Cafeteria & Menu

Culinary Kitchen is open

The culinary students are ready to go.  They will be producing a wide range of culinary delights under the guidance of Chef Martin, Chef Josh, and Chef Teddi.


We were able to purchase a grow system thanks to a grant from PC Children's Charity.  We were granted $1700 and purchased a three tiered grow system.  This allows our culinary students to learn hot to grow their own food right in the classroom.

Students start by placing the seedlings in the nursery which allows a strong root base.  When the seedlings are mature enough, they are moved to the lower tiers of the garden to flourish.  

By using an App designed for the system, the student's can add water and nutrients according to the needs of the plants. 

When the plants have reached optimum maturity, they are harvested and used for various dishes served in our kitchen. 

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