High school is what you make of it, and being involved in LORDS ATHLETICS will enhance your high school experience.  Long after you graduate, your memories of being a part of a team will remain.  We look forward to seeing you compete in a black and silver uniform this year!



We encourage all students to consider trying out for any of our teams, no matter their prior involvement.  Information about tryout opportunities, sometimes preceded by team interest meetings, will be provided in the weeks leading up to the start date of each sport.  For fall sports, tryout information will be given on the first day of school.  Students are expected to turn in an Annual Authorization for Athletic Tryout form signed by their parents and handed in to coaches before they can actually participate in tryouts. 


Participating in athletics comes with the understanding that there are extra-curricular fees associated with each team.  Most team fees will cover standard expenses of league play (referees, facility bookings), uniform rentals, photos, equipment, training supplies, and substitute coverage costs for teachers.  Higher fees are typically associated with out-of-town tournaments, team clothing, and other team-specific opportunities.

Practice and Game Schedules

Most teams are typically busy 4-5 days per week, because seasons are short and can be condensed further with weather impacts.  Leading up to the season, there will likely be 2-4 practices a week, either before or after school.  Once league play begins, there will likely be 1-2 games a week, in addition to practices.  There may also be occasional weekend tournaments (depending on the sport).  Tryout, practice, and tournament schedules will be communicated at the beginning of the season, and all game schedules will be posted at the Calgary High School Sports website. 


As practices and games occur outside of regular school hours, families need to be aware that these times will not align with Calgary Transit’s express bus routes to/from school.  Students may want to make other arrangements during the time period they participate in athletics.  With the exception of football, transportation is not provided to/from off-site games.  If there is an out-of-town tournament, it is likely that bussing will be provided.


Playoffs As per the Calgary Senior High School Athletics Association, there is an entry fee for most playoff games – even for family members of athletes.  These monies are not kept by the schools but are remitted to CSHSAA to offset various expenses of the sports programming


If you have any questions about our teams, tryout process, or games that take place, please contact our Athletic Director, Brock Mercer, at .

LBHS Teams

  • Cross Country
  • Football
  • Golf (tentative)
  • Soccer - Girls
  • Swim and Dive
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Wrestling
  • Badminton
  • Field Hockey - Girls
  • Rugby
  • Soccer - Boys
  • Track & Field
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