Our Staff

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PositionName & Email
Principal Ian Fero, Intro Video
Instagram, Twitter
Assistant PrincipalNathen Deboer, Intro Video
Student ServicesTracey Orr (Learning Leader), Intro Video
Administrative SecretaryAllison Fife, Intro Video

Teaching Staff

GradeName & Email
Grade 5
Uroog Quraishi (Learning Leader), Intro Video
Daniel Polsky, Intro Video
Amy Comfort, Intro Video
Sherry Shoults, Intro Video
Amanda Beazer
Patricia Matkowski, Intro Video
Corinne Swan, Intro Video
Diana Hamilton, Intro Video
Grade 6
Teri Ryan (Learning Leader), Intro Video
Shae Nimmo, Intro Video
Stacey Nietmann, Intro Video
Dawn-Lyn Morris, Intro Video
Megan Colpitts, Intro Video
Janice Grover, Intro Video
Grade 7
Kenny Apperley (Learning Leader), Intro Video
Jade Wesley, Intro Video
Megan Thul
Brittany Taylor, Intro Video
Tammy Parent, Intro Video
Amber Donahue, Intro Video
Grade 8
Erin Quinn (Learning Leader) - Humanities, Intro Video
Tara Vandertoorn - Humanities, Intro Video
Paige Appelhof - Humanities, Intro Video
Alison Moller - Humanities, Intro Video
Karlyn Peltier - Math / Science, Intro Video
Natasha Ruzycki - Math / Science, Intro Video
Joshua Kay - Math / Science, Intro Video
Ryan Mackinnon - Math / Science, Intro Video
Grade 9
Emily Schroderus (Learning Leader) - Math / Science, Intro Video
Candace McGovern - Math / Science, Intro Video
Ryan Mackinnon - Math / Science, Intro Video
Melissa Hopkins - Humanities, Intro Video
Elissa Charney - Humanities, Intro Video
Alison Moller - Humanities, Intro Video
Physical Education
Instagram - PE
Instagram - Athletics
Ashley Clark (Learning Leader), Intro Video
Erin Richards, Intro Video
Brandon Clowes, Intro Video
Kristi Barva, Intro Video
Career and Technology Foundations
Megan MacRitchie (Learning Leader), Intro Video
Music / Band
Patrick Auburn, Intro Video

Support Staff

PositionName & Email
 School SecretaryMartine Smith-Myrthu
Educational AssistantTrish Nelson
Learning CommonsHolly Herman, Intro Video
 Bookkeeper Michelle Trembley
Lunchroom StaffLouise Piché (Lead Lunchroom Supervisor)
Allison Hunter (Lunchroom & Office Secretary)
Julie Bailey
Candace Pettem
Christine Thomson-Schaefer
Allison Laursen
Kristy Haynes-Wood
Sarah Taylor
Solange Perrin
Facility OperationsJoe Lanteigne (Lead Operator)
Fenalix Penaga
Elisa Pagsanghan
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Lakeshore was proud to host a wonderful group of visiting teachers from Spain 🇪🇸 today. Their visit was part of a collab between the CBE and SMART Tech, and the visit was mutually beneficial. It was great to share our knowledge together. #LakeshoreLoyal @yyCBEdu @SMART_Tech https://t.co/X0KrdqrB2W

Congrats Uroog! You will be missed at Lakeshore, but you will continue to do amazing things at @prairieskycbe https://t.co/pv2KoIofyy

Some of our Grade 7s had the chance to screen their silent films at the @yycbedu Education Centre today. During their visit, Chief Superintendent @UsihChristopher came out to say hello. Thanks to these students and teachers for representing our school. #LakeshoreLoyal https://t.co/xcobiFqSho

RT @UsihChristopher: We are celebrating Support Staff Appreciation Week! I want to express my deepest gratitude to all the incredible support staff at the CBE. Your hard work and dedication are truly appreciated! Check out this video: https://t.co/Qax3oFhhfC  #WeAreCBE #ThankYou @yycbedu

RT @yycmay: Thank you @MattJonesYYC for taking time to speak with grade 6 students at Dr. George Stanley & Lakeshore Schools! This artwork is titled “pillars of democracy”. @principalfero @csmalette #proudtobecbe #wearecbe https://t.co/eB8T2uSQEi

RT @UsihChristopher: So exciting to open 1,2,3,4 new schools! Special thanks to Principal Kohan (Mahogany School), Principal McAsey (Bayside School), Principal Fero (Lakeshore School), Principal Bains (Prairie Sky School),staff and partners including Alberta Infrastructure & Alberta Education. https://t.co/oSa1gXxZ2T

The best news! Congrats to your students, staff and community. So happy for you Principal Bains - you’ve been an amazing leader for Prairie Sky and now enjoy the awesome new building. 🫶 https://t.co/yKVaHwbwYi