Apr 29
Hello Lakeshore School Families

Hello Lakeshore School Families,

My name is Ian Fero, and I am honoured to be the first principal of your new Auburn Bay middle s​chool. I know that this school is a welcome, long-awaited addition to the community.

Throughout my career, I have worked to ensure that every child is seen, heard and valued. I am a visible, engaged leader who will be known to students and responsive to the needs of everyone. I am currently the principal at Fish Creek School. Prior to my time here, I was principal at Andrew Sibbald School, where I had the chance to get to know several of our Auburn Bay families.

I officially begin as principal of Auburn Bay Middle School on March 7 and will be available to the community at that time.

The new middle school in Auburn Bay is expected to open in September and will offer regular programming to students in Grade 5-9 in 2022-23 and Grade 6-9 in 2023-24. I am very excited to work with parents, students and staff to build a new school community that reflects the unique qualities of Auburn Bay and is a supportive and positive place for your children to learn.

For information on the new school and answers to some of your questions, visit cbe.ab.ca/schools/building-and-modernizing-schools, and visit our school page. Please check back regularly for updates as new information is posted when it becomes available. You can also e-mail cbecommunications@cbe.ab.ca with any questions related to new school construction and accommodation. Additionally, you can reach me by email at itfero@cbe.ab.ca.

The opening of a new school provides a great opportunity to build a shared vision and culture. I look forward to helping make our school a special place for all.

Kind Regards,

Ian Fero,

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Helping to open a new school has been a wonderful experience, but the roller coaster of emotions has been an interesting and unexpected challenge. This graphic helped me realize that it’s all part of the process of building something amazing. #LakeshoreLoyal #WeAreCBE https://t.co/EHgnHh53RE

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