Choral Music

Choir 15, 25, 35

Credits: 5 per course

  • 15-level: None
  • 25-level: successful completion of 15-level
  • 35-level: successful completion of 25-level

Apply and extend personal practice strategies in a choir

Vocal Jazz 15, 25, 35

Credits: 5 per course

Prerequisites and Co-requisites:

  • 15-level: co-requisite is Choir 15
  • 25-level: co-requisite is Choir 25
  • 35-level: co-requisite is Choir 35

Build understanding of repertoire and techniques involved in performance of vocal jazz through the exploration, practice and performance of vocal jazz. Apply the diverse aspects and components of vocal jazz. Develop and apply theoretical understanding of rhythmic patterns, choral textures and harmonies that are specific to the jazz genre.

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