Career Centre

Off Campus Education

Work Experience - Students may earn high school credits while working or volunteering outside of school, helping to boost total credits towards graduation. Registered Apprenticeship Program - Earn high school credits and blue book hours towards a certified Alberta trade Green Certificate - Earn high school credits and a green certificate in equine, cow-calf, dairy production, etc.

Dual Credit Opportunities

University Courses - Earn university and high school credits with university professors Trades Explorations - Earn post-secondary and high school credits exploring trades Unique Pathways - Earn post-secondary and high school credits in various fields like business management, healthcare support, etc. 

Career Planning Resources 

myBlueprint – An interactive education, career, pathways and life planner. The tool can help you to explore and build your high school course plan and inform your course choices. 

Login with your edu email and CBE password.

 myBlueprint includes:

  • Learn about yourself using the 520+ assessments
  • Plan for high school
  • Explore post-secondary opportunities across the country
  • College, University, and Apprenticeship Information – detailed information on post-secondary education and training options.
  • Explore and compare occupations
  • Find entry-level jobs and volunteer opportunities
  • Create interactive portfolios for classes and applications
  • Create resumes, cover letters, and budgets
  • Set goals and action plans
  • Document evidence of learning using pictures, videos, drawings, and audio recordings

Alis - Alberta careers, learning and employment information

ALIS CAREERinsite - A one-stop guide to career planning for Albertans. Create your career plan, get to know yourself with quizzes and exercises, explore options, get ready and take action.

Calgary Public Library - Job & Career Accelerator Library Card Required. An interactive career selection and job search system, including: occupation profiles, resume building, cover letter writing, interview skills and more.

Career Exploration Centre - The Career Exploration Centre (CEC) is a fun, interactive environment where you can get hands-on experience with a variety of careers located on the SAIT campus. 

Resource Centre

Ms. Davidson, Resource Teacher, is a learning leader with over 30 years of experience as a teacher and specialist in learning disabilities, special education, personalization, and collaborative problem solving. Her passion is helping students find their own path to success. Reach her by email at or by phone at 403-280-6565 ext 2439.

Mr. Orou, our Resource Education Assistant, was a math teacher in Iraq for 24 years before he immigrated to Canada. He speaks 5 languages: English, Arabic, Aramaic, Turkish, and Kurdish and can act as a translator when necessary. His passion is teaching and working with young people.

We believe that students do well if they can.

If a student is not doing well (not meeting the learning or behavioural expectations of school), then we are here to help them get back on track. We are here to work WITH students in a non-punitive setting to solve the problems that are holding them back. We are LGBTQ2S friendly and promise to provide a safe and caring space to anyone who needs it. We will act in the role of a caring adult and provide youth with a safe place to talk, advice, and referrals to community resources as necessary. Student mental health is our priority.

Better skills + Work ethic = Higher Grades

Our academic focus is on credit rescue. If you are struggling to pass your courses for any reason and are motivated to improve, we are here to help you succeed, earn your credits, and achieve your diploma. We do this by: working 1:1 with students to complete assignments, providing editing/proofreading help, developing basic academic skills including vocabulary, reading comprehension, math concepts, research skills, writing skills.

Everyone can be successful!

IPP accommodations, including Alternative exam/working space, audible exams, additional time, and access to Assistive Technology (Read & Write Gold and speech to text software) are available here.

University of Calgary Health Care Mentorship Program

On Friday, December 6, 2021 we had the opportunity (thanks to Heidi, Ann & Seema for organizing this) to have 2 former Pearson Grads (that are in the U of C Medical Program) come and speak with some of our students! We are very proud of our former students and very happy that they could come and speak and share! Photo to the right!

The Career Centre provides students, parents, teachers and the community of Lester B. Pearson with:

  • assistance in developing career plans and workshops on cover letter and resume writing, and on developing interview skills
  • information and direction on researching occupations and exploring career possibilities
  • support in developing portfolios
  • tools that survey and take inventory of values, aptitudes and skills
  • support signing up for RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program). Some students identify their career interests at an early age and are ready to learn and practice their future trade while still in high school. RAP is an ideal program for these students.
  • support in applying for scholarships

Students can book appointments with a guidance counselour.  These professionals can advise on learning assistance/enrichment, support for English language learners, career/community resources (including post-secondary and scholarships). See guidance page for more information.

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