Grade 10 Prep IB (PIB)

Entering a program like IB can be exciting, exhilarating, confusing, and maybe even scary. But it should also be fun! There are lots of new terms, acronyms, expectations, and activities for you to learn about. Try not to worry or get overwhelmed. Your teachers, fellow students, Administrators, and Coordinator all want you to be successful in IB.

The IB program technically doesn’t start until Grade 11, so students in Grade 10 PIB are here to try it out and decide if this is the right program for them. Some of the IB expectations, like completing CAS hours, will give students a taste of IB life, while they also adjust to high school.

Classes in Grade 10

All students who enter the Grade 10 PIB program will take the following classes at Pearson:

  • Science 10 PIB
  • Math 10 PIB
  • ELA 10 PIB
  • Social Studies 10 PIB
  • French 10 and 20 PIB
  • CALM 20 and Phys Ed 10
  • Physics 25 and Biology 25

These courses allow students to choose later in Grade 10 whether they want to continue in the IB Programme, or not. With these courses, they can choose to take the IB Diploma, or IB Certificates.

Grade 10 PIB and French Immersion

If students attended a French Immersion Junior High and choose to do a combination of PIB and French Immersion at Pearson, they will take the following courses in Grade 10:

  • Science 10 PIB
  • Math 10-Fr PIB
  • ELA 10 PIB
  • Etudes Social 10
  • FLA 10
  • CALM 20 and Phys Ed 10
  • Physics 25 and Biology 25

For more information check the IB/French Immersion page.

Creativity Activity, Service (CAS)

All Grade 10 PIB students must complete CAS hours. Each student is responsible for keeping track of their activities and hours in a CAS Log (paper or electronic) and submitting a portfolio at the end of the year. This portfolio is a reflection of what they learned, according to the CAS learner outcomes. Please visit our Creativity, Activity, Service page for more information.

Important Dates

Students are asked to check in with their CAS supervisor periodically throughout the year. This will help students stay on track for completing all of their hours, and to ask any questions they may have.

It is up to students to keep track of their activities, hours, and to make time to meet with their CAS supervisor. Students also need to review the expectations regarding their portfolio, and submit it on time.

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