Our Staff

We encourage parents/students to contact teachers/staff through their email addresses as this is the best way to reach them quickly. 

Chee, K.Principalkechee@cbe.ab.ca 
Students A - E
Kleinitz, Kai Assistant Principal kmkleinitz@cbe.ab.ca 
Ferros, L. Student Advisor / Learning Leader - ESL/ELLemferros@cbe.ab.ca
Students F - M
Bader, J. Assistant Principal jobader@cbe.ab.ca 
Jessel, S. 
Student Services Guidance srjessel@cbe.ab.ca

Students N - Z
Pham, D.Assistant Principal dtpham@cbe.ab.ca
Engler, EStudent Services Guidance - Learning Leaderesengler@cbe.ab.ca 
Constable Tim HannaSchool Resource Officertghanna@cbe.ab.ca 
Administrative Support Staff
Gordon, C Main Office: 'C' Secretarycalgordon@cbe.ab.ca 
Reimer, B Main Office: Administrative Secretary Ebrreimer@cbe.ab.ca
Hennig, LBusiness Managerlchennig@cbe.ab.ca
Thompson, S. Student Services Secretary shthompson@cbe.ab.ca 
Mrdja, Goran IT - Technology gomrdja@cbe.ab.ca 
Black-Muench, DeniseSIS Assistant (PowerSchool)dkblackmuench@cbe.ab.ca  
TeacherCTS DepartmentEmail
Boukall, E.CTS: Foodsemboukall@cbe.ab.ca
Thieu, T. CTS: Business Studiesthothieu@cbe.ab.ca 
Goertzen, A. CTS: Construction adgoertzen@cbe.ab.ca 
Lock, L. CTS: Fashion lrlock@cbe.ab.ca 
Bromley, S. CTS: Photographysdbromley@cbe.ab.ca 
Lock, TCTS Learning Leader  & CPDPtllock@cbe.ab.ca
Makulowich, MCTS: Head Chef - Culinary Program mmmakulowich@cbe.ab.ca
Shehata-MacDonald, ACTS:  Game Coding & Business Studies ahshehatamacdonald@cbe.ab.ca
Sritrakul, O.CTS: Pre-Eng & Robotics onsritrakul@cbe.ab.ca 
TeacherELL / ESL  DepartmentEmail
Ferros, LizELL / ESL Learning Leaderemferros@cbe.ab.ca
Adhip, SEnglish Language Learning (ELL)shadhip@cbe.ab.ca
Leonhardt, JeremyEnglish Language Learning (ELL)jaleonhardt@cbe.ab.ca 
Martin, SEnglish Language Learning (ELL)somartin@cbe.ab.ca
TeacherEnglish Language Arts DepartmentEmail
Berner, KEnglish Language Artsklberner@cbe.ab.ca
Eggenschwiler, TEnglish Language Arts Learning Leader teeggenschwiler@cbe.ab.ca
Luft, CEnglish Language Artscluft@cbe.ab.ca
Seto, M. English Language Arts  msseto@cbe.ab.ca 
Shoults, S.English Language Arts  srshoults@cbe.ab.ca
Sousa, O.English Language Arts otsousa@cbe.ab.ca
Wheaton, FEnglish Language Artscfwheaton@cbe.ab.ca
Byrgesen, L. English Language Artslmbyrgesen@cbe.ab.ca 
TeacherFine & Performing Arts DepartmentEmail
Mason, MFAPA:  Drama mlmason@cbe.ab.ca
Nottell, J FAPA: Dance jenottell@cbe.ab.ca
Riben, KFAPA:   Band & Musicklriben@cbe.ab.ca
Toy, G. FAPA Learning Leader & Artgatoy@cbe.ab.ca
Wittrock, KFAPA: Art kawittrock@cbe.ab.ca 

TeacherLanguage DepartmentEmail
Benard, BFrench blbenard@cbe.ab.ca
Laforest, CFrench Learning Leader & International Certificatechlaforest@cbe.ab.ca
TeacherMathematics DepartmentEmail
Bekkering, DMathematicsdlbekkering@cbe.ab.ca
Little, JLearning Leader - Mathematics jtlittle@cbe.ab.ca
Roggeveen, K. Mathematicskgroggeveen@cbe.ab.ca
Sareen, AMathematicsabsareen@cbe.ab.ca
Castro, K. Mathematicskecastro@cbe.ab.ca 
Phull, S. Mathematics shphull@cbe.ab.ca
Wang, H. Mathematics howang@cbe.ab.ca 
TeacherPhysical Education DepartmentEmail
Clark, E.Phys. Ed eeclark@cbe.ab.ca
Groves, AshleyPhys. Ed aegroves@cbe.ab.ca 
Longlitz, C Phys. Ed - Learning Leadercolonglitz@cbe.ab.ca
Bakos, Tarsch Phys. Edtabakos@cbe.ab.ca 
Scherban, BAthletic Director bdscherban@cbe.ab.ca
Tardif, G.Phys. Ed - Learning Leadergatardif@cbe.ab.ca
Collinge, H. Phys. Ed & Leadership hncollinge@cbe.ab.ca
Witt, MPhys. Edmjwitt@cbe.ab.ca
Ng, Gloria Phys. Ed ging@cbe.ab.ca 
TeacherScience DepartmentEmail
Berry, TScience tdberry@cbe.ab.ca
Bhandari, L. Science Learning Leader lsbhandari@cbe.ab.ca 
Blum, MSciencemsblum@cbe.ab.ca
Easingwood, BSciencebmeasingwood@cbe.ab.ca
Fitzner, DSciencedrfitzner@cbe.ab.ca
Hage, DSciencerjhage@cbe.ab.ca
Johnson, KSciencekmjohnson@cbe.ab.ca
Kolar, K. Science kmkolar@cbe.ab.ca 
Awan, ZScience Techzaawan@cbe.ab.ca
Webster, B. Science bewebster@cbe.ab.ca
Butlin, R. Science rybutlin@cbe.ab.ca 
TeacherSocial Studies DepartmentEmail
Barabonoff, KSocial Studiesklbarabonoff@cbe.ab.ca
Fowler, S. Social Studies Learning Leader ssfowler@cbe.ab.ca 
Minhas, SSocial Studies & IBDP Learning Leaderpaminhas@cbe.ab.ca
O’Neil, CSocial Studiescmoneil@cbe.ab.ca
Pearson, DSocial Studiesdbpearson@cbe.ab.ca
Hillier, R. Social Studies ruhillier@cbe.ab.ca 
Baudner, H.  Social Studies habaudner@cbe.ab.ca 
Fabian-Pearson, J. Social Studies / ELAjefabian-pearson@cbe.ab.ca 
TeacherSpecial Education DepartmentEmail
Murphy, S. SPEC ED: Alternative Learning Programsumurphy@cbe.ab.ca
McWilliam, L. SPEC ED:  ACCESS lamcwilliam@cbe.ab.ca 
Woodworth, LSPEC ED:  ACCESS lcwoodworth@cbe.ab.ca 
Support Staff
Woodburn, M. SPEC ED: Educational Assistant  – ACCESSmmwoodburn@cbe.ab.ca 
Bardai, H. SPEC ED: Educational Assistant - Alternative Learning Program  hemarsh@cbe.ab.ca 
Cracknell, H.SPEC ED: Educational Assistant - Alternative Learning Programhbcracknell@cbe.ab.ca
Lundell, J. SPEC ED: Educational Assistant – ACCESSjllundell@cbe.ab.ca 
Guy, H. SPEC ED Lunchroom Supervisor - ACCESS hmguy@cbe.ab.ca 
Lewis, B. Construction Instructorbjlewis@cbe.ab.ca
Saflow, S. SPEC ED: Floater shsaflow@cbe.ab.ca 
Stoddart, J. Cooking Instructor - Culinary Program jostoddart@cbe.ab.ca 
Smith, T. Baking Instructor - Culinary Programtksmith@cbe.ab.ca 
TeacherStudent ServicesEmail
Davidson, GResource Teacher ghdavidson@cbe.ab.ca
Engler, ELearning Leader Student Services Guidance N - Zesengler@cbe.ab.ca 
Ferros, L. ESL/ELL Learning Leader: Student Advisor
 A - E
Jessel, S.Student Services Guidance Counselor  F - Msrjessel@cbe.ab.ca
TeacherPsychology DepartmentEmail
Eng, W. Personal Psychology/Work Experience/RAPwaeng@cbe.ab.ca

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CBE students came away with a number of wins and demonstrated exceptional talent and skills as they competed in Skills Canada Alberta in Edmonton and the 2023 Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC) in Winnipeg. https://t.co/7Rigvcqpv6 #WeAreCBE https://t.co/GkTJe0yV9C

RT @Indigenous_cbe: The CBE Indigenous Education Team encourages you to celebrate National Indigenous History Month through our🗓️of learning, resources and events honouring Indigenous ways of being, belonging, doing & knowing. #WeAreCBE #NIHM2023 https://t.co/3fbIdcWorE https://t.co/SH8t68B0Pj

RT @DHarkness_CBE: At Douglas Harkness, diversity is our 🌈 SUPER POWER! #HarknessHasHeart https://t.co/fG3N6aqBPP

In honor of Pride Month, we celebrate the pursuit of equality for 2SLGBTQ+ individuals & affirm the importance of providing safe & caring environments. We work to cultivate positive learning environments for all students, regardless of their background or circumstances. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/SLbPK6bY5o

National Indigenous History Month is a time to explore and appreciate the diverse cultures, traditions and perspectives of First Nations, Inuit and Metis as we deepen our understanding of Indigenous peoples and communities on our Truth and Reconciliation journey #WeAreCBE https://t.co/3ZOrbIc52l