Oct 27
We hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!

As we continue to head into Fall/Winter and weather is becoming colder, we want to remind you to please ensure your children have the appropriate clothing for the outdoors.  We encourage our students to enjoy the great outdoors, explore the beautiful colours, and get some great exercise during lunch recess.  All students go outside during lunch so please ensure they have outdoor shoes.  There should be shoes left at the school and they should have winter boots as we head into the snowy weather.

We would like to thank those parents who are dropping off and picking up their children at the school safely!  Thank you for following the rules of the road, using the cross walk and setting a great example for both your own children and those around you.  It is important that we make safety the priority over convenience, even as the weather begins to get worse.  We want to remind those parents who are dropping off at bus stops to also please be courteous, leave room for the bus, don't block driveways and always be there early.

We have a new break this year!  Please be sure to mark your calendar as students do not have classes November 9-14.  We hope you take this time to enjoy the outdoors with your family, rejuvenate from a busy school start and look forward to seeing you on November 15.

As always, we as an administrative team, strive to be responsive to the needs and concerns of all students and parents and encourage you to contact the school if you have any questions or concerns. 


Andrea Taylor


Sep 28
It is hard to believe the first month of school is already done!!

It has been a very busy month with lots of exciting events already happening. We were able to have our first 2 firedrills which were done very successfully as well as our first lockdown practice which was also done with excellence and supervised by CPS. We would also like to thank Le Roi Daniels School Council for their generosity by providing healthy snacks for all students and teachers following the Terry Fox Run where we raised over $1300.00  What a great first month! 

We were also able to have our first field trips, both in-school and offsite during September and there are many more coming in the month of October. Thank you so much to the many volunteers who came to support our teachers and students in these amazing opportunities.  We know many parents have sent their driver's license to begin the police clearance process and we are diligently working to get those letters done as quickly as possible. Once you get your letter from the school, there is a new process with CPS and you will be able to complete the process online at https://www.calgary.ca/cps/public-services/police-information-checks.html.   Once you get your clearance from CPS, please be sure to send a copy to the school so we can add your name to our volunteer database.  Please be sure to go to your CBE PowerSchool Account and pay all fieldtrip fees found on your child's account.  These fees need to be paid by mid-October to ensure that all field trips can occur and be confirmed early with the vendors.

Although the weather has been amazing is looking the same in the near future, we know that as we continue to head into the Fall, the weather will become colder.  Please remember to ensure your children have the appropriate clothing for the outdoors.  We encourage our students to enjoy the great outdoors, explore the beautiful colours, and get some great exercise during PE and lunch recess.

As this is the month of Thanksgiving, I would like personally thank each one of you for choosing Le Roi Daniels as your school. I appreciate the commitment you have for us and to your child's education and supporting us during the school start up.  I look forward to getting to know you, working with you and building a strong school community. I wish you an amazing Thanksgiving weekend!  I hope you can spend time with family and friends, remembering and appreciating all we have to be thankful for in our family, our school, our community, our country and our world. 

As always, we as an administrative team, strive to be responsive to the needs and concerns of all students and parents and encourage you to contact the school if you have any questions or concerns.


Andrea Taylor



Aug 30
Welcome to the New School Year

Principal's Welcome Message:


 “Welcome to a New School Year!"

We would like to offer a big welcome back to our returning Le Roi Daniels' families and an extra special welcome to our new families and students. We also would like to welcome to Le Roi Daniels our newest staff members Mr. Lee (Gr 3), Mrs. Winiarski (Gr 1) and Mrs. Grunert (Gr 3). We look forward to building a great community at Le Roi Daniels and having you get to know each new member of our staff.


With the beginning of a new school year we would like to remind parents of the traffic safety rules when dropping and picking up your children. Parents are asked to not park in either the Fairview or Le Roi Daniels parking lots when dropping off or picking up children for safety reasons.  If you are driving your child to school, please park on the street and walk children to the school using the marked crosswalks. Please remember the speed limits, watch for children and do not do U-Turns within the school zone. We would also like to remind you to be courteous to our neighbours and not block alleyways, driveways or garage entrances. If there are changes to your child's regular dismissal routine (ex. early pick up or not riding the bus that day) please be sure to let the office know via a phone call or note in your child's communication folder before 2pm that day to ensure the correct dismissal arrangements are made for your child. Your child's safety is very important to all of us so we ask you to remember “Safety over Convenience". There are MANY students being picked up for the beginning months of this year and we are doing our best to set them up for success.

Pick up process for Kindergarten students – parents, you will find your kindergarten students at the front of the building to the left of the flagpole when facing the school.  Ms Subbiah will be out front to ensure that our youngest students have parents or guardians there to meet them.  (If you have someone other than a parent picking up – please notify the teacher and office of their name for pick up purposes)

Pick up process for Grade 1-3 students – until September 8, students will be escorted to front of the school where parents will wait on the sidewalk (please don't wait on the grass or in the Fairview parking lot).  Once students see their parents, they will be permitted to walk to you on the sidewalk.  Starting September 11, students will make their way to the front of the building independently and look for parents on the side walk.  Supervisors will NOT be escorting them. Parents need to remain on the sidewalk at all times to ensure we are managing safety and students can see you- please do not be in the grassy area.


We had wonderful Ice Cream Social on Wednesday August 30 in the afternoon.  Thank you for taking the time to come and celebrate a great beginning to another school year!!   A special thank you to School Council for donating the funds to support this special event.


There are many important information items in the newsletter this month so please take a moment to read through all the amazing things that are happening, as well as, many of the changes that are occurring both at the school and in the CBE system. As always, we as an administrative team, strive to be responsive to the needs and concerns of all students and parents and encourage you to contact the school if you have any questions or concerns.



Andrea Taylor



Jun 01
Well, this is it – the last month of another amazing school year!

Although this is the last month of the year, there are still many exciting things happening in our school and community.  Please be sure to read through the newsletter for all the great events happening in each class.


As we prepare for next school year, there are some important information items that I would like to share with you so you can mark your calendars now and be ready for some great events next year.


We know that many families choose to take extended holidays over the summer as they are travelling great distances to see family and friends, especially as many have not been able to travel for many months. However, if you are planning on going away it is important to plan to be back for the first day of school – AUGUST 31st. If you are returning after August 31st, you MUST contact the school and speak with administration in the office regarding your time away from school prior to leaving as school begins on August 31st and students who are missing the first day, may lose their spots at Le Roi Daniels School.


Please be sure to have Sy Yoon and Andrea Taylor added to your email contacts as there will be information coming from the school in late August outlining important information for school start up.  Please check your junk mail as well to ensure that information is not missed.  There is a CBE system- wide communication tool that you MUST sign up for in order to receive any communication from the school. [https://www.cbe.ab.ca/about-us/policies-and-regulations/casl/Pages/default.aspx] For those families who are new to the CBE, please create and login to your CBE Account and then register for SCHOOL MESSENGER and register for Commercial emails.  Please watch your emails!


We know the summer can be full of changes, so if you decide over the summer that you will not be attending Le Roi Daniels or if you move, please be sure to email the school right away so we can ensure that your child is registered at the correct school.


Finally, as we say good bye to our Grade 3 students, we would like to wish them the best as they head into a new school.  We will miss you and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.


As always, we as an administrative team, strive to be responsive to the needs and concerns of all students and parents and encourage you to contact the school if you have any questions or concerns.



Andrea Taylor


Apr 04
Welcome to April and Spring!

Welcome to April and to SPRING! We trust that everyone had a great break and enjoyed some time with family and friends over the holidays.


April is a busy month with many cultural and religious celebrations as well as many field trips and activities happening at the school.


We are also continuing to work on our planning for next year (2023/24).  Please help us by letting us know if you are planning on moving schools or changing programs so we can plan accordingly for our staffing and class configurations.  We appreciate your help with this process and look forward to another successful year at Le Roi Daniels.


As always, we as an administrative team, strive to be responsive to the needs and concerns of all students and parents and encourage you to contact the school if you have any questions or concerns.



Andrea Taylor


Mar 01
Here it is, March already!

Here it is, March already!  Let's hope that Spring is right around the corner and the warm weather returns.


It is hard to believe that we are already beginning the planning processes for next year already and we need your help.  If you are not planning on returning to Le Roi Daniels for next school year (2023/24) for any reason, please let the school know by April 3 so we can plan accordingly for our school as well as the new school you will be attending. Thank you for your help!


We would also like to make you aware of the start date for school next year…..it is BEFORE the long weekend.  We will be having our annual Ice Cream Social on Wednesday August 30th  with the time TBD.  This is an opportunity for you and your children to come to the school, meet your teacher, find your classroom and see some of your friends before school starts.  School starts for all students on Thursday August 31st  at 8am.  Please be sure to plan your summer holidays accordingly to ensure students are at school for August 31, 2023.  Please note that due to changes in registration processes, students must be present at school by September 1, 2023 to ensure they maintain their spot at Le Roi Daniels School.   Students who have not attended class by September 1, may have their spot filled by another student on the waitlist.  PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS AND BE SURE HOLIDAYS END PRIOR TO AUGUST 31, 2023.


As we look forward to spring coming and the weather continues to be beautiful and warm, I would like to remind you to take extra caution when driving and walking around the school.  Students are excited to be playing and running in the sun and may not always be aware of their surroundings, especially before and after school.  As drivers, it is important that we demonstrate extra safety precautions in the area, including driving the loop around the school instead of doing U-Turns.  We are asking you to please not do U-turns on any of the streets adjacent to the school for safety reasons, please follow the loop around the building to keep traffic flowing and everyone aware of what you are doing.  Safety of your children is our priority!


Finally, we will be having Student-led Conferences on March 9 between 4 -8pm.  As there are no report cards going home at this time,  this is a chance for your child to showcase their learning while taking you on a tour of the school.   Parents will have the opportunity schedule their conference between March 1-9 through their MyCBE/Powerschool Accounts. These conferences will take 45-60minutes so please be sure to book your times to share in your child's learning. These conferences are IN-PERSON and there will be no virtual conferences at this time.


As always, we as an administrative team, strive to be responsive to the needs and concerns of all students and parents and encourage you to contact the school if you have any questions or concerns.



Andrea Taylor


Feb 10
February is a short month

It is hard to believe that we have already completed the first month of 2023!! With all the melting and refreezing at night, we do have many icy spots, both on the sidewalks and the playground. Please be mindful of icy conditions when walking or playing outdoors. We seem to also be getting lots of snow so please be careful as you are driving, especially near the school as we have lots of little ones crossing the streets and we want everyone to be safe. Let's continue to hope for an early spring!


Report Cards are now available online in your PowerSchool Account.  Please be sure to read and PRINT your child's report card as they are only available for a short time online and the school is not providing paper copies of the report card this year. 


We continue to have many families interested both in our program and specifically our school. It definitely speaks to the great things happening at Le Roi Daniels.  If you are interested in attending our school or have a kindergarten sibling who will be starting in September, please visit the school website to find and complete all forms and registration process.   If your child is currently attending Le Roi Daniels, you do NOT need to register, your child will continue to the next grade here at the school.


Additionally, we are already planning for next year, if you know that your child will not be attending Le Roi Daniels next year, please email the school office or come into the school to let us know where you will be going so we can ensure that all files go to the correct location.  If your child is going to Fairview, you do not need to let us know as that transfer process is automatically done for current TLC students.


There are many activities and events happening in February so please be sure to read below for the updates, reminders and special activities that students will be participating in.


Finally, as February is a short month and full of time for students to be with their families, I hope you take the time to connect as a family, share some special memories and learn from each other.  Have a great Family Day long weekend!!


Mrs. Andrea Taylor


Jan 10
Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  I hope that everyone is enjoying their amazing break and you are able to enjoy the winter weather with skating, tobogganing and outside fun.


We want to remind you that students will return to school starting on Monday January 9th.


I also want to remind you to PLEASE send your children with ALL the appropriate clothes needed for a winter's day as we will be going outside to enjoy the beautiful winter wonderland.


Our annual TLC Information Night will be hosted in-person on January 12th in the school gym at 6:30pm. This presentation is for families who are interested in attending our school for the 2032/24 school year and want to learn more about our amazing program.  If you have friends or family interested, please be sure to let them know about this evening. Expressions of Interest Forms will be accepted via email (details in the presentation) starting on January 16th until noon on Feb 14, 2023.  This is also a reminder for current families who have children who will be starting Kindergarten next year.  Please be sure to complete your new School Registration for the Kindergarten child (found on your current PowerSchool- School Engage account) and the Expression of Interest forms and submit them to the school via email before noon on Feb 14, 2023. 


We are very excited to begin our BUGZ rehearsals and will continue to keep you posted with information as we look forward to our School- wide performance on March 21, 2023


We are also looking forward to some amazing fieldtrips in the coming months.  If you have not yet completed your Volunteer Clearance, please connect with the office to ensure that this process is complete in the event that you are able to come and volunteer for some of these experiences. 


Thank you for your continued support and encouragement as we strive to be the best school for your children.

Dec 07
December News

​I cannot believe it is already December!! Where did the last few months go?  I would like to first of all thank each of you for your continued support and encouragement here at the school especially for those of you who are experiencing bussing concerns.  The kind words, emails and notes are greatly appreciated and we are happy to work alongside you and your children to make this a successful school year for all, even in times of difficulty.


It was so lovely to see so many families out for the Family Movie Night and we hope you were able to enjoy some fun times with family and friends.  A special thank you to School Council for organizing and hosting this wonderful family event.   Be sure to watch for another great council event in February for families to participate in.


As we head into the Christmas season and school break is just around the corner, I would like to remind you to please take this time to spend together as a family, create new and exciting traditions and look for the glimmers of hope and happiness around us during this season.  Finally, I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, Safe New Year and Wonderful season with your family and friends.  We hope that the school break provides some rest and relaxation for all.  Remember that school starts again on Monday January 9th.

Nov 03
Road Safety

Good afternoon everyone,​

Well winter arrived with a vengeance this morning!!

I would like to remind you that safety is the #1 priority for all of our students and we need your help to ensure we are all doing our parts to make this happen.

If you ride the bus - please ensure you arrive to your bus stop EARLY!  We know that there may be delays due to the weather but please be patient.  The reality is - if there are other parents there, you likely have not missed the bus.  We are continuing to work with First Student to have them update the app with a more accurate delay time and know that today was CRAZY with late buses due to the weather.  Please be patient and be SAFE while you wait for the bus. 

If you drop off/pickup at the school - please remember that it is busy, icy and there are little children all around.  There were many vehicles that were sliding in front of the school and down the hill this morning and we saw many near-misses with hitting cars, bumping curbs and almost hitting pedestrians.   Please remember to SLOW DOWN, park across the street, and walk your child to school at the crosswalk.  Snowy streets does not mean the rules of the road do not need to be followed.  Please do not double park, go around buses at crosswalks or squeeze between vehicles that are trying to park.  Please remember there is no drop off or pick up in either school parking lot. 

Dress for the weather - at this time ALL students should be coming to school with winter boots, winter coats, snowpants, gloves/mitts and toques.  We do go outside everyday unless the weather is colder than -20 degrees so please ensure your child is dressed for the outside weather.

Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe!


Andrea Taylor - Principal @ Le Roi Daniels

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