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Classroom Blogs/Google Classrooms

Each classroom will have an online Google Classroom to support student learning. Teachers have either a Classroom Blog or a Classroom Instagram account in order to communicate with parents. 

The links to each Google Classroom require a student-specific username and password to access the Classroom. Teachers will share this information accordingly, based on the needs of each classroom.

We also use emails via SchoolMessenger to communicate important information. Please add us to your contacts to avoid our emails going to the wrong folders. The teacher’s email link is included below and can be used by parents and guardians to communicate confidentially with their child’s teacher. 

Class TeacherSocial Media
Miss Suzee
Miss Schlegel
Kinder AM/PM TBD
Grade 1-2 Room 8M. GreenhallRoom 8 Blog
Grade 1-2 Room 9P. Adamson
Grade 1-2 Room 10P. Green@pngreen_lbs
Grade 1-2 Room 11L. MidgleyRoom 11 Blog
Grade 1-2  Room  12  T. Gierl@tdgierl_lbs
Grade 1-2  Room 13M. Romanko@mromanko_lbs
Grade 3-4  Room 2L. Brown
Grade 3-4  Room 3S. Kassam@mskassamlbs
Grade 3-4 Room 4
 T. Cooper
Grade 3-4  Room 5
E. Bouchard@bouchard_lbs
Grade 3-4 Room 6
Z. Link
Room 6 Blog
Grade 5-6 Room 7C. Burnham@ms_cburnham
 Grade 5-6 Room 16
Courtney Dolan
Grade 5-6 Room 17
M. Frise@mrs._mfrise
J. Kawchuk
Music Blog
 Lake Bonavista School

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