IB Career Related Programme

This new program allows students to explore an approved career, while still meeting the rigorous expectations of IB.  Students will be working towards an Alberta Education high school diploma and the IB CP Certificate. Students who wish to take the CP Programme in Grades 11 and 12 should take Pearson's prep-IB courses, as described on this page.

Students carry a 3-part framework. They complete a minimum of two IB Diploma Courses, CP Core and career-related
courses with the regular Alberta Education program. On completion, student will receive an Alberta High School Diploma and an IB-CP Certificate in their career field of choice. IB CP students choose:

  • Any two IB Diploma Courses from groups 1 – 6
  • Personal and Professional Skills Course
  • Complementary Course Approved by IB and offered at the specific school. For example: Pre-Architecture, Pre-Engineering, Sports Medicine, Culinary. 

Note | Lester B. Pearson is the only High School in Calgary that offers the IB Career-Related Program

Develop your learning through the study of a specific career:

  • Culinary – examples in this field include but are not limited to: food service industry
  • Engineering – examples in this field include but are not limited to: programming, robotics, electrical technician
  • Architecture – examples in this field include but are not limited to: architect, designer, architectural technologist
  • Bio Medical Sciences – examples in this field include but are not limited to: doctor, lab technician, nurse, sports medicine, physio-therapist

It is recommended that students take the IB preparation courses if they plan to pursue the IB CP in Grade 11 and 12. This is not mandatory and students have the option to join the IB CP if they have been successful in taking the “-1 Core Courses.” The IB CP students in Grades 11 and 12 must choose to complete a minimum of 2 IB Courses at the 30 level, either a SL or HL that is “of interest” and/or will be “most beneficial” to them in their chosen career. It is also highly suggested that students choose to complete the 30-level of the Career Course offered under CTS.

The CP Core: Four Components

  • Personal and Professional Skills
    • 90 Hours – offered during Success Connect and Support throughout the 2 years.
    • Emphasizes skills needed to successfully navigate higher education, the workplace and society.
  • Service Learning
    • 50 hours (both within and outside of school hours) of volunteer work in career area.
    • Help your community fill an identified need.
    • Students develop and apply personal and social skills in real life situations.
  • Language Development
    • 50 hours—Students are exposed and have access to an additional language other than their native language. Measurement is based on improvement/development of the second language.
  • Reflective Project
    • 50 hours, completed in second year
    • In-depth study of an ethical dilemma within their chosen career.

Other CP Requirements

  • Minimum of Two IB Diploma Courses
    • Chosen from regular IB diploma courses focusing on the specific courses to benefit the career.
  • CTS and Other Career-Related Courses
    • Chosen from CTS and other areas

Sample Career-Related Course Selections

Below are some examples of courses students could take to complete the CP Programme. Each student will choose their courses, specific to their chosen career pathway, in consultation with an IB teacher/Coordinator.

  • Architecture
    • Math IB SL
    • Physics IB SL
    • English IB SL
    • Art IB
    • Pre-Architecture (LBP)
    • Game Coding/Pre-Engineering (LBP)
  • Engineering
    • Math IB SL
    • Physics IB SL
    • English IB SL
    • Game Coding/Pre-Engineering (LBP)
    • Pre-Architecture (LBP)
  • Biological/Medical Sciences (Health professions)
    • Biology IB SL
    • Chemistry IB HL
    • English IB SL
    • Sports Medicine (LBP)
    • Psychology (LBP)
  • Culinary
    • Math IB SL
    • Social IB SL
    • English IB SL
    • Culinary (LBP)
    • Business Management (LBP)
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