Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine - Introductory

Sports Medicine is an option that gives students a hands on approach to the introduction of the bones, muscles, and joints

of the body. Students participate and earn certification in first aid and CPR training while learning the practical skills of taping and strapping for injuries and injury prevention and management. Students are encouraged to work closely with athletes and teams to build on the knowledge they gain in class. They are introduced to alternative therapies, like massage, and learn how athletes and others can use them to prevent or recover from injuries. We continue this alternative education in all grade levels of the program.

Sports Medicine - Intermediate

Brian Benson and student experiencing new concussion treatment at Winsport. This intermediate level course specializes in human exercise physiology and its application to athlete’s health and performance. Students are certified in Standard First Aid (SFA) and CPR and continue their education of injuries and injury prevention with a focus on concussions. They work as trainers within the school assisting teams and coaches. They mentor junior trainers and help give them a positive experience of putting their newfound knowledge to use. We continue our studies of alternative therapies for injury management with massage and a tour of a physiotherapy clinic.

Sports Medicine - Advanced

Students expand on their knowledge gained in the previous programs by studying the areas that may result in conditions considered more critical. They continue to learn skills in practical assessment, care and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. They gain certification as Health Care Provider (HCP) the level often necessary for post secondary entry. They play an important role as mentors to the 10’s and 20’s in the practical component of working with ms. Students attend a live knee surgery and a tour of the Brian Benson Concussion Institute (BCI) at Winsport. Both experiences help with career exploration in the areas related to Sports Medicine.

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