Going Green

Grade 3 & 4 Students at Lake Bonavista School are excited to share two action projects for the LBS Community to engage in. These action projects were generated from their studies around Waste and our World. Students want to share the message that everyone can make a difference through environmental stewardship.

Big Mouth Bin

The Big Mouth Bin Initiative helps raise awareness on the importance of recycling and reusing unwanted textiles. We invite the LBS community to collect and drop off unwanted textiles (ripped/old clothing, shoes, purses, belts… anything fabric) in the Big Mouth Bin throughout the school year. A Big Mouth Bin has been placed on the East Compound. Did you know that by putting unwanted textiles in the bin it will give the textiles a second life? You would be surprised at what new product your unwanted textiles could turn into!

Gorillas on the Line

Supporting the Calgary Zoo’s “Gorillas on the Line” initiative, we are collecting any broken, used or unwanted handheld electronic device(s) (cellphones, iPods, iPads, tablets, mp3 players, chargers and accessories) to spread awareness on the importance of electronic recycling. All electronics collected will be delivered to the Calgary Zoo. The mining of ores that are used to make new cellphones contributes to habitat loss and the endangerment of gorillas. When we reduce, reuse, then recycle our electronic devices, we lessen the demand for coltan and help protect gorillas in the wild. 

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