The Cosmetology program is an Apprenticeship program offering 48 (plus) credits towards graduation and the potential to complete the First Period of an Apprenticeship in Hairstyling. After graduating, students can complete the Alberta Provincial Exams (practical and theory) and begin accumulating work experience hours in a salon. Once students have passed the exams (minimum grade of 70%) and have all their hours, they can apply for their Journeyman License in Hairstyling. If students choose, they may complete an additional Red Seal theory exam in order to receive a Red Seal License in Hairstyling. The Red Seal License is an interprovincial license that allows students to work in any province in Canada.  

Introductory Cosmetology 

Wave, curl, and style hair using a variety of equipment, tools, and techniques! This 6 credit exploratory course introduces students to the basics of hairstyling and hair design. Students develop an increased appreciation for personal grooming and the knowledge and skills required to maintain personal health and safety. Students will learn to analyze the condition of the hair and scalp and how to use products and tools safely and effectively. They will also identify the basic structures and functions of nails and perform basic manicures. Students must complete all courses in Introductory Cosmetology 10 in order to advance to Intermediate Cosmetology. Introductory Cosmetology course fees apply.  


Intermediate & Advanced Cosmetology 

Students will expand on their knowledge gained in Introductory Cosmetology and will acquire new skills in haircutting, colouring, lightening, chemical texturizing and customer service. 

Students must purchase their own personal cutting mannequins (as part of the course fee). Additionally, students have the option to build their own customized professional hairstyling kits which could include various tools and equipment such as combs, brushes, capes, shears, blow-dryer, curling iron, straightening iron, etc. Students earn 20 credits in Intermediate Cosmetology and 20 credits in Advanced Cosmetology. Individuals who successfully complete all of the one-credit modules are eligible to enter into an Apprenticeship and complete the Provincial Trade Exams.  

We recommend that students maintain a mark of 70% or above in all courses to prepare them for the Provincial Exams. Students are charged a disposable product fee.

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