Naturalization Area

Our school, school council and wonderful volunteers have worked tiredly over the years to create a wonderful outdoor learning environment for our students. We believe in our kids, our school and our community in nurturing a sense of giving and belonging. 

1996 - 2019

Formerly an asphalt courtyard, the nature grounds now occupies over 1/3 of the area and is used for social and learning opportunities. View the story.

Highlights of Our Grounds

  • Forest Ecosystem - working with nature in creating a sustainable natural ecosystem 
  • Buffalo Jump Archaeology Site - students can dig in the bark mulch to discover a bison skeleton and more...
  • Erratic Trail - boulders were placed along our asphalt walkway to mimic the foothills erratic trail
  • Pioneer Picnic Site - a seating area for our classes (and the community) with tables and seating for 24
  • Metal Sculpture- This project engaged a noted Calgary metallic sculptor to work with the school’s children and created an evocative piece of public art on the school site. The sculpture celebrates the natural features of the short-grass prairie on which King George school was founded in 1912, as one of Calgary’s original sandstone schools. The design evokes the rich texture of prairie ecology and includes a bison rubbing against an erratic boulder, a red tailed hawk, a weasel, a sulphur chrysalis butterfly, a trembling aspen bowing under the pressure of a Chinook wind and a symbol of native spirituality.
  • Patience Garden - a small tree nursery developed to hold ten Larch saplings
  • Butterfly Garden - located in our east learning grounds
  • The Secret Spaces of King George School - Les recoins perdus de l'école King George

Innovation & Ideas for the Future

We are always striving to create ways for our students to develop and learn. 

  • Imagine a Tipi in our bison wallow area, telling the stories of our natives
  • Weather Station - students can study the weather and impact on our environment
  • Curriculum links to our forest ecosystem
  • Chefs and nutritionists
  • Active living –yoga, nature play, mental health
  • Developing a King George community of volunteers – character development
  • Historical significance – the future impact of our nature grounds
  • Connection to the community 
  • Curriculum Design Forest Ecosystem - Proposal
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