Physical Education Expectations


Physical Education is a participation course and attendance is vital to success. Students are required to make up the time missed due to absences. Students who accumulate many absences could be withdrawn from the course and/or receive a reduction in credits.     


  • Effort – The expectation is that students will participate with their best effort. 
  • Commitment – Participation and attendance to all activities is compulsory to be successful. 
  • Language – Swearing is not appropriate and will not be tolerated. 
  • Preparation – Being late, having no P.E. clothing or inappropriate P.E. clothing is not acceptable.  Always be prepared to be active and have a change of P.E. clothing in your locker. 
  • Respect – Be aware of different abilities and background of students and staff and allow all students a safe environment to participate in. 

Behaviour on the Bus

 The school code of conduct applies to students as they travel to and from school on CTS or Yellow Charter Bus transportation. In situations where unsafe or disruptive behavior is observed and/or reported, CTS or Yellow Charter Bus privileges may be revoked or temporarily suspended for individuals found most responsible. School disciplinary action may be in addition to actions taken by Calgary Transit or the charter carrier. 

Substance Use and Gambling

The distribution of or active contact with illicit drugs, alcohol or inhalants, use of tobacco, tobacco related products (e.g. snuff, chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes), gambling and participation in games of chance for money or other items of value are prohibited.

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