Lakeshore School adheres to the CBE Administrative Regulations for Student Conduct and Safe and Secure Schools.

Just as with academic achievement, some students require specific teaching and modification to demonstrate acceptable student behaviour. Assisting students in this pursuit is as essential to that student as being able to read or complete basic math computation. In conjunction with our CBE Administrative Regulations, our school is guided by a few key principles with regard to student discipline:

  1. All students want to, and can be, successful at school
  2. The student's teacher/teachers is/are the champion for each student in their class
  3. Behaviour, in any display, is a form of communication
  4. Proactive planning is essential for student success
  5. A team approach between student, teacher/school, and family works best when addressing ongoing behaviour concerns

Our teachers and staff take great pride in the proactive work they do with regard to promoting a safe and caring environment. We care deeply for each one of our students.

We all know that in life we will not always get along with everyone. We will even have arguments with those we consider to be our friends. It is important that we understand the differences in behavior so we can identify the correct situation when it happens and get the appropriate help in a timely manner. The available chart (on the right side if on computer, at the bottom of the screen if on mobile device) is a useful resource to staff, students and parents when trying to navigate an issue which requires intervention.

As a parent, if you child is expressing concern with regard to another student, please contact your child’s teacher(s) to discuss. Each incident of conflict is handled on a case-by-case basis. When teachers or school administration is reqiured to be involved, we actively seek factual information from multiple sources in an effort to honour each perspective. Please be aware that our definition of bullying encompasses targeted, repeated incidences between one child (or a group of children) toward another. 

Respect for our School Neighborhood and Local Shops

We expect our students to show respect for private property and businesses throughout the entire neighbourhood and to respect others who live in our community. Please use crosswalks, sidewalks and stay off private property at all times.


Weapons are considered to be any item that in the judgment of a staff member may be used to inflict injury. It is important to note that the student does not need to use a weapon to be guilty of possession of a weapon dangerous to the safety of others. Everyday items used in harmful ways such as paper clips and laser pointers will also be classified as weapons. 

It is illegal to carry a concealed weapon (or weapon for the purpose of self-defense) in Canada. Only exceptions are for lawful occupational purposes such as Police Officer.

Serious Situations of Misconduct

The following are considered to be serious examples of misconduct and may result in immediate suspension to home, which requires parents to meet with administration to discuss reinstatement of the student in classes. Serious misconduct includes the following: Use, possession of, or active contact with weapons, threats or harassment, violence/assault/fighting, vandalism, use, possession of, distribution of, or active contact with drugs or alcohol, criminal activity, defiance of authority, obscene or abusive language, smoking/vaping on school grounds or in sight of the school.

Smoking and Vaping

Students are not allowed to smoke or vape in the school, on the school grounds, or within sight of the school. It is strictly prohibited and illegal. Students will be subject to discipline up to and including suspension. Students are also asked to not bring to school any item associated with smoking, such as cigarettes, E-cigarettes, lighters or matches – they will be taken away from students permanently.

For more information with regard to student discipline, please visit the CBE site.

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