Our Staff

We encourage parents/students to contact teachers/staff through their email addresses as this is the best way to reach them quickly. 

Chee, K.Principalkechee@cbe.ab.ca 
Students A - E
Middleton, D.  Assistant Principal dtmiddleton@cbe.ab.ca
Ferros, L. Student Advisor / Learning Leader - ESL/ELLemferros@cbe.ab.ca
Students F - M
Gallant, RAssistant Principal raahlsten@cbe.ab.ca 
Jessel, S. 
Student Services Guidance srjessel@cbe.ab.ca

Students N - Z
Pham, D.Assistant Principal dtpham@cbe.ab.ca
Engler, EStudent Services Guidance - Learning Leaderesengler@cbe.ab.ca 
Constable Tim HannaSchool Resource Officertghanna@cbe.ab.ca 
Administrative Support Staff
Gordon, C Main Office: 'C' Secretarycalgordon@cbe.ab.ca 
Reimer, B Main Office: Administrative Secretary Ebrreimer@cbe.ab.ca
Hennig, LBusiness Managerlchennig@cbe.ab.ca
Morris, MStudent Services Secretary mmmorris@cbe.ab.ca
Mrdja, Goran IT - Technology gomrdja@cbe.ab.ca 
Snyder, KristineSIS Assistant (PowerSchool)krsnyder@cbe.ab.ca 
TeacherCTS DepartmentEmail
Boukall, E.CTS: Foodsemboukall@cbe.ab.ca
Deschner, HCTS: Business Studieshsdeschner@cbe.ab.ca
Goertzen, A. CTS: Construction adgoertzen@cbe.ab.ca 
Pedersen, S. CTS: Fashion / MMsepedersen@cbe.ab.ca 
Lasalle, K.CTS: Photographykalasalle@cbe.ab.ca
Lock, TCTS Learning Leader  & CPDPtllock@cbe.ab.ca
Makulowich, MCTS: Head Chef - Culinary Program mmmakulowich@cbe.ab.ca
Shehata-MacDonald, ACTS:  Game Coding & Business Studies ahshehatamacdonald@cbe.ab.ca
Sritrakul, O.CTS: Pre-Eng & Robotics onsritrakul@cbe.ab.ca 
TeacherELL / ESL  DepartmentEmail
Ferros, LizELL / ESL Learning Leaderemferros@cbe.ab.ca
Adhip, SEnglish Language Learning (ELL)shadhip@cbe.ab.ca
Gill, P. English Language Learning (ELL)prgill@cbe.ab.ca 
Martin, SEnglish Language Learning (ELL)somartin@cbe.ab.ca
TeacherEnglish Language Arts DepartmentEmail
Berner, KEnglish Language Artsklberner@cbe.ab.ca
Dupuis, TEnglish Language Artstedupuis@cbe.ab.ca
Eggenschwiler, TEnglish Language Arts Learning Leader teeggenschwiler@cbe.ab.ca
Turcotte, P. English Language Artspjturcotte@cbe.ab.ca 
Luft, CEnglish Language Artscluft@cbe.ab.ca
Seto, M. English Language Arts  msseto@cbe.ab.ca 
Shoults, S.English Language Arts  srshoults@cbe.ab.ca
Sousa, O.English Language Arts otsousa@cbe.ab.ca
Wheaton, FEnglish Language Artscfwheaton@cbe.ab.ca
TeacherFine & Performing Arts DepartmentEmail
Mason, MFAPA:  Drama mlmason@cbe.ab.ca
Nottell, J FAPA: Dance jenottell@cbe.ab.ca
Riben, KFAPA:   Band & Musicklriben@cbe.ab.ca
Toy, G. FAPA Learning Leader & Artgatoy@cbe.ab.ca
Wittrock, KFAPA: Art kawittrock@cbe.ab.ca 

TeacherLanguage DepartmentEmail
Benard, BFrench Immersionblbenard@cbe.ab.ca
Dale, G. Social Studies / English Language Arts / French Immersion gmdale@cbe.ab.ca 
Laforest, CFrench Immersion Learning Leader & International Certificatechlaforest@cbe.ab.ca
TeacherMathematics DepartmentEmail
Barone, GMathematicsgebarone@cbe.ab.ca
Bekkering, DMathematicsdlbekkering@cbe.ab.ca
Goekjian, S. Mathematics - Learning Leadersogoekjian@cbe.ab.ca 
Little, JMathematicsjtlittle@cbe.ab.ca
 Manirakiza, E. Mathematics  emanirakiza@cbe.ab.ca 
Roggeveen, K. Mathematicskgroggeveen@cbe.ab.ca
Sareen, AMathematicsabsareen@cbe.ab.ca
O'Shaughnessy, C. Mathematicschoshaughnessy@cbe.ab.ca 
Wang, HMathematicshowang@cbe.ab.ca
TeacherPhysical Education DepartmentEmail
Clark, E.Phys. Ed Learning Leader eeclark@cbe.ab.ca
Groves, AshleyPhys. Ed aegroves@cbe.ab.ca 
Longlitz, C Student Leadershipcolonglitz@cbe.ab.ca
Marsh-Walters, L. Phys. EdLMMarsh@cbe.ab.ca
Scherban, BAthletic Director bdscherban@cbe.ab.ca
Tardif, G.Phys. Ed gatardif@cbe.ab.ca
Walliser, MPhys. Ed.mawalliser@cbe.ab.ca
Collinge, H. Phys. Ed & Leadership hncollinge@cbe.ab.ca
Witt, MPhys. Edmjwitt@cbe.ab.ca
TeacherScience DepartmentEmail
Berry, TScience tdberry@cbe.ab.ca
Bhandari, L. Science Learning Leader lsbhandari@cbe.ab.ca 
Blum, MSciencemsblum@cbe.ab.ca
Easingwood, BSciencebmeasingwood@cbe.ab.ca
Fitzner, DSciencedrfitzner@cbe.ab.ca
Hage, DSciencerjhage@cbe.ab.ca
Honywood, MSciencemahonywood@cbe.ab.ca
Johnson, KSciencekmjohnson@cbe.ab.ca
Kolar, K. Science kmkolar@cbe.ab.ca 
Phull, S. Science & Mathematics shphull@cbe.ab.ca 
White, JSciencejnwhite@cbe.ab.ca
Awan, ZScience Techzaawan@cbe.ab.ca
TeacherSocial Studies DepartmentEmail
Barabonoff, KSocial Studiesklbarabonoff@cbe.ab.ca
Byrgesen, L. Social Studies & ELAlmbyrgesen@cbe.ab.ca 
Csikos, JSocial Studiesjacsikos@cbe.ab.ca
Hodgson, JSocial Studies Learning Leader jrhodgson@cbe.ab.ca
Minhas, SSocial Studies & IBDP Learning Leaderpaminhas@cbe.ab.ca
O’Neil, CSocial Studiescmoneil@cbe.ab.ca
Pearson, DSocial Studiesdbpearson@cbe.ab.ca
Lew, W. Social Studies / Legal / Psychologywylew@cbe.ab.ca 

TeacherSpecial Education DepartmentEmail
Murphy, S. SPEC ED: Alternative Learning Programsumurphy@cbe.ab.ca
McWilliam, L. SPEC ED:  ACCESS lamcwilliam@cbe.ab.ca 
Woodworth, LSPEC ED:  ACCESS lcwoodworth@cbe.ab.ca 
Support Staff
Woodburn, M. SPEC ED: Educational Assistant  – ACCESSmmwoodburn@cbe.ab.ca 
Bardai, H. SPEC ED: Educational Assistant - Alternative Learning Program  hemarsh@cbe.ab.ca 
Cracknell, HollySPEC ED: Educational Assistant - Alternative Learning Programhbcracknell@cbe.ab.ca
Dubbin, SSPEC ED: Educational Assistant – ACCESSskdubbin@cbe.ab.ca
Badesha, P. SPEC ED Lunchroom Supervisor - ACCESS pkbadesha@cbe.ab.ca 
Lewis, B. Construction Instructorbjlewis@cbe.ab.ca
Thomson, M. SPEC ED: Floatermkthomson@cbe.ab.ca 
McGuire, J.Cooking Instructor - Culinary Program jmmcguire@cbe.ab.ca 
Smith, T. Baking Instructor - Culinary Programtksmith@cbe.ab.ca 
Tsang, A. Cooking Instructor - Culinary Program ahtsang@cbe.ab.ca
TeacherStudent ServicesEmail
Davidson, GStudent Services: Resource ghdavidson@cbe.ab.ca
Engler, ELearning Leader Student Services Guidance N - Zesengler@cbe.ab.ca 
Ferros, L. ESL/ELL Learning Leader: Student Advisor
 A - E
Jessel, S.Student Services Guidance Counselor  F - Msrjessel@cbe.ab.ca
TeacherPsychology DepartmentEmail
Eng, W. Personal Psychology/Work Experience/RAPwaeng@cbe.ab.ca

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CBE schools are now closed until August. Thank you to all school staff for your extraordinary service. We recognize the care, compassion and kindness you have shown each and every day to students, families and one another. Wishing you a restful, joyful and safe summer. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/5LrcfDKAz7

Reg and Rosemary Crow Shoe have been appointed as Members of the #OrderOfCanada. These respected Elders were recognized for their commitment to the preservation of Blackfoot culture & to reconciliation. We are grateful for their work with the CBE Elder Advisory Council. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/SWYVHXiEeW

Alberta Education is accepting applications for the 2022-23 Minister’s Parent &Teacher Advisory Councils. The deadline to apply is Friday, Aug. 5, 2022. For more information, please visit https://t.co/M8mcGoom3i #yycbe https://t.co/usItMF8ZWi

RT @EdMattersYYC: A huge congratulations to @yyCBEdu alumnus @Cmakar8! #StanleyCup #GoAvsGo https://t.co/dGSOV0nC1m

Today was the last official day of classes. What a school year it has been! We are so proud of every student for their many achievements this school year. Have an amazing summer! #WeAreCBE https://t.co/lVgAnYBd8z