledge through daily interactions, learning and experiences that will serve their present and future needs.

As the principal at Killarney School, I have a strong commitment to know each and every student through daily connections. I observe our students to be leaders. They advocate for themselves and they ask relevant and genuine questions about the world around them. They recognize and own their actions and are cognizant how they can influence and impact others in both helpful and harmful ways. Killarney students are our hope and promise for tomorrow.

We have lived 2 years of uncertainty and under the cloud of a pandemic but 2 years has given us time to reflect on what is truly a priority. We have dealt with illness, constant shifts, changing rules and regulations, quarantining and isolating, and all that covid-19 has forced us to face yet through it all it has become 100% clear the heart of our existence remains in the relationships we have. Our priority at Killarney School has always been, and continues to be, relationships and as we look to adding to our school community with the 2022-23 Kindergarten expression of interest (formerly alternative program registration), we are excited to nurture relationships with new families and students.

With Gratitude,

Bonnie Caldwell​​

Aug 28
Welcome to the 2021-22 school year!

Dear Killarney Families,

              We wish to extend a warm welcome to the 2021-22 school year. The staff at Killarney are excited to begin the year and look forward to seeing everyone next week. We hope you had a restful summer and enjoyed the warmth and sunshine.

We have a few updates we would like to share.

Adjusted bell times currently include staggered soft entry and dismissal as well as outside cohorting to accommodate for our Covid-19 protocols:



8:50/8:55 Soft entry and K am entry

8:58 Instruction begins

11:53 K dismissal

12:00-12:21 Lunch

12:21-12:43 Lunch

12:43-1:04 Lunch

12:37 K pm entry

12:45 Instruction begins

3:35 K dismissal

3:35/3:40 Gr 1-6 dismissal


8:55 Soft entry / K entry

8:58 Instruction begins

12:25 K dismissal

12:30 Gr. 1-6 dismissal

*Starting Thursday, Sept 2 the following rooms will enter at 8:50:  1, 2, 4, 10, 12, 14

The following rooms will enter at 8:55:  3, 5, 6, 7, 11, 13, 17 

              Dismissal doors will have room signs on them so please look for your child's room number when picking them up

              As we prepare for our first day with students on Wednesday, September 1 the following information will help you and your child for day 1:

    • Your child's teacher will contact you (email) to welcome your child and introduce themselves prior to Tuesday
    • For the first day only, all students will meet their teacher on the field(s). There will be a sign and the teacher will be waiting in a designated spot.
    • Students should arrive with inside shoes, lunch (if they are staying) and a water bottle
    • Class specific details will be shared by your teacher at a later time

**Kindergarten will begin this week with the staggered entry schedule provided last June.

If your child is late (after 8:58), please use the front doors and have your child head to the office for a late slip. If your child will be absent please call the office 403-777-8360 and leave a message with child's name and reason for absence.

We are pleased to welcome some new members to the Killarney staff as well as share some staffing changes:

Admin Team

Bonnie Caldwell Principal

Rita Traxler Assistant Principal

Leadership Team

Claire Laing Chan Learning Leader

Judy McBrien Learning Leader

Tessa Ethier Lead Teacher

 Teaching Staff

Kim Hubbard K

Sharla Sawatzky K

Dorie Legat Gr. 1,2,3

Katrina Cuvelier Gr. 1,2,3

Claire Laing Chan Gr. 1,2,3

Fallon Squire Gr. 1,2,3

Courtney Merritt Gr. 1,2,3

Alison Potekal Gr. 1,2,3

Carrie Rycroft Gr. 1,2,3

Judy McBrien Gr. 1,2,3

Megan Crowe Gr. 4,5,6

Odetta Neitz Gr. 4,5,6

Angie Tolton Gr. 4,5,6

Melissa Loewen Gr. 4,5,6

Tessa Ethier Gr. 4,5,6 / Lead Teacher

Sharon Thiessen Gr. 4,5,6

Jen Honing Support

Lia Sousa Music

Support Staff

Sandy Norris Admin Secretary

Susan Webb School Assistant

Joanne Wilson Education Assistant

Jessica Mabley Education Assistant

Tracy Loewen Lead Lunch Supervisor

Grizelda Garin Lunch Supervisor

Patricia Parades Lunch Supervisor

Lucy Knight Lunch Supervisor

Mel Phipps Lunch Supervisor

Anjum Khan Library Assistant

Ed Beaven Facility Operator

TBA – day cleaner

              We will be following the CBE guidelines regarding Covid-19 safety and hygiene protocols. Please refer to the CBE website for Covid-19 information:  https://cbe.ab.ca/news-centre/Pages/2021-22-school-re-entry-information.aspx

If  you have specific questions relating to Killarney School, please contact Bonnie Caldwell at blcaldwell@cbe.ab.ca

We thank you for your continued belief and support in our Montessori program and anticipate a wonderful year ahead!

With Gratitude,

Bonnie Caldwell - Principal


Aug 20
August Update

Dear Killarney Families,

Another school year is on the horizon and we know it will be THE BEST ONE YET! We know there are a few uncertainties but please know we are partners on this journey and will work together to ensure a successful school year for your child. We will be sending out a more detailed message later next week so thank you for your patience.

As you are aware, CBE Learn has reopened their registration process. For more details we suggest you refer to the CBE website as it houses all the information available so you can make the most informed decision possible. If you are considering  registering your child with CBE-learn I ask that you contact me via email at blcaldwell@cbe.ab.ca. I am also available to chat next week at 403-777-8360 ext 2123 if you have any questions.

We wish you a wonderful remaining days of summer and look forward to seeing everyone on Sept. 1.

With gratitude,

Bonnie Caldwell - Principal

Killarney School


Feb 16
February 15

Dear Killarney Families,                                                           Feb 15, 2021

Happy Family Day! We would love to hear from you (via email to Bonnie or Lucene) how you are honouring the day. Bonnie did a daytrip to her childhood playground in the Crowsnest Pass and it brought a flood of memories of family members dearly missed. It also brought great joy to be outside among nature's best in the mountains of southern Alberta. Lucene enjoyed a getaway weekend in the mountains closer to home with her family. She, too, enjoyed the fresh air and time with her young adult children and husband! However you spent the day, we hope you took some time to do what makes you happy with those who make you happiest!

We have officially reached the midpoint of the school year! With so many things already accomplished, we also have so many things yet to tackle.

Thank you, KPC, and generous parents for the love-ly treats last week! What a wonderful surprise to find popcorn and cookies in the staffroom on the coldest of days. Your thoughtfulness warmed our hearts and we greatly appreciated you thinking of us! * note:  Leah M's maple sugar cookies were absolutely binge-worthy!

The staff enjoyed a couple of days of great learning at convention last Thursday and Friday. With so many presentations available through an online format, our days were full!  We know everyone has brought something back to implement in classrooms from regulation strategies to reading interventions.

KPC Update:

Mark your calendars: Next KPC monthly meeting is next Tuesday, February 16th, 2021. (Click here to join the meeting).  All Killarney families are welcome and encouraged to attend.  This month's meeting will feature an update from Mrs. Caldwell and Mrs. Tahmazian, teacher presentations from Mrs. Laing-Chan, Ms. Sawatzky, and Ms. McBrien, and an update on Killarney's 150th Legacy Project.  KPC Treasurer, Sharlene C. will also present the 2020-21 KPC budget followed by a "Montessori Moment" from Mrs. Caldwell.

Volunteers needed: We are actively seeking volunteers to help with the Legacy Project and to represent Killarney School/KPC at Montessori Alternative Public School Society (MAPSS) and Council of School Council (COSC) meetings.  These monthly meetings are all held virtually throughout the school year.

Stay in touch: for more information about the Killarney Parent Council, opportunities to get more involved and/or to find out how we are supporting our children, teachers and families at Killarney School, please check us out at:

Wishing you a happy, healthy February!

**A reminder to respect our neighbours and staff by not parking in front of driveways on the north side of the school or in the staff parking lot.

Montessori Moment:

 To be part of our Montessori alternative program means having the belief that your child will thrive academically, socially, emotionally, and personally during their time with us at Killarney School. For our staff, Montessori isn't just a teaching methodology or philosophical belief. Montessori is who we are. It is part of the fabric of our school, the essence of our being.  To be a Montessori student, teacher, or parent means our beliefs and values are grounded in the education of the whole child. We have included a link below for parents to consider how the work you do on a daily basis is already the work of a Montessori parent!


We hope to see you tomorrow (Tuesday) evening at our virtual KPC meeting!

With Gratitude,

Bonnie and Lucene


Feb 01
Fabulous February

Dear Killarney Families,                                                                         February 1, 2021

We made it through January! A new year brings a fresh beginning and February is when we really dig deep and action true changes. It is also one of the most peaceful months in a school with the busy-ness of report cards, re-establishing routines and norms, and the longest, darkest days of the season behind us.

This month we see our first report cards for this year, being shared. They will be available for viewing on Friday, Feb 5 @ 4:00. Check out the link below for more information about what report cards are really saying.


We extend a warm welcome back to 9 of our HUB students on Monday! Teachers and children are set to greet their newest (or returning) classmates into in-person learning!  We have missed the children and look forward to them joining their class communities.  Thank you to parents of children who remain in HUB, for your continued partnership and support.

We are looking for some volunteers to help hang baubles on the chainlink fence beside the Peace Garden. Students have written notes of kindness and belonging for passerby's to read and enjoy. If you are able to spend an hour or so on Monday, Feb. 8 at 9:15 please sign up at:


Montessori Thoughts

Winter is a season of the year when we feel most vulnerable and fragile in the face of Mother Nature's power in storms and low temperatures. And this year we may be feeling isolated and in solitude.  It is a beautiful thing to acknowledge and receive what others give us with great gratitude. Here are some ways to do this with your children:

  • Think about and be thankful for all the service providers who make it possible for us to ride in elevators, make phone calls, read a book at night in a lighted room, or have food or supplies delivered. Too often, we take this support for granted.
  • During a meal, choose one food item and try to list all the people who helped bring it to your table — the farmers, truckers, store managers, package makers, and even those who created the roadways that facilitated its movement from one place to your table.
  • Make a habit of acknowledging one “gift" you have received at the end of each day. 


We encourage all to embrace the month ahead as it is a month of friendship, kindness, and love!

With Gratitude,

Bonnie and Lucene​

Jan 11
2021 is Our Year!

Dear Killarney Families,                                                                        January 11, 2021

We welcome the return of our students and staff on Monday with great joy and full hearts! Although there are many great things about online classrooms the crucial human connection is missing. Maria Montessori once stated what makes humans different from all other lifeforms on this planet are our brains and our hearts - the ability to think and the ability to love. We definitely feel the absence of others in our hearts and look forward to the days when we can get together wherever and whenever we wish.  2021 is our year!

Thank you for supporting your child(ren) through their online learning. Teachers put great time and effort into each day and were thrilled to “see" as many of their students as there were during class meetings. Special shout outs to the children who did some extra time with various support staff who went above and beyond their regular duties to ensure students were successful. Last week was a good indication of how learning would take place in the event a class or classes had to quarantine for the 14 days due to Covd-19.

Monday, January 11 (tomorrow) is the first day for Kindergarten registration. If you have a child who will turn 5 by December 31, 2021, they are eligible to attend Kindergarten this Fall. It is important to submit a registration form before Feb. 10, 2021 (our lottery date). More information on Kindergarten registration and access to the forms can be located at https://cbe.ab.ca/registration/registration/Pages/Kindergarten-to-Grade-9.aspx or just head to our school website.

Report Cards will be open for viewing on Friday, Feb 5th at 4:00.  We will share more information about the report card in the upcoming Weekly Updates.​

             As previously shared, we did have some positive covid cases occur during the Winter break and a message regarding impacted classes was in emails sent from the CBE team. Killarney's status was deemed to be an outbreak as AHS declares a COVID outbreak when there are two positive cases within a 14 day period. AHS has informed us that this outbreak has now been declared over, as Killarney has had no new school cases since before the winter break.' Should 2 or more cases occur within a 14 day period of each other from the same school, a new outbreak will be declared for the site – and the outbreak will remain open for 28 days from the last onset of a case in that school. We thank those individuals for their openness and honesty in sharing the positive test results with us as it supported a timely response.  Please remember to do the daily screening with your child before sending him/her/them to school and always to err on the side of caution. More information on Covid-19 and the screening tool is located on the CBE website   https://cbe.ab.ca/about-us/school-culture-and-environment/health-and-wellness-in-school/Pages/coronavirus.aspx

Also please refer to the following if you traveled during the break:

Return to School After International Travel

Students and families who have travelled outside of Canada are legally required to follow all provincial and federal travel restrictions upon arrival.

If your family is participating in the International Border Testing Pilot Program, your child may not return to school until they have tested negative on a second test 6 or 7 days after your arrival.

If you are not enrolled in the pilot program, your child must:

This means your child is unable to return to school for a minimum of 14 days after your return. ​

We will be hosting an “Open House" through an online platform in the upcoming weeks. Our school website will have information about our new format Open House. Watch for it on Friday! Please let perspective families know and that all are invited to learn more about what makes Killarney a wonderful school and Montessori a wonderful alternative program.

Our Lost and Found will be in the courtyard all this week in the am and pm. All unclaimed items will be donated to goodwill on Friday afternoon. We will ask teachers to take their class to do a once-over sometime during the week.

We look forward to a very busy January with the buzz of learning and the laughter of the children! Stay well and remain connected!


With Peace and Gratitude,

Lucene and Bonnie

Nov 15
Nov 16

Dear Killarney Families,                                                                         Nov 16, 2020


We had another lovely week of learning and honoured our veterans with a moving Remembrance Day virtual assembly. Orchestrated by our talented Mrs. Harvie, our assembly began with our acknowledgement of the land, a signing of Oh Canada, and the children demonstrating their gratitude for the service of others through a choral reading of In Flanders Field. A reminder to walk around the perimeter of the school to take a peek at the artwork in the windows.

The lost and found tables will be placed in the courtyard area on Wed/ Fri for the month of November.  There are many items so be sure to peruse the tables.  A way to help avoid lost items is to label your child's belongings so we can be sure they are returned.


In response to our increasing Covid cases in Calgary, we are increasing our safety protocols to ensure we are doing all we can in support of the health and safety of our school community.  We ask that parents remain outside the school at all times. If your child is late to arrive please ring the bell to the left of the front door and remain outside while your child enters the school.  If you are picking up your child early at dismissal, call ahead so we can contact your child and have him/her/them ready and once you arrive, ring the bell to the left of the front door and remain outside while we walk your child to you.  Parents are no longer asked to sign their child out in the sign out book.  We thank you for your understanding and your vigilance as we navigate through this unprecedented time.


Killarney Parent Council meets on Tuesday @ 6:30.  Ms. Thiessen and Mrs. Neitz are our teacher reps and will share some of the great things happening in Rooms 11 and 14.  Please use the link to access the meeting: Title: Killarney Parent Council Meeting
Join on your computer or mobile app
Click here to join the meeting

Please see the message below from our MAPSS representatives:

Hello Montessori families,

This year, MAPSS (Montessori Alternative Public School Society) has several key Board member positions available and we are looking to fill them immediately. 

Are you interested in participating on a Board that supports all 3 CBE Montessori schools in Calgary?

MAPSS is holding our AGM on November 19th at 7PM where Board members will be elected.  Please join us by clicking:  https://meet.google.com/tcy-isrh-uvj?hs=122&authuser=3

Join us and we will introduce you to the Board members, share details of Board positions so you can learn if being a Board member is a great fit for you.  
Key positions include President, Secretary, Treasurer, Charitable Director and Communication roles. 

MAPSS recognizes our three diverse Montessori schools as one Montessori family. Our intention is to have families from each school represented on the Board as we continue to raise funds that go directly to all three Montessori schools. 

Please consider joining us for the AGM on November 19th at 7PM.

 If you are unable to attend our AGM and want more information or are interested in a position, please email events@mapss.ca and a Board member will contact you before the AGM. 


We also wish to extend our heartfelt thank-you to MAPSS for providing each student with a rubberized working mat so they can work on the floor with the Montessori materials.


We have a PD on Friday so students are not in attendance at school.


Our Montessori values are always grounded in developing the whole child and we do that in our curricular and extended curricular contexts including: the Cosmic education curriculum, Peace Education, and Service work. One of the ways we help to build resilience in our children is to highlight and encourage our part in the larger picture. Our extended curricular contexts are what allow us to grow our own strengths and to better realize who we are. Maria Montessori articulated, “We shall walk together on this path of life, for all things are part of the universe and are connected with each other to form one whole unity." —taken from To Educate the Human Potential. Although we are no longer able to participate in our monthly Friday service work, we can still do what we can to help others in a different way. We have attached a video by Wab Kinew and regardless of anyone's political preference, we appreciate his message of each of us contributing to the greater community as an act of love. 



With Gratitude,

Bonnie and Lucene​

Nov 08
Nov 9

Dear Killarney Families,

              Establishing lasting peace is the work of education. – Maria Montessori

A huge thank you to Andrea P. and Leah M., our Killarney Parent Council Co-Chairs, for the supplies for our Remembrance Day art projects!  We welcome all families to do an Art Walk around the school to see what the classrooms have created as part of our work in remembrance of our Canadian troops. As a Montessori school our belief is in Peace Education with our children as part of the Montessori curriculum.  We will be holding a virtual assembly on Tuesday with a minute of silence at 11:00. HUB students will be sent a link to join Killarney's assembly. If your child belongs to a Girl Guide, Boy Scout, Cub Scout, Sparks, or other related organization, he/she/they are welcome to wear the uniform on Tuesday. A reminder there is no school on Wednesday, Nov. 11th.

We are so very fortunate to be supported by 2 Parent Councils. Our Montessori Alternative Public School Society supports growing our Montessori programs at all 3 public Montessori schools. Please see the following message from  MAPSS:

Hello Montessori families,

This year, MAPSS (Montessori Alternative Public School Society) have several key Board member positions available and are looking to fill immediately. 

Are you interested in participating on a Board that supports all 3 CBE Montessori schools in Calgary? Key positions include President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Communication roles. 

MAPSS is hosting a Q & A opportunity this Thursday, at 7 PM, to share more about MAPSS, introduce the Board members, share details of Board positions so you can learn if being a Board member is a great fit for you. Please join us by clicking:  meet.google.com/tcb-kand-gud  

After the Q&A opportunity, MAPSS is holding our AGM on November 12 at 7PM where Board members will be elected. 

MAPSS recognizes our three diverse Montessori schools as one Montessori family. Our intention is to have families from each school represented on the Board as we continue to raise funds that go directly to all three Montessori schools. 

Please consider joining us for the Q&A session and for the AGM the next week.                  If you are unable to attend the upcoming Q&A opportunity and want more information, please email events@mapss.ca and a Board member will contact you before the AGM. --



Kolby Klimack, President

Montessori Alternative Public School Society

Email: president@mapss.ca


Our lost and found is more lost than found right now so we will be putting tables in our courtyard with lost belongings for parents to check out.  We ask that only articles that you are taking be touched.  The table will be placed outside in the morning and left until after dismissal at 3:50. 

Thanks to Ms. Reinhardt, Mrs. Tolton and Ms. Hubbard for “meeting" with our new Spirit Day Leaders in brainstorming ideas for future spirit days!

We will be completing our Our School Survey with our HUB Gr. 4, 5, 6 students later this week and will send those students information on how and when to access the survey. We will support the children in completing the survey during this synchronous session and look forward to “seeing" the kids!

Do you wonder what we do on Friday afternoons?  This valuable time is dedicated for staff professional learning.  Each Friday we participate in different groupings depending on the focus. We have a Professional Learning Community (PLC), Team meeting (K Team, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary), Montessori Community of Practice, and Whole Group meeting/Professional Development. The work we do on Friday afternoons always peels back to our priority focus: how can we improve each child's school experience through rich learning opportunities? 

This week we'd like to share some thoughts on The Gift of Boredom: Why doing “nothing" encourages creativity and development of higher level thinking.

This will give your children the needed space for unwinding, relaxing, and maybe even experiencing “the gift of boredom."

Kim John Payne, author of Simplicity Parenting, works with thousands of parents every year toward simplifying their children's lives with regard to “environment, rhythm, schedules, and filtering out the adult world" (p. 19).  He believes “Boredom is often the precursor to creativity… Instead of always being scheduled or entertained, children get creative. They begin building a world of their own making" (p. 141).  He believes so strongly in the power of boredom that he has a habit of prescribing it 3 times a day to parents of young children as a necessary and valuable part of any child's day.

Access to technology, organized activities, and busy schedules have diminished the opportunity for children to “do nothing" which has repercussions on their ability to focus, brain development, and level of physical activity which are all important factors in their growth. 

If your child approaches the time with loathing or resistance, Payne suggests you can simply say, “Something to do is right around the corner."  Imagine what your child might do or create or imagine, given the opportunity to have a wide open mental canvas with nothing dictating what they should do. 

We have included a link to a short video on how to “Montessori" at home in response to requests.


Have a wonderful week!

Bonnie and Lucene



Oct 18
What's Up?

Dear Killarney Families,                                                                             October 19, 2020

What did the right eye say to the left eye?  - between us, something smells. Did you know we have a joke of the day during our morning announcements?  Student are encouraged to write their joke down, along with their name and room number and we eventually will share it!  Our morning announcements are one of the ways we connect as a whole school as it is a time when we hear what the highlights of the day will bring, anything upcoming, a joke of the day, a fun fact, birthdays, as well as thanks and gratitude. Again, students are welcome to give thanks and gratitude to anyone at the school they feel is deserving of the recognition.  We are very fortunate to have a roster of capable Upper Elementary students who volunteer to do the announcements for a week at a time.  We encourage you to ask your child about the morning announcements and what they enjoy or learn from them!

As the weather is beginning to shift into a more wintery mode we ask that you support getting your child to school on time. It is important for many reasons including when your child is late to arrive, they miss the important first minutes which allow them to regulate, calm, and prepare for day with their classmates. This small, but important factor supports emotional wellness through routines, preparedness, and socialization with the class community and sets your child up for success for the day! We all prefer to begin our day feeling capable and aware of what's going on so please set aside a few extra minutes to help your child arrive at school on time and ready to thrive.

You're invited to join the  Killarney Parent Council meeting Tuesday,  Oct.20 6:30 p.m, through Microsoft Teams
Join on your computer or mobile app
Click here to join the meeting

We look forward to “seeing" you!

Our final sharing is in response to the requests from families on how Montessori can be supported at home. We will be speaking to some specific concepts during the KPC meeting's Montessori Moment, but we'd like to share a couple of the big ideas of Montessori that are applicable in any context.

Independence:  we are always working towards our childrens' independence – allowing children to achieve success using their skills and knowledge. This tenet of Montessori education is grounded in understanding it is human nature to want to feel empowered and one of the ways to achieve this is through knowing each of us have the capacity to problem solve and do things for ourselves. One of the most influential statements heard from a renowned child Psychologist was “what is the worst thing you can give your child?"  - everything. Allowing your child to experience setbacks, disappointments, discomfort, frustration, allows him/her/them to develop key skills and traits that support growing independence.

Focus:  another important quality to foster in children is their ability to pay attention to what is going on. With so many distractions in our world, focus is becoming more challenging to nurture. The need to practice focus is why many of our Montessori materials are made with glass and other fragile materials. The natural learning comes when the child lacks focus and breaks a material. We recognize why, clean up, and hopefully, learn from the moment of distraction. It is a true disservice to our children not to build their ability to attend to lessons and tasks without interruption and the reason for our 3 hour uninterrupted work period. One of the foundational lesson in K is to have children walk around the room with a glass ½ filled with water on a tray. We also know activities like this support slowing down and being aware in the moment and this is where we need to be for our brains to be in optimal learning capacity!

The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wing of independence. – Maria Montessori

Peace and Gratitude,

Bonnie and Lucene


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