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t | 403-259-5585

e | lordbeaverbrook@cbe.ab.ca


Name / EmailPosition
WHITBREAD, Darrin / ddwhitbread@cbe.ab.caPrincipal

KONSCHUH, Michelle (students A - L) / mmkonschuh@cbe.ab.ca

Assistant Principal

(Students A - L)

CHANA, Amardeep (students M - Z) / akchana@cbe.ab.ca

Assistant Principal

(students M - Z)

Main Office

Name / EmailPosition
CONWAY, Karen / klconway@cbe.ab.ca
Administrative Assistant

BALMER, Janis / jabalmer@cbe.ab.ca

SIS Assistant

Chinook Learning Office

Name / EmailPositionVoice Mail
LEWIS, Mark / mwlewis@cbe.ab.ca
Assistant Principal2424
d’ENTREMONT, Diane / didentremont@cbe.ab.caSecretary2424


Name / EmailPositionVoice Mail
BILTON, Andrea / albilton@cbe.ab.caSecretary - Learning Services2410
MENSINK, Jennifer (students A – L) / jnmensink@cbe.ab.caLearning Services2414
ARNDT, Duane (students M – Z) / dparndt@cbe.ab.caLearning Services
Learning Leader


Name / EmailDepartment / Teaching
ADAMSON, Thomas / taadamson@cbe.ab.caSocial Studies
BERNARD, Gillian / gmbernard@cbe.ab.caEnglish Learning Leader
BOGEN, Jason / jdbogen@cbe.ab.caPhysical Education Learning Leader
BOLDON, Phil / ptboldon@cbe.ab.caPhysical Education
BONDAR, Cory / cabondar@cbe.ab.caMath
BONNELL, Aliece / arbonnell@cbe.ab.caALP
CABOR, Chandra / cncabor@cbe.ab.caMath Learning Leader
CAMPBELL, Scott / sacampbell@cbe.ab.caFine Arts Learning Leader / Band / Choir
CHOW, Polly / pschow@cbe.ab.caScience / Leadership
CLARK, Shane / msclark@cbe.ab.caCTS - Mechanics
CONINX, Tim / ticoninx@cbe.ab.caScience - Chemistry
COOK, Craig / cdcook@cbe.ab.caSocial Studies Learning Leader
COOKE, Kara / klcooke@cbe.ab.caSocial Studies 
DEYELL, Stacyn / stdeyell@cbe.ab.caSocial Studies
FISCHER, Catherine / cafischer@cbe.ab.caSocial Studies
FOSTER, Anne-Marie / aefoster@cbe.ab.caScience Learning Leader
FREEBORN, Laura / lcfreeborn@cbe.ab.caCALM / Work Experience /
Registered Apprenticeship Program
FUKAMI, Rebecca / rmfukami@cbe.ab.caEnglish
GEORGE, Chelsea / cygeorge@cbe.ab.caCTS - Cosmetology
GOLDSMITH, Stefanie / sigoldsmith@cbe.ab.caCTS - Fashion / Business Studies / Foods
HALEY, Kara / kchaley@cbe.ab.caEnglish / Fine Arts - Dance
HICKS, Bob / rchicks@cbe.ab.caScience - Biology
HOWIE, Christa / cjhowie@cbe.ab.caALP
KOLBINSON, Jessica / jahenderson@cbe.ab.caScience
LINDGREN, Trace / tjlindgren@cbe.ab.caSocial Studies
MACLEOD, Lee Ann / laboers@cbe.ab.caEnglish
MCINTOSH, Donna / damcintosh@cbe.ab.caMath
MCINTYRE, Jay / jamcintyre@cbe.ab.caEnglish
MEHAN, Allan / aemehan@cbe.ab.caThe Class
MERCER, Brock / brjmercer@cbe.ab.caAthletic Director - Learning Leader
Physical Education / Social Studies
MILLER, Scott / srmiller@cbe.ab.caSports Performance
NORMAN, Rob / rdnorman@cbe.ab.caScience - Chemistry
OVERLAND, Josh / jloverland@cbe.ab.caCTS - Learning Leader
PEDERSEN, Val / vapedersen@cbe.ab.caMedical Studies / Physical Education
PRICE, Stewart / stjprice@cbe.ab.caCTS - Learning Leader
Photography / Construction
RODGERS, Kirsten / kirodgers@cbe.ab.caMath
ROGNE, Shelly / slrogne@cbe.ab.ca
CTS - Sports Medicine
ROSSITER, Cindy / cbrossiter@cbe.ab.caCTS - Culinary
ROSYCHUK, Irena / irrosychuk@cbe.ab.caPLP
ROWAN, Rick / chrowan@cbe.ab.caCTS - Autobody
RUBERTO, Renee / raruberto@cbe.ab.caPLP
SHARMA, Pamela / pasharma@cbe.ab.caEnglish
SILKIN, Larissa / lasilkin@cbe.ab.caFine Arts - Art
SORENSEN, M.J. / msorensen@cbe.ab.caComplex Needs Learning Leader
Learning Lounge
VAN BOVEN, Cliff / cjvanboven@cbe.ab.caCTS - Welding
WOLFE, Akhila / alwolfe@cbe.ab.caComputing Science
WONG, Ashley / aswong@cbe.ab.caEnglish
WOODS, Josh / jewoods@cbe.ab.caPhysical Education / Sports Performance
WOWKODAW, Julia / jcwowkodaw@cbe.ab.caEnglish Language Learning (ESL)
Second Languages
YOUNG, Maggie / mlmckillop@cbe.ab.caMath


Support Staff

Name / emailPosition
BOOTH, Barb / babooth@cbe.ab.caEducation Assistant
BRAMALL, LaVerne / ldbramall@cbe.ab.caThe Class
Instructional Support Worker
BUNTING, Marlene / mebunting@cbe.ab.caCulinary Instructor
CARRUTHERS, Steve / scarruthers@cbe.ab.caTechnology Support II
CHRISTENSEN, Greg / gachristensen@cbe.ab.caEducational Assistant
HERBERT, Carly / ceherbert@cbe.ab.ca
Culinary Instructor
JUBINVILLE, Scott / sejubinville@cbe.ab.caScience Technician
KUBIAN, Katrina / kakubian@cbe.ab.caInstructional Support Worker
MARTINSON, Kelly / kamartinson@cbe.ab.caLibrary Assistant
MATCHIM, Heather / hdmatchim@cbe.ab.caELL Assistant
MOHAMED, Hesham / hkmohamed@cbe.ab.caEducation Assistant
NASH, Pam / pdnash@cbe.ab.caEducation  Assistant
NIRO, Lillian / liniro@cbe.ab.caCosmetology Instructor
OOSTERLEE, Dara / ddoosterlee@cbe.ab.caEducation Assistant
POULIN, Corey / cjpoulin@cbe.ab.caAutobody Instructor
SLOT, Robin / roslot@cbe.ab.caBusiness Manager
SPADAFORA, Dino / dispadafora@cbe.ab.caAutobody Instructor
SUNADA, Beth / bhsunada@cbe.ab.caEducation Assistant
WIGHTMAN, Nicki / nkwightman@cbe.ab.caEducation Assistant

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RT @CrescentCowboys: A great community collaboration with our #CowboyNation Outdoor Ed/Sci team & @twowheelview. We worked together to repair donated bikes and were able to purchase them for students as a part of our Neighbourhood Grant! Can’t wait to get riding #CrescentStrong #WeAreCBE https://t.co/gO7L7r27KL

RT @yyCBEdu: Transportation pre-registration is now open for the 2021-22 school year. Log into your My CBE/PowerSchool account to pre-register before June 6. https://t.co/OrC6nz8Hyp #yycbe #WeAreCBE https://t.co/XQO7Rx7jXN

Transportation pre-registration is now open for the 2021-22 school year. Log into your My CBE/PowerSchool account to pre-register before June 6. https://t.co/OrC6nz8Hyp #yycbe #WeAreCBE https://t.co/XQO7Rx7jXN

Both Simon Fraser School and A.E. Cross School have recognized with National Inclusive Education Awards: https://t.co/9X1U7VEbFF Check out this news story about the principal at Simon Fraser School #WeAreCBE https://t.co/uymu2soIce

One of our specialized transportation providers was recognized with the Transportation Opportunities Award from the City of Calgary. Congratulations to DREAMS #WeAreCBE https://t.co/ORvQzNAeSh