Graphic Design


Graphic Design 10

This class deals with using the elements and principles in an artistic way with computer software. In this course you will learn about Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign with raster (pixel) graphics and vector (shape) graphics. Modules include Visual Composition, Typography, Printmaking Industry, Media and Graphic Tools.

This course is designed to allow students to explore the field of Graphic Design. Students will gain knowledge, skills and attitudes related to the elements of art and principles of design and how to use them effectively in graphic works. They will understand how to skillful apply text and information to a page, how to properly select images from a variety of sources. Students will use a variety of computer design programs and production equipment in a setting similar to a commercial print shop and art studio to manipulate and design images. Once students are comfortable with techniques and equipment, they are encouraged to share their expertise on a wide range of school and community-based design projects.

  • It is recommended students have a basic knowledge of art principles and enjoy working with both technology and traditional art mediums. Students who wish to produce projects outside of curriculum assigned work will be charged a fee to cover the cost of materials.

Graphic Design 20 & 30

Graphic Design 20 and 30 specializes in the use of various design programs where students explore both raster- and vector-based graphics. Students will learn how to produce work based on a clients needs by developing skills to relay a message effectively in their work. Students will also learn to use post-production equipment to make a professional and finished product. This may include basic photography, book-binding, vinyl appliqué for walls and fabric; laser etched and cut products, large-format printing, silk screening, button making, etc.

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