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Today’s learners cannot imagine life without the internet and supporting technology. The concept of the traditional library is changing to include technology, online tools and spaces for collaboration and exploration.​​​

Learning Commons / Library

New Process to Order and Receive Library Books

Option 1 (preferred method)

  • Click on eLibrary and log in
  • Fill out the form and click on submit

That's all there is to it - you can even do this from home.

Mme Val will deliver your books to your classroom.

Option 2 (if option 1 doesn't work)

  • Do a search in eLibrary.
  • Send Mme Val an email with the following information:
  • Your first and last name
  • Your CBE Student ID Number
  • Title of the Book – found in eLibrary
  • Author of the Book – found in eLibrary
  • Call Number of the Book – found in eLibrary

Email: Library-221@cbe.ab.ca

How to do an Online Search for Library Books at Home

  • Click on: CBE elibrary or use this link: https://ims.cbe.ab.ca/uhtbin/cgisirsi/?ps=S6rYbFOVCX/AAAERS/X/60/1182/X 
  • Student ID Login (username) and password
  • Search - Type in words, title or author- Choose (default) Here for King George’s Library or if you have not logged in, you must select King George t define your library- Click on search 
  • To see which books you have signed out currently, click my account and then review my account
  • To make a request for a specific book, click on using elibrary on the blue search bar. Then click on Library book requests, the last one on the list. Scroll down to page 2 and find King George on the list of schools. Once you click on our link, it will take you to a form to fill out with the book title and author and call number as well as your name and teacher and grade. When you click submit, it will be sent directly to Mme Val and she will sign your book out to you and bring it to you in class. Happy reading!
  • Log out when you have finished


Booking the Telescope

  • Normal booking for the telescope is from Tuesday to Sunday – return to the library for a check-up no later than Monday.
  • To book the telescope, please email the general mailbox at KingGeorge@cbe.ab.ca
  • This is not a small package and careful handling by an adult is needed. Your commitment to this booking is important as other families are waiting for their turn.
  • A release of liability (under Resources on this page) must be signed by the adult responsible for the pick-up of the telescope.
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