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French Resources

Here are some sites that you can use at home with your child to support their Literacy development in French. We recommend that you explore those sites on your own before doing the activities with your child.

Other Resources

Enjoy These Challenging Digital Breakout EDU!

A Day at the Park - Topic: Using Money

  • Content: Elementary Math - Using Money
  • Recommended Ages: Grades 1-4

Ants, Ants, Ants - Topic: Digital Game

  • Content: Storytime
  • Recommended Ages: Elementary

Aquarium Confusion - Topic: Animals, Ocean Survival

  • Content: Animals, Ocean Survival
  • Recommended Ages: Grades 2-6

Brad the Builder (Digital) - Topic: Early Elementary Math: Number Sense

  • Content: Math, Number Sense & Counting
  • Recommended Ages: Grades K-2

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BREAKOUT edu Links:

VIDEO | Mindset Kit | Explain the Neuroscience

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